My First blog post

As this is my first blog post for my new site i want to keep it as short and sweet as possible!

I have mainly been getting the layout and design for my blogs sorted… On my site i have a home page which explains what type of blog posts i will be writing about and also explains why i have called my site “beyoutifulinsideoutblog.”

On my About Me page you can find information obviously about me :p and why i am wanting to start my own “beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle” blogs. I only really function properly when i am organised and tidy 😛 so i have added two more pages where i can put the related blogs under e.g. Beauty or Wellbeing & Lifestyle … helps you to find the blogs you are looking for anyway (Still trying to work out how to do that…any help if you know how would be greatly appreciated!) But also on the side of my pages there is a Recent Posts section, which of course has my recent posts and an Archives section which will have the uploads of that month 🙂 

The reason i am mainly interested in blogging is the freedom it allows. From other beauty bloggers i see it is a place where you can express your own opinions and experiences honestly without unnecessary judgement, write about things that you are most passionate about, share own beauty loves and also help others with tips learnt over the last few years with my own life and beauty journey! Another great reason is it would also be great to join in with the beauty blogging community and hopefully be able to have readers who are interested and excited in the blogs i will be writing about! I am not a super talented writer but what i have noticed with blogging is you don’t have to be. The best blogs are the ones that come straight from the heart and honesty! So that’s what i intend to use in all of my writing.

I will be posting a blog every Sunday! Oh and also other days for a treat so its not just once a week! 🙂 Thank you ever so much for visiting my site and if you are newly starting out blogging or already have been doing for sometime i would love to check out your site also so do remember to use my Contact Me page! 🙂

Love, Charlotte XO


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