Normal body?! What is ‘normal’?

This is my first proper topic for my new beauty & wellbeing blog! I thought it would only be right if i started it on a topic i feel most passionate about! Society, the media and what is considered a normal body?! My blog site is called BeYou-tiful inside out so this topic is relevant to this as beauty should not just seen from the outside. 

In the society and the media everyday how many model-thin, flawless women do you see? When you go down the street do these portrayals of women in the tv adverts, music videos, magazines, films live up to reality?  I don’t feel like i’m alone in saying this but there is a problem in our world today where women are not represented in various shapes and sizes. There needs to be a more broader range of shapes promoted in our society/media today.

Because our society and the media now is so look obsessed (morning scan of the news- celebs in bikinis- not news…or the latest on trend cosmetic surgery to change this about the way you look), many women worry and are not content about their own size and body image however, we should be celebrating variety and celebrating how beautiful women are in an overall package. The main focus should not be in body size but focusing on whats healthy! 

Media does not show that healthy comes in various sizes and shapes. How many pictures on Instagram, Facebook and other social sites do you see of women who show that success is through being thin, super toned with constant gym training and having an extreme healthy food diet…not to mention Photoshop? Images of what the ‘perfect’ life is is shown everywhere you go…to me perfect in the media does not always look healthy and i feel alot of other women would agree. I am not putting down women who like to keep a close eye on their eating and who gym train constantly, everybody has a right to do what is best for them. I am just wanting it to be more known that if a woman doesn’t match up to society’s portrayed image of being model-thin, it should not be looked down on but instead be seen as realistic. We should not create in our head what an average body should look like from media we have seen. 


Normal and healthy is what’s normal for your age,background,family and genetics. If you stop looking at images of super gorgeous/hot models in media’s view of ‘normal’ you can see who is around you and see what your more supposed to look like and see that infact you are ‘normal.’

The more women just focus on how they look, the more damaging it can be. Resulting in feeling undervalued, envious or sad. Eating disorders are also on the increase in young girls and all of these media thin pictures they see send them a dangerous and toxic message…that slim is the only acceptable way to look. I think society needs to change in this aspect and i think that woman  everywhere and the way we view our lives and think can be the start of that change!

I do not think women need to be a size 6 or 8 to be healthy. I think a woman’s  happiness vibe and overall healthy look is key! Sizes are just numbers at the end of the day! However i also think that if you are healthy and thin/slim that you should not feel abnormal as you are obviously healthy. The ‘normal’ label can cause offence to people that’s why as long as a woman eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly whatever their size they should celebrate and feel confident with it and with achieving healthy!

The main key thing is there is no such thing as ‘normal’  as long as you look after your body so you can stay fit and healthy, by exercising regularly, eating well (not restricting what you eat constantly) then you will be the size you were meant to be. Thankfully things are slowly changing as more range of models of different shapes and sizes are shown in clothing ads, billboards etc but, the pressure on all women with regards to this blog topic needs to stop and more people need to truly understand that the images of thin, photo shopped women are not representative and ‘normal’ really does mean a range of sizes as long as your healthy and happy with yourself.

I always love to know what you all thought of this blog and how you think of society and the media’s image of ‘normal’ and ‘perfection’ so please feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Love, Charlotte XO



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