GlossyBox Special Double Review! September/October 2016 UK

WARNING: This is a very long review…it isn’t for a light read. However i do promise it contains very useful information and hopefully worth the read to you! Maybe grab a cup of tea or a coffee before sitting down to read all! Hehe 🙂

For my first beauty blog i wanted to share this Glossybox special and do a double review for you! I absolutely adore Glossybox it is such a lovely monthly treat from me to me that comes through the post, beautifully packaged with lots of beauty goodies and discoveries inside. I LOVE it and that’s why it had to be done for my first Beauty Blog. As I’ve just started out newly blogging beauty & wellbeing i think this is the perfect start as this is definitely my forever repurchased favourite. I wanted to do a double review as i loved Septembers box so much it needed to be shared with everyone else! 



Septembers box was an exclusive box, not the signature pretty pink glossybox but a gorgeous Red colour box. All the contents inside was for an exclusive Red edition (Red magazine.) I was extremely excited to receive this box because I’ve been wanting to try one of their products which has been spoken about everywhere in the beauty world that they gave a sneak peek of in August’s box. This was definitely my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE box i have received (that’s a big statement but a very honest one indeed)! 

Inside the box: 5 Products altogether…3 Beauty & 2 Skincare!

Beauty Products

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA (4.8 g)  – This was the Sneak Peek product Glossybox revealed in the previous box that i was super excited about!! I’ve heard many great things from people and other bloggers about this mascara but hadn’t really had enough to splurge £19 (Full Size) on this mascara and try it out, so i was delighted when a generous sized sample was included in the box! It is Collagen-fueled which helps to thicken and lengthen lashes. The colour black is very pigmented and gives a gorgeous strong black finish to lashes i found. With just one coat it made my eyelashes look subtly incredible but i love to layer my mascara with about 3 coats!! So after i had done that my eyes just popped. It was so easy to use with its hour-shaped brush, one i had never used before but it helped to get deep down on the roots of my lashes! The mascara did not leave my lashes clumpy and sticky and some mascaras can have a weird sort of scent that i can smell whenever i blink but this one didn’t at all which i loved! My lashes after my signature 3 coats definitely looked voluminous, lengthened, inky-black and full! It converted me to actually buy the full size once i am done with the sample (which i still have after a whole month!)   There are two colour packages available a minty blue (waterproof) and a pink…i received pink and was very very happy with it. The pink is not waterproof however it did not smudge and stayed in place all day! So if you want fluttering butterfly lashes…and lots of compliments 😉 I suggest you save your pennies and invest in this brilliant mascara! 


As for being called Too Faced BETTER THAN SEX…i’m not sure how true that statement is 🙂 but it is definitely worth the hype and is at the moment my favourite mascara. 

RODIAL SMOKEY EYE PEN (Full Size) – “a sexily kohled waterline made it’s comeback this season” I loved trying out this product by Rodial. It is RRP £17 and a full size was included in the box!! I has a super-rich pigment of black and is very easy to apply i found (and i am not very good with eye pens) There are many ways you can use…along you lash line or to use as a blender to create a smokey eye finish! It is a Gel like texture which i personally loved and can definitely see myself repurchasing this however i don’t think anytime soon as it looks like the product size will last for ages! Definitely worth a look at if you like the 90’s look! 


REVLON GEL ENVY DIAMOND TOP COAT (FULL SIZE) – This retails at £7.99 and is Revlon’s New Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat. It’s apparently formulated with Diamond Flex Technology which promises it is chip proof and gives a long-lasting finish. I used this on the day i received as i happened to be giving myself a manicure that day! And lucky for me i had run out of my top coat the week before! So when this came i was very happy i was saved as i had forgotten for a whole week to pick up another of my Top Coat i use! (Very Useful) My go to nail polish top coat is Seche Vite ( i wear fake nails when i have this top coat on and would be wary to wear if i just used on my natural nails as this product contains a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. I believe the chemical is called Toluene.) This Revlon top coat however lives up to its claims…it was chip free, kept my manicure lasting long and kept them non stop shining! I do believe that this nail polish doesn’t include the Toluene chemical so it would definitely be a highly recommended one to use!


Skincare Products

PHILOSOPHY AMAZING GRACE FIRMING BODY EMULSION (30 ml sample) – Wow, i was so excited when i received this. The scent had already filled up my Glossybox and i was intrigued to find out which product the gorgeous, inviting scent belonged too! I can happily say it was this product! I’d heard of the brand PHILOSOPHY but never tried it. This is the best-selling amazing grace fragrance and it smells incredible! It is not a super strong scent but isn’t weak enough that you cant notice it on you. The fragrance is very feminine girly delicate flower scent with a hint of baby powder scent.I used it so much that my bottle is now nearly empty but i kept using it for my hands to keep smelling throughout the day i was kind of addicted to the scent! 🙂 Glossybox included a generous 30 ml sample bottle and i loved the little verse on the bottle packaging. it definitely left my skin feeling smooth, silky and nourished and didn’t leave on the skin a horrible sticky feel like most do! It apparently is a firming body emulsion lotion so i guess i would need to use often to notice if it does firm up skin however i do know that fragrance in a skincare product isn’t usually the best especially if skin gets easily irritated so this probably isn’t suited for all skin types. But i would recommend if you are tempted to try from the absolutely gorgeous and i mean gorgeous smell!


VITAMASQUES HYDRO FACE MASK (Full Size) – This is a product that is inspired by a korean technology…it is RRP £7.99 and claims to keep skin hydrated for up to 120 hours! (which is nearly a week) It contains lots of moisture and the face mask is like a sheet mask however it contains HydroGel which has a better ability to hold in the moisture and they don’t slip as easy because it is made of a material that sticks to the face easier. I sadly have not tried this yet but i am very excited as I’ve read alot about Korean technology inspired skincare products…so do keep updated to my blog as i can promise a future VITAMASQUES Hydro Face Mask Review!! 




This October Box was Glossybox’s Signature Pretty pink box, perfectly wrapped! This box was collaborated with Estée Lalonde (Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogger) to celebrate her new Lifestyle book called Bloom. I was happy enough with the contents of the box and there was some products i was delighted to receive!

Inside the box: 6 Products…3 beauty…2 Skincare & 1 Hair product!

Beauty Products

UNIVERSAL BEAUTY COSMETICS SECRET FLUSH, SOOTHING CREAM BLUSHER & LIP STAIN DUO (Full size) – This was the Sneak peek from September’s box and i have to admit i wasn’t jumping up and down excited to receive. The reason being is i don’t ever use this type of make up product. However there would of been no harm in trying out…as this is all about discovering beauty products and trying new ones you probably wouldn’t pick up usually. I would of tried it on my face if the colour suited but sadly it was a pinky and i don’t wear blush normally.  I tried on my lips though and the colour looked lovely…but i would normally prefer to use a lipstick, lipgloss or liquid lipstick. But, this product is perfect if you love little multi-tasking make up products that you can carry everywhere you go for a quick touch up. You can use it on the apples of your cheeks for blush or use onto your lips for a pretty pinky lip colour. It retails at £15 so i was definitely happy with receiving a full size product of it! They also have various colours available but i received 04 Nectar. From my researching i think its only really available to the America but i have seen them on Ebay UK if you really like this product or want to try it. I absolutely loved the cute girly polka dot packaging though and thought that was a nice little touch!

(Sorry about the picture quality…these were taken before i gave product away)





TRIFLE COSMETICS LIP PARFAIT-BUTTERY LIP CREAM (Full Size) – When i opened this box this was definitely the first product that caught my eye! Can we just admire this gorgeous, unique super cute packaging for a moment!! …..Okay admiring over! I was very excited to have a use of this lip cream. It is a very pretty nude shade (i know alot of bloggers reviews that I’ve read on this product think its quite nude and abit too light for some) but i personally love the nude shades and for me if you had a darker lipliner to your lips it takes the nude washed out look away and adds more dimension to the lips! Its RRP £12.95. I have looked on their website and again think its only really available to America, they do however have another 3 of these products in different shades but so happy Glossybox added this one as it is by far my favourite shade and think it could suit alot of people as its a pretty nude! Now for my rave about the smell!! The Smell is heavenly, divine, exotic, tropical, delicious! It’s called Exotic fruits and it really does smell like you have smeared just tons of amazing smelling fruits on your lips! Totally good that i have to stop myself from licking it off! The Lip cream contains Vitamin E for plump and hydrated lips and the pigment is silicone-coated so it doesn’t dull or look feathery.It is a creamy matte finish and i found just glided on so smoothly. I really do love love this product. When I’m finished with it I’ve decided to keep the packaging on display! It’s too pretty to just throw away!


P.S PRO FINISHING POWDER – Hmm…this one is a tricky one for me. This product is from Primark’s make-up range. I am not a make-up snob but i’m not sure how i feel about using Primark make up when you can buy for the same price a more well known great drugstore brand. However it’s worth trying out. In the Glossybox’s this month i know everyone got a variety of different products from the P.S…PRO range. I got the finishing powder which was the one that i actually wanted to try out of them all! It is a translucent finishing powder that claims to be lightweight, ultra-fine formula which is talc-free, gives the skin a mattifying look and sets foundation for a long-lasting finish. It retails at £5 which is a good price. I didn’t really like the packaging i thought it was too filmy compared to other finishing drugstore powders this price range. The packaging also like most loose powders gets messy….will they ever make product packaging that doesn’t spill loose powder everywhere? When i used this powder however i did use it as a finishing powder over all my foundation i applied it quite lightly and i did notice that it gave off an airbrushed finish which i really did like. However, i think i will stick to other loose powder brands as not all Primark’s stock this item…so i can imagine could be quite tricky to find especially as Primark doesn’t have an online shopping website.



Skincare Products

THE BODY SHOP DROPS OF YOUTH CONCENTRATE (7 ml Sample) – I have actually recently been researching like crazy trying to find a new skincare routine now I’m 20 nearly 21 and I’ve got out of the teenage skin type. I read up that serums were not a necessary thing yet at this age but should be included at around 25 or late twenties. However this Glossybox gave me a sample of The drops of youth concentrate serum that retails at £25.I was so excited for this as it is certified Organic so could be regularly used in my skincare routine now at my age! I have not got round to testing this product yet as i’m wanting to purchase my other new skincare routine products I’m wanting to try and try them out together so there maybe a future review for this product and it’s results. I’m really pleased that the first natural skincare Brand on the high street has created a serum like this. I’ve heard good reviews on this that is is great for skin that is showing the first signs of ageing because it claims to soften, smooth and brighten skin. I may review this when i have updated my skincare routine! However the few things i dislike about this product is that it’s second ingredient is Alcohol and all you Skincare lovers out there will know that this ingredient is very damaging in high amounts causing dryness of the skin, irritation and impairs the skin’s ability to heal. It is also highly fragranced which again can cause irritation and can damage healthy collagen production. I do prefer my facial skincare products to be fragrance free or with a low amount at least. But there are still beneficial ingredients in this serum so it maybe worth trying out!

Little tip from me: Serum is used before moisturiser in a skincare routine if you didn’t know, as it has a thinner consistency. Facial moisturisers can have a thick consistency  and it can stop the thinner consistency products from properly penetrating the skin and can stop the product from doing the job it’s meant to do.


BEE GOOD HONEY & CAMELINA FACIAL EXFOLIATOR (Full Size £10.50) – Omgosh Omgosh! I love when there is a BEE GOOD product in a Glossybox!! Can never have enough. I adore the brands packaging! and love that its made by British Bees, is environmentally friendly and also just as skin friendly too (what more can a product need)! I received a full size so very happy! It is a CEW Beauty Awards Winner of 2015! Which is a bonus to me! I love when products are that truely amazing that they win awards. The only dislike about this for me was the fragrance. It was so so strong for me. I am not a lover of lavendar i really don’t know why but its never appealed to me and it is included in this product.

  • British wildflower honey
  • British propolis (extract)
  • British beeswax
  • British camelina sativa seed oil
  • British crambe seed oil
  • Wheatgerm oil
  • Milled lavender flowers

But i ignored the fragrance to do a review, and i am glad that i did. This facial exfoliator it suitable for all skin types and claims to exfoliate, hydrate and calm skin. Causing no irritation  with wheatgerm oil to soothe an moisturise…and with British propolis to help problematic complexions. yes it really is a facial moisturiser that does ALL OF THAT! I used this once a week after cleansing and loved the results it gave me! As the scent is strong to me i’m not sure it’s my favourite facial exfoliator but it really does do what it claims so maybe i can learn to live with the fragrance! I would definitely recommend anyone to try this who hasn’t yet.


Mystery Hair Product


We received a mystery product in this box too as our 6th product. I didn’t mind that as it was an extra added in not one of the 5. So it excited me. apparently Estee herself has had it in her bathroom shelves for years and the classic shampoo has been updated. She says it’s great for caring for the scalp, protecting the health of hair and keep it nourished whilst keeping it shiny too. All of us Glossies got to try this product before anyone else and she revealed what brand it was on her blog later on this month! The smell to me smelt of watermelon and smelt delicious. However i am quite strict with shampoos as i have dry scalp (not dandruff) at times and shampoos can really flare it up especially what’s in the ingredients! I do avoid shampoos with Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them and these are the culprits of my dry scalp. These two ingredients are very good for drying out scalp but because they are inexpensive, very foamy and cut through grease fast they are commonly used in shampoo ingredients! This hair shampoo given does have Sodium Laureth Sulfate in the ingredients…but if it doesn’t cause dry scalp for you then not to worry about this! I was able to use on my hair extensions though….and it did make them feel super silky and look shiny after using just one time. So i will use the rest of the bottle on them! I don’t want it to go to waste after all. You can see the brand reveal on Estee’s Blog as i don’t want to give away for anyone who hasn’t looked yet. 

Overall, my favourite box was definitely September’s and October’s was still very good. I always love receiving this amazing treat filled box! I will be doing a Glossybox review every month if you are interested then definitely follow so you know when i have posted one. 

If you have managed to read this very long double review thank you ever so much for taking your time and interest to read! I really hope i have helped anybody choosing to buy or try out an item mentioned but were abit unsure. I would love to know what Beauty boxes you are subscribed too (if any) and would love to read other bloggers reviews on subscription boxes too!) If you have any comments you would like to add please feel free to write one as i would love to know your thoughts and opinions 🙂 Thank you very much 🙂

Love, Charlotte XO


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