GlossyBox November 2016 UK Review!


Good Evening lovelies! I have uploaded this on a friday evening instead of my usual Sunday as i am off for a firework/getaway escape long weekend for a couple of days! Obviously i wanted to make sure i had done my weekly post! So i thought i’d put up earlier 🙂 So if you want a weekend read…here’s the one! 🙂

Wow…wow…wow Glossybox always contain amazing items in their beauty boxes each month! they have included a nice variety of various items! Their theme is for prep, prime and pampering before a party! And as it’s nearly Christmas and the New Year what better time to get prepared with these gorgeous products!

Inside the box: 5 Products altogether…3 Beauty Products, 1 Skincare and 1 well-being.

Beauty products

DE BRUYERE BEAUTE JUMBO EYE PENCIL IN BUBBLE 07 – So this was our sneak peek product in the last Glossybox, and i was super excited for this. I have never tried an eyeshadow eye pencil before so was thrilled to of received. The shade is Khaki-grey which is recently in at the moment to smoke eyes with. The first thing i loved is it’s gorgeous shiny packaging! And once i took the top off it smelt amazing! I never knew eyeshadows had a scent but this one definitely did! (when this is kept in my handbag i’m guessing i will look sort of odd getting it out every now and again just to inhale it’s lovely scent! 🙂 ) Its from and  retails at 15 Euros…which is around 13£. I have swatched it on my palm and the shade is gorgeous very subtle and not over the top….so i bet this will do a beautiful job at blending and enhancing my smokey eyes! It has a creamy formula and contains shimmery pigmentation. As it’s a pencil it is so easy to use! And i will definitely be including it in my eyes makeup routine! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

RUBY PROFESSIONAL LARGETAPERED BLENDING BRUSH – One of my favourite things about glossybox is when i’m in need of something it always arrives in the box! I was needing a new eye blending brush and it was included! I think this is a lovely idea as we received eye makeup! I have never tried this brush brand i usually stick to my favourite Real Techniques…but i do love to try other brands also! I am such a girly girly so i was immediately loving the heart on the brush! Now, i love a good eye blending brush i feel it’s vital to own! They really do smooth out eyeshadows to create a flawless finish! This brush contains cruelty-free bristles which are super super soft but also quite nice and firm. It retails for 8 Euros which is about 7£ and available online at  I love to use blending brushes also for small areas of the face if needing more blending out. A very multitasking, essential tool! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

ooo that cute heart 🙂
Close up of the bristle texture

KISS LOOKS SO NATURAL LASHES – These lashes you can purchase from Superdrug for £4.95. I have never worn false eyelashes before but i have always been interested in trying them, not for everyday wear but definitely for a very special occasion 🙂 I usually get addicted to beauty products i try so i reckon if i wore them once i would be obsessed and then hate the look of my natural lashes and want to wear them daily hehe! The lashes have a tapered end lash and they apparently look so natural…so that’s a definite bonus! It comes with eyelash glue which is great because when i choose to try them out then i don’t have to worry about popping to shops to pick some up! I am very excited to have these as i love all thing false beauty…e.g nails, hair extensions. And i bet these will look absolutely stunning! SAM_2981.JPG


111SKIN BIO CELLULOSE FACIAL TREATMENT MASK (GOLD BRIGHTENING) – This retails at £20 from We are so lucky to have this included in the box as it is a luxurious NEW LIMITED EDITION for the holiday season. I have not tried this out yet because i want to save for the perfect pamper session but please keep your eyes peeled for a future review! The treatment mask has 3 key ingredients which are;

  1. Silk Amino Acids to condition
  2. Arbutin to brighten
  3. Centella Asiatica to Stimulate the skins collagen production

It contains alot of skin-boosting properties and i love when they are clinically-inspired (and they are!) The crushed gold in this is great for revitalizing dull complexions  and helps to support circulation for a radiance boost. It also claims to reduce inflammation,  improve the appearance of blemishes and reduce the visibility of age spots and sun damage. It also locks in moisture instantly! This mask i am super excited to try if it really does do what it claims too and it is also paraben and sulfate free! (my favourite type.) I would definitely invest in this for a pamper gift for a loved one!SAM_2983.JPG


THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP PILLOW SPRAY – I have never received a wellbeing type product in my Glossyboxes before. But i am so so happy that we did this month! I am obsessed with relaxation and calming products as they really do work! And this one is fitting for it’s name (THIS WORKS) because it really does work! You can purchase from for £16. We received a 5ml sample bottle but was still generous amount. I have tried this pillow spray in the night and it instantly calms  you. The night i used it i got a very restful sleep and i woke up lovely and refreshed. It has a relaxing scent of Lavender, Vertivert and camomile. I am passing this bottle on however to someone who struggles with sleep too because i don’t like the idea of a pillow spray as in the morning it has scented my hair a little. I do prefer sleep balms and i already have my favourite calming sleep balm that i use each night which works like a miracle already! See The product does definitely work! But if i used too many sleep products i’ll be so so relaxed i’d never want to get up for the day haha 🙂 However if you love pillow sprays i would definitely recommend to try out! SAM_2986.JPG

So that was all the great products we received to try out! We also got two extra things a small chocolate which tasted so so yummy!

Raffaello choccie

And we also received two 20% off and Free delivery on any order price vouchers to use at The white Company. I love their items they have on their site but can be abit expensive for a girl with a tight budget…however this 20% voucher is amazing! And as a girl who loves to shop..i went on their site instantly and already found what i will purchase and use this one! The other 20% off is for a special treat for a friend 🙂 SO that’s a lovely idea!

If any of you received the November Glossybox i would love to know what you thought about it 🙂 And if you have tried any of the products already! Also do feel free paste your links to any glossybox reviews you have done or any other Beauty Box reviews! I hope you loved reading this post and see you all next time!

Love Charlotte XO


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