My Affordable Deals of the Week! 2016


Oooo i love a good deal/bargain/offer (don’t we all?) In spirit of this big deal week i thought i would do a post about the deals that i managed to get! I love hearing about bargains that other bloggers get, so thought why not upload a post myself! I actually must admit though… I have a bit of an obsession about online shopping, i can avoid the rush of customers, traffic and can do it all in the comfort of my own home with a nice cup of tea (without even needing to wake up even earlier to put my make-up on!) So on Monday morning i woke bright and early to browse some deals online! I wont be sharing lots of items…I do have a tight budget at the moment so only picked up a few.

Superdrug – Superdrug what a perfect shop to start with! It is full of amazing products and bargain prices usually anyway, so when it is a deal week my inner shopaholic really does start appearing. I picked up a couple of body sprays, a perfume gift set and an eyeshadow palette. Also a big bonus for online shopping on the website is the free delivery for any order amount for Beauty Card Members…so if you forget something you can always create a new order without needing to pay for postage! Perfect and handy!

Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2017 Palette 

I have never owned such a huge eyeshadow palette before and with 144 shades there was bound to be quite a few i loved! This originally is priced at £20, I got for £8! Absolute bargain. I have never used Revolution eyeshadows before but i love to try lots of eyeshadow brands. I really do like drugstore eyeshadow brands also. With such a big palette you can create lots of different eye looks for any occasion and i feel this is such a useful way to find out what colours really do go well with my eye colour and what my favourite combinations and shades are. rsz_sam_3301.jpg

rsz_sam_3305.jpgDifference between Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadows?

Now alot of the eyeshadows i wear are shimmer base. I love my eyeshadows to sparkle day or night, so i thought i would try out Matte eyeshadow for a change. This Palette does come in a Shimmer Palette too which is a great variety. At the moment i do prefer Shimmer eyeshadows as they are easier to blend and they reflect light, so instantly brighten up the eye area. You can mix them with Matte eyeshadows too as it is easy to over do the shimmer your eye can end up looking like a sparkling disco ball! However, Matte eyeshadows can define & enhance natural eye colour. You also can create a good sculpted eye look too. They can be slightly harder to blend though because they are more pigmented in colour, but if you are willing to put abit more effort into blending then it will be perfection for the end result. Most people opt for shimmer at night and matte for a subtle look day to day but really there is no right or wrong way to wear them just do whatever you love for yourself!  (I hate when people say there is a right and a wrong way to do your makeup…really there isn’t if you feel confident with how you do your make-up then it shouldn’t  matter what way you have done it. To me there is no such thing as makeup rules it’s all about a persons creativity, preference and personality shining through it.)

Palette Shades 


Wow….144 all different types of Matte Eyeshadow! To me they look so visually appealing. All organised in neat rows ooo how lovely 🙂 This palette contains a wide variety of all sorts of colours, pastels, neons, beige & earthy tones, Deep tones etc… I am a girl who has never gone extravagant on my eyeshadow colour (unless fancy dress) So i am naturally drawn to the lighter palette shades and the brown ones too. The neon ones i would use if i felt brave enough for a going out party or when having a fun day in just experimenting with different eyeshadow looks, whilst pretending i’m giving a youtube tutorial at the same time in the mirror of course 🙂 (who else does that?) hehe. There is so many colours to choose from and all very pigmented. I have yet to test them on my eyes but when i swatched on my fingertips the colour came off very pigmented in one swipe! (See below pictures)

Neon shades swatched XO
Lighter shades swatched XO

I give a bonus rating for this palette as it included a gorgeous decent sized mirror. However, i may not be able to do my eye shadow skillfully holding up a palette this huge at the same time haha! And i love that they have included eyeshadow sponge application tools. I obviously prefer eye brushes as they blend lovely and give a more airbrushed finish however i do find eyeshadow sponges useful after i do my mascara if i smudge abit on top eyelid i can go over it with a small end of sponge or if i need any touch ups in small areas. Very useful to have! The texture of the eyeshadows are very creamy and smooth so i have a good feeling about these that they will just easily glide onto my eye and hopefully they wont settle into eye creases either when worn for a long period of time.

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy 50ml Perfume Gift Set (Perfume Review)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Perfumes…i must admit i am not well up on perfumes. I don’t know alot about them so don’t expect well informed information just my honest opinion. I do like to try different perfumes however i usually find some smell very mature and others too sweet and young and some just overly strong. I have yet to find a perfume favourite! Although my current go to is Marc Jacobs as i do love a floral scent. Comment below I would love to know your signature perfume 🙂  I don’t see the big hype in buying a celebrity perfume. However i do love Ariana Grande’s music and her girly, very feminine style. I knew she had bought out a fragrance before but never got round to trying it. I had wanted to though as i thought she would bring out a fragrance that reflected her girly, feminine personality (that matches mine very much, and i love to wear a scent that represents me in a bottle.)

This week when i was on Superdrug website the first thing i saw was the amazing fragrance offers. They also had an extra offer for Beauty Card Members meaning more money off items and deals started for us earlier on Monday so lucky for me! So i had a browse over the fragrance deals. I came across this one and my eyes were immediately drawn to it (it’s pink so of course 🙂 ) When i clicked on it i saw the cute cosmetic bag, beautiful pink matte perfume packaging with an added gorgeous pom-pom and a bonus body souffle, all that persuaded me. I immediately knew if i didn’t like the perfume i sure would love the cosmetic bag and the body souffle so it wouldn’t be a waste and i could give the perfume away or sell it on ebay… so either way no money lost. This perfume set was 50ml which surprised me it retailed for £30 which is the same price of the 50ml bottle except with this you get an adorable bag and a body souffle. I researched for the gift set in 30ml which doesn’t include the bag and total was £23. So for £7 more i get 20ml more perfume and a cute cosmetic bag. For the black Friday sale the perfume gift set was lowered to £25, and because i was a beauty member i got an extra £5 off! So all i paid was £20!!! So i couldn’t go wrong with this one!! SAM_3292.JPG

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume Set is probably the most gorgeous and adorable thing i have ever seen in my life! Apart from the perfume box being absolutely stunning, the cosmetic bag was soft and ever so cute! Perfect for storing all my day to day  beauty products in and the body souffle smelt delicious and was a creamy, moisturizing texture. The perfume bottle is the most prettiest perfume packaging i have ever seen (definitely my favorite)! Matte light/baby pink with a fluffy, so soft baby pink pom-pom attached (which you can take off and use on your keys or handbag…perfect little touch because so in with trends at the moment.)

I was concerned about the scent being overly sweet so much that it would be sickly. But once i tried out i was pleasantly surprised. It is not an overpowering scent at all. It is a sweet, sensual and sexy scent all at the same time. The fragrant notes that i can smell in this perfume are mainly; blackberries, marshmallows, vanilla and bergamot. I heard that this perfume didn’t last a long time to some people but for me i sprayed it at 11am and it lasted until about 8/9pm! So i had absolutely no problem with the duration of the product. To me it is a youthful, girly, feminine and alluring scent all in one. The body souffle is a great addition because it is a subtle scent of the fragrance, so perfect for layering with the perfume.                                                                                                                                                 Overall, It is perfect for a day to day, anytime use. I will definitely be using on a regular bases and if i find i love it more than my usual perfume may just be my signature scent, but the days it isn’t being used i can just admire how beautiful it looks on my dressing table. 🙂 

Body Fantasies X2 body mist sprays 


Last time i was in town i popped into Superdrug and found a new body spray called Body Fantasies. They had 5 available body mist scents and i tested them out to pick out my favourite. I absolutely loved the Japenese Cherry Blossom so brought that one as it was on a sale for £1.99 because it had only just launched. This time these were in a sale again too, RRP £3.99 reduced to 2 for £3 (so £1.50 each…what a bargain.)

These fragrances are a new type of body spray which apparently have high concentrations of perfume quality fragrance and they really do! The fragrance lasts so long when i wear them about a good 6 hours before topping up and never overpowering. They are very lightweight, a handy size bottle, contain over 500 sprays and are 94ml each! I’ve used mine for about 3 months nearly every other day and only the top part has gone down…still have over 3/4 of the product left.

I brought two as it was 2 for £3. So of course i stocked up on the one i loved so much before as i use alot, and then found a new one to give a go that wasn’t in store when i tested them at the time. (Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy) My favourite is still the Japenese Cherry Blossom though.

  1. Japenese Cherry Blossom: This fragrance is inspired for romance, charm & desire.
  2. Pink Vanilla Kiss: This fragrance is inspired to create a fruity, feminine & fun scent.



Too Faced Better Than Sex (Twice The Drama Set) 

After receiving a deluxe sample of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara in my Glossybox a couple of months ago i knew i needed to purchase the full size and i knew it would be my holy grail mascara from now on! In Debenhams for their sales they had Too Faced Cosmetic Products on offer (all so beautiful.) I knew i needed mascara though so couldn’t really splash out on anything else as i needed to put the essentials beforehand.The full size of this mascara is £19. However in Debenhams they had this double set which was £29 reduced to £19 (the same price as just one mascara)! And free delivery with all beauty products.

Too Faced Twice The Drama Set included a full size of the mascara and the Too faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner. So you really do get a  good eye set here (eyeliner and mascara what more does a girl need?) I can’t wait to try their eyeliner, if the mascara is anything to go by it will be amazing! If you want to see my thoughts on the mascara i have done a post below if your interested 🙂


Marks & Spencer 

Floral Collection Winter Jar Stacker  


This gorgeous winter collection jar stacker retails at £9.50…was in the sale for £4.99.A great bargain. The set contains 300ml of Magnolia Moisturising Body Cream, Peony Bath Salts  150ml and 50ml Rose Hand Cream. The thing i love about this little set is it includes bath and body treats. It is also not tested on animals (BUAV approved) which is a huge bonus and is Alcohol free (so no drying skin!) The floral scents are really great however i am not too keen on the Magnolia scent and the Peony one…that’s just my personal preference but if you liked those scents you would love! My favourite one would have to be the rose hand cream it really smells divine…reminds me of Turkish Delight mmm. If your missing the spring and summer this winter i think this is a gorgeous little set to pick up! 

Royal Jelly with Pure Honey Jar Trio  

This is another lovely jar trio set RRP £8.50 but purchased for £4.50! The set contains Body Scrub Cleansing and Softening, Light Body Cream Moisture Rich and Hand & Nail Cream Moisture Rich all 150ml. Again Cruelty free (BUAV approved) and also Paraben and Alcohol free! I have never tried Royal Jelly products so i am excited to try these as I’ve heard good things about this brand. ‘Royal Jelly is a nutrient rich natural ingredient known for its nourishing and hydrating properties’ having a nutrient rich, natural ingredient that nourishes and hydrates really tempted me to try this out! The scent of these products are very fresh smelling. I tested out the texture of the hand cream and body cream, both were so so soft and smooth. Neither had a sticky feel to them and it didn’t leave any horrible residue that some lotions do. I absolutely love the packaging, very shiny and a real festive feeling so would highly recommend as a present. 

Limited Collection Shimmer Powder Brush 


I have never tried out a shimmer body powder before but have read so many good things about various body shimmers in my magazines. I have always loved the idea of a touch of gold sparkle for glowing skin, i think it adds a little something extra for any party, event or if you just want to add abit of glitz and glam.  It’s original price is £8 however brought in the sale for £4.20. So of course when i saw this on offer i was very happy and knew i had to purchase it to give it a go. The packaging is so stylish and chic, a very elegant looking bottle (i do love see-through packaging so you can see when your running out of a product and need to stock back up!)The brush is made from natural hair and is a gorgeous pink shade (so girly) it is super soft…i admit i brushed it around my face for abit to feel how soft it was, but also super huge too (I’ve never owned a brush so big in my life i am in love and at least the product will be evenly distributed and not in small clumpy patches.) The product is Hypoallergenic too which is great for anyone who suffers from allergic reactions as it is unlikely to cause one. This shimmer powder contains 9g. I loved how the shimmer caught the light when applied, it wasn’t over shimmery just the right amount of sparkle! (the look was not like a fairy dropped a bag of glitter dust on you but just lightly sprinkled it on…if that helps describe it better hehe) Not only is it great for sparkling skin in the winter season it would be absolutely gorgeous in the summertime to as it would add to an even more gorgeous glow. I love this for a gift idea i think its great for a touch of magic at Christmas time and even better that you can wear it. 


So they are all my bargains/deals of the week! I would love to know what bargains any of you managed to pick up! Do let me know in the comments i love reading and responding to them 🙂 And thank you all ever so much for all the support i have been given since my blog started out just over a month ago, it really puts a smile on my face having readers interested!



P.s I have a surprise for December month, I managed to get my hands on the beautiful Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar this year 🙂 🙂 🙂 And would love to share with you all what items i received in the calendar (stopped myself from looking at spoilers…okay maybe i looked at 3 but that was all i promise!) So on my Twitter i did a poll for you all to be able to vote, I asked;

Would you prefer to see a short blog post everyday in December about the item i received that day or would you rather every Sunday i do a blog post on what i opened up that week? ?

The vote that won was doing a short blog post everyday in December about the item i opened up so thank you to all who voted! And i am very excited to start with it this coming Thursday…roll on everyday December posts! XOXO 

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  1. Online shopping is for sure my go-to too. It’s like Christmas every time you receive your package lol That palette though, holy moly…..slightly overwhelming but how awesome you literally have just about every and all the colors and shades and tones you need! Love it!

    xo, JJ

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