SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFOREO Luna Play and FOREO Day Cleanser – Wow, wow, wow, wow,wow!! 🙂 🙂 This has been the best door yet! I don’t know if anything can top this product in the Advent Calendar this year! I have been wanting to try one of these ever since they first came out 🙂 And an extra bonus that today’s door gave me two gifts! So technically in this Look Fantastic Advent Calendar there are 26 days of treats! Very lucky! I received the FOREO Luna Play and FOREO Day Cleanser for Day 12. I will share abit of information about each product for anyone interested 🙂 SAM_3591.JPGThis is the FOREO Luna Play. It is usually £29!! This alone costs nearly half of what the Advent Calendar did itself. This skincare device also comes in a bigger size however for a budget blogger it’s not the cheapest thing to buy! I am so so happy we received the travel size version. This product is a Cult Beauty Favourite and it has a following behind it…so it must be great already! It claims to treat and transform your facial skin. It is a portable facial cleansing device that is designed to provide professional skincare results with just 1 minute of using in your skincare routine. The facial brush is so soft and has silicon touch points (love the bristles being silicon because it stops bacteria build-up and will help keep the product fresher and cleaner), the thicker touch points (at the top) apparently perform an intense clean to unclog pores and lift away the dirt, dead skin and oil. The thinner, softer points (at the bottom) cleanse sensitive to normal skin and you use this part mostly on your cheeks. It’s vibration is nice and gentle when you push the back button. It also helps to clear your skin thoroughly to create a more glowing and luminous complexion. This travel size one is the same size as a cotton pad so for me being a FOREO beginner it will definitely be easy to use as i am used to working with cotton pads. It contains 100 uses and is easy to operate (like mentioned before just hold and push in the back button), the device is also 100% waterproof so great for if you like to do your skincare routine in the bath or shower. What i think is the most amazing thing about this product is that is has T-Sonic Pulsation technology. 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations are done per minute this apparently then removes 99.5% of any facial oil, dirt and any make up left. As the bigger one is quite expensive for a sudden buy, it would of been great if it could be rechargeable but it’s not really that much of a problem because if it stops working after it’s 100 uses then it must be more hygienic to throw away and buy a new one. Otherwise you might forget to replace it every now and then! Overall this is amazing and i cannot wait to try! I think it’s great how this high – tech device is so simple to use yet you can then have a great exfoliating and professional cleansing session. I am excited to see the benefits it has on my face after incorporating the product into my skincare routine.

SAM_3590.JPGNext we have the FOREO Day Cleanser Awakening Radiance Yogurt (15ml) –  This is the yummiest smelling facial cleanser i have ever smelt! So fruity and very very smooth in texture, it also has a gorgeous peachy colour. We received a 15ml bottle but in full size this is 100ml for £25. It is a rich cream-foam formula and claims to get rid of dirt, makeup residue and any impurities on the skin. Apparently this cleanser’s formula is designed specially for the Luna Device as it complements the T-Sonic Pulsations in it. The vibrations from the device enhance the use of the cleanser. The day cleanser is rich in Vitamin C and essential antioxidants which i love, because at this age Vitamin C is vital for your Skin, it also has a blend of bergamot and mandarin extracts and some apricot oil and pressed probiotics are in there too, which help to moisturise and nourish the skin. All of these ingredients leave the skin feeling more clean, purified and refreshed.

So as you can probably tell i am so happy to of received this at Day 12!! A great combination to add to my Skincare Routine! Have any of you tried out either of these products if so what was your thoughts on their performance? 

See you all tomorrow for Day 13 XO

Love Charlotte XO


  1. What an awesome surprise!!! I’d be so thrilled about that too, 2 in one?! I’ve never heard of a foreo luna play, its the oddest thing yet so creative and now that I see yours and read your description on it, I want to go out and find one for myself! You must let us know how it is after a few tries! I need this advent calendar in my life!!

    xo, JJ

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