ORIGINS GinZing™ Energy-Boosting Moisturizer (30ml) – Day 14 we have received a facial moisturiser product. It’s from the brand ORIGINS and is RRP£24 for 50ml. We had 30ml. So a decent and fair amount of product! The first thing i noticed about this product after opening was the smell it is full of orange and fruit scents. Very delicious! However, i’m not one for much fragrance in my facial products as they can be irritating to the skin. The moisturiser itself was lightweight and easily absorbed to the skin. The product claims to transform dull and tired looking skin, hydrate the skin to leave it super smooth and with a healthy glow. It contains Panax Ginseng  (radiance boosting) and Coffee Bean (energizes.) It also does state that it is suitable for all skin types. I don’t want to be a downer on this product but i have to say my honest opinion and there are two aspects i wasn’t too keen on for this as a facial product.

  1. Like i mentioned before it is a highly fragranced moisturiser which can be very irritating so i wouldn’t say it was suitable for all skin types. In case you weren’t aware having a high amount of fragrance in any skincare product can cause irritation which can also damage your healthy collagen production. This increases dryness in the future and also can weaken your skin’s healing ability (so best to be avoided.) Fragrance-free products really are the best choice for all skin types and i really try and stick by that for the face.
  2. Also, the full size 50ml is in jar packaging so the beneficial ingredients in the moisturiser’s formula won’t last as long. I love the fact though that this deluxe sample wasn’t in a jar so i guess if you liked this moisturiser you could still purchase the 30ml bottles as the ingredients will not be as affected. But with jar packaging it affects the stability of the ingredients once it is opened because it is then exposed to air which causes the beneficial ingredients to not work as well as they would in a bottle with less exposure to air. It is also is less hygienic due to dipping fingers in which spreads bacteria. So my preference is products in a bottle (even though i must admit i do prefer the look of most jar packaging!)   

So because of these two reasons it has put me off this moisturiser for a daily use however, it does contain beneficial plant extracts/skin repairing ingredients so i may still use this but not on a regular basis if my skin doesn’t become irritated to the fragrance. I would also definitely purchase in 30ml bottle form to keep these important ingredients working properly.

See you all tomorrow for Day 15…Only 10 days to go after that!! XO

Love Charlotte XO


  1. I’m with you, I’m not a huge fan of facial products that are scented, That really stinks though (literally, lol) because origins generally has great products! Hope that day 15 has something good for you to make up for this one 🙂

    xo, JJ

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