Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (7ml) – The treat in day 19 i was so happy about! An eye cream 🙂 i need to incorporate an eye cream into my skincare routine now i’m nearing the age of 21 (start early to protect my delicate skin on my eye area for the future.) This eye cream is by a brand i have heard of Balance Me. This wonder eye cream is £20 for 15ml. I got a 7ml bottle which is their travel size and that retails at £11. I have tried a Clinque eye cream before when searching for the right eye cream for me however, i have never had an allergic reaction to any products before but this one unfortunately gave me red splotches and itchy eyes on my first use…so i had to bin and not use again! Which is very strange as i know Clinque is such a well known and well loved, trusted brand. So i was really excited to of been given this treat to try for day 19! It is a triple action eye cream that claims to lift, reduce and brighten any appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark shadows and prevents signs of ageing. What i want in an eye cream is an antioxidant rich formula that will prevent visible ageing signs on the eye area/fine lines and a help it to look more refreshed and brightened…so this sounds great to test out :). It is a lightweight texture and easily absorbed. Apparently it is an antioxidant rich formula with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid too. The eye cream consists of blends of Virgin Coconut, Carrot Oil and Rosehip to soften the skin, Roman Chamomile, Cucumber Oil and non-alcohol Witch Hazel that combats dark shadows in the eye area. As you can see from the last picture the dispenser tip is thin which makes it excellent to get out small amounts an eye area would need without wasting any product. And the packaging means it keeps all the important ingredients hygienic and still effective as it is not air exposed.  

See you all tomorrow for Day 20…only 5 days left of treats!! XO

Love Charlotte XO


  1. Love getting a new eye cream to try…saves buying and regretting. Just so you know, Clinique are one of the companies who are great if something isn’t working for you, at taking them back or just refunding. I bought their Hydroblur moisturiser recently and didn’t like it…I found it didn’t do what it said, so I called them and they refunded me straight away. I know that doesnt help if you’ve binned it, but for future ref. 🙂 loving your advent posts 🙂 x


  2. I’m such an avid user of eye cream, its never too early to start using it! I love trying new ones too, whenever my ipsy kit sends me one I get over the top excited! That’s a bummer that a clinique product did that to you though, as Im sure it was probably pretty costly! I hope this one works well for you!

    xo, JJ

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