New Year, New You? Why Resolutions shouldn’t be that long list pinned up on your fridge!

Happy New Years Day Everyone!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Welcome to 2017! I thought because it is January the 1st (another new year) i would write a post for my Well-being and Lifestyle section to kick start 2017. For all of my Blogmas posts it was for my Beauty section so i think it’s time to get a Well-being one posted.


Around the start of the New Year or just before the last year pulls to a stop, traditionally everyone goes on a food watching diet because of overeating and indulging in lovely treats around the Christmas period and everyone grabs a pen and paper to jot down their long list of New Year resolutions they want to achieve by the end of the year. Ever since overcoming and learning to control my anxiety/panic attack issues i have gained a huge passion for feeling healthy and happy not just in your body but also in your mind so along the way i have picked up important and supportive skills that really do help overall well-being. I feel that it is very relevant to talk about why i tend to not set myself a New Years Resolution List. I am not saying that people should read this post and never do one ever again, it is all about personal preference but i would love to share my thoughts on the New Year and it’s usual traditions.Β 

New Year for me is definitely a time where you are given another plain blank canvas of 365 days ahead of you…basically a fresh start, you can organize the main things you want achieved for when those days are up. But too many of us overthink this and at the start of the New Year write down a list as long as an arm for all the things they want to achieve. The worst thing though is some people write down so many it can be nearly impossible to fulfill all of those achievements in just one year and then get disappointed when the end of the year comes and they have to re add it to the next year’s list as something they didn’t complete or even do and can get stuck in a “I’ll do that next year” repeated cycle (I have been known to do that before many times, nobody is perfect.) As i have got abit older and gone through more experiences and learnt more i have realized that the best thing for our mental well-being is to not set a LONG list and to set only a couple of achievable objectives. By doing this we haven’t created too many to drown us and stress us out about if we don’t achieve them by a certain point, we have instead chosen a few ones that are hopefully positive to yourself and one or just a couple to focus on. Another reason why i don’t like creating alot of resolutions is because too many can act as a reminder of all the things we “fail at”, “haven’t yet achieved” or “don’t do well enough” and that is really not a healthy outlook to have on your own self. Everyone has days when they don’t feel positive about themselves (I know i have many) but it is important to focus those negative emotions on all of the positive things you have achieved and done/tried even if you didn’t in the end succeed (you still gave it a go.)

So the New Year should be a time when we write out positive resolutions instead ones in which we can achieve without feeling doubtful or stressed out about them.Β By setting a couple of positive resolutions it means that we can have a good target and some motivation throughout the year to keep us on track of where we want to go in our lives πŸ™‚ So they do have some benefits…

So what’s my New years Resolution for 2017?Β 

For my own New Years Resolutions i am focusing on the positives that will be most beneficial for me. I have two for 2017 and these will be:

  1. To not dwell or overthink on things that go wrong and not the way i planned instead focus to realize thatΒ everything happens for a reason (even if at the time it feels like there couldn’t possibly be any reason for something to be happening.)
  2. To work on putting myself first in situations and to have the confidence to say ‘no’ to people not always ‘yes’. After doing this i need to not feel guilty when i have said ‘no’ and to realize that there are times when i need to put myself first with my health or just having my own ‘me time’ (there is nothing wrong with that πŸ™‚ )

Just remember to love your own self and at this time where alot of us do tend to focus on our own negativity try to remember all of the positives about you and your life πŸ™‚ I hope this has given out a little bit of advice to anyone unsure about what resolutions they should set for themselves and i hope 2017 brings you all happiness/peace and love πŸ™‚Β 



new-years-eve-1909061_1280 (1).jpg

18 thoughts on “New Year, New You? Why Resolutions shouldn’t be that long list pinned up on your fridge!

  1. Happy new year, gorgeous!!! Thanks for following me! Welcome to my blog and hope it interests you somehow! Looking forward in seeing your posts in my feed πŸ™‚

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  2. Totally agree resolutions can be so stressful, Ive seen and read some lists and I’m like wow that’s more than a handful of things to get done lol But oh man I wish so badly I could stop overthinking lol it’d be a whole lot less work for my brain! I need to learn to do the same and just let things be because whatever meant to be will be! Best of luck girlie!

    xo, JJ

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