Winter care for lips. Dry, Cracked or Chapped lips? My two step routine that works like magic!

Hiya lovelies! 🙂 🙂

The cold, dry wind is still blowing, winter time is the one time of year i find that really damages your lips. In the winter lips are prone to becoming dry, cracked or chapped and after many winters of experimenting with different lip care products and trying to find ones that actually work i have finally found my holy grail products to deal with this flaking, peeling winter lip look that actually keeps them smooth or kissable! 😉  And guess what? It’s only two products! Two products i have found to get that desirable lip smoothness 🙂

We all need to look after our lips especially in the winter time and alot of us only really take notice when we put our lipstick on and realize it hasn’t been applied evenly because they have dried up like a prune! But after finding out that lips have no oil glands to keep them moisturized i think that it’s time that we all give our lips some extra tender loving care.

What causes lips to be dry, chapped or cracked? 

There are so many reasons why lips dry up, crack and become damaged. Some of these reasons are:

  • Dry wind during wintertime
  • Keeping lip make up on during sleep
  • Using lip balms containing alchol, menthol or retinol
  • Dehydration
  •  Lip licking or biting (your saliva really does dry them out, no matter how tempting it can be to run your tongue over them when they are dry)

My magical and highly recommended lip products

Now you probably clicked on this post to see what the two ‘magical’ products i recommend are, and i won’t keep you waiting any longer. The products are:

  1. LUSH Lip Scrub Bubblegum
  2. Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner

rsz_sam_3777.jpgI wanted to share these as i have honestly tried out so many different brands and products over many years and only this year discovered my favourite two! They have been around for a few years but there are only a certain amount of lip products a girl can try out and have each winter so i may be a little late discovering these but as long as they don’t get discontinued it’s all good, and i’m glad i found these now rather than never!

LUSH Lip Scrub (Bubblegum)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Lip scrubs i highly recommend for the first step of any lip care routine. After i started including this in my lip routine i noticed a difference straight away. You can make homemade ones which are beneficial but when your on the go or in a rush and need a quick exfoliation i really recommend the LUSH Lip scrub.  LUSH is a brand that i know is a cult favourite everyone seems to have at least one LUSH product in their skincare/beauty goodies, i think their brand is absolutely fabulous. Fresh handmade cosmetics, not testing on animals and also stepping up to what each product claims to do. They have so many different flavours to choose that would suit whatever you like, the prices do vary though on what one you get i believe this one was £5.50 (so a good budget price for the amount of product.) This Lip Scrub is Bubblegum and oh my goodness, I LOVE IT!! Of course i love it because its pink but it also has an incredible candy-like scent exactly like bubblegum. It is made from castor sugar and gives lips an important gentle exfoliation, doesn’t take long at all to use about 1 to 2 minutes. The castor sugar is also fine and not lumpy or big grains which is good for our sensitive lip skin.SAM_3780.JPGIt contains Organic Jojoba Oil which keeps lips feeling smooth and soft. The best bit is that it is also EDIBLE! I know there are different opinions on this, some say how gross it to eat your peeled off lip skin (they have a point) but i can’t resist the flavour of this bubblegum mmm. It makes all that lip scrubbing worthwhile and is a delicious treat after knowing your lips are super smooth 🙂

Estee Lauder Lip ConditionerSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have tried so many brands of lip balms, none of the lip balms i ever had really worked for dry and cracked winter lips and i was always left either reapplying lip balm every 30 minutes or left with still sore and dry lips. Then i came across this Lip Conditioner by Estee Lauder. Never again do i have to go finding a new balm for the winter every year in the hope that it works. This is such a soothing and hydrating product for your lips. It really gives them moisture back and smooths them until they are silky. This Lip Conditioner includes beneficial ingredients like Vitamins E and C, Shea Butter and other naturally derived moisturisers, with the added benefit of being SPF 15. This is a great product for applying for under lipstick or as a moisturising treatment throughout the day.                      My favourite part of this though was the packaging. No more dipping my fingers in jars and scooping it out, it is packaged exactly like a lipstick! In an absolutely stunning gold case. When i saw this the packaging really was the thing that stood out most for me and with all of these beneficial ingredients i couldn’t wait to give it a go. I highly recommend this to anybody having trouble finding a lip balm that actually helps to smooth and moisturize their lips. It is a little pricey for a lip balm at £17.50. But hopefully you can pick up in a sale if not it is really worth the money and i would save up every penny i had to repurchase this all year round. 


Effective lip care tips for winter


For anybody with not much money to spend there are a few tips that i have found helpful when protecting yourself from dry, cracked and chapped damaged lips. You can still have silky smooth, moisturized lips in the winter without spending any money on them (the products are just a good boost but not essential if you look after your lips on a daily basis.)

  1. Drink Lots of Fluids – Dehydration is a very big cause of dry lips in the winter. Staying hydrated keeps lips nourished and moisturised. 8 glasses of water a day is a good guideline which is the equivalent to 2 litres. 
  2. Take your Vitamin B – Lack of Vitamin B can cause painful and dry lips. If dry lips is a daily problem go to the doctor they will be able to check out your vitamin B level. They may suggest you add Vitamin B Supplements or eat more food rich in Vitamin B (Eggs, Red Meat, Fish.)
  3. Cover up when outside – Wrapping yourself up in a scarf with your lips covered will block out the harsh wind and if you don’t need to go outside everyday it is absolutely fine to stay in and avoid the dry and cold weather. 
  4. Avoid Smoking – Smoking can increase your lips chapping. Not only is it great to avoid smoking for obvious health reasons that many people will already know about, it is also prevents chapped lips. 
  5. Natural made lip balms or lip balms with actual beneficial Vitamins – Keeping a natural or vitamin packed lip balm with you at all times protects your lips from the sun and cold or dry wind. Always use SPF 15 or more. Apply lip balms anytime of the day when you feel your lips need a boost .I love to include in my night time routine too because it can really moisturise whilst i sleep.
  6. Try out a humidifier – Dry air can dry out your skin and lips so it is important to keep the air moist. In your home if you use a humidifier it can help keep moisture in the air.
  7.  Avoid spicy or citrus foods – These can irritate your lips because they include acids, so it’s best to avoid when you are prone to dry lips. 

I really do hope you have found this useful! I hope now you can go and give your lips some loving care and enjoy the rest of the winter weather, with no more hassle of dry, cracked or chapped lips 🙂 




26 thoughts on “Winter care for lips. Dry, Cracked or Chapped lips? My two step routine that works like magic!

      1. oh that’s not good, my preference is SPF in lip balms and luckily i have no problem. If you look at your lip balm ingredients i know that balms with Menthol in can seriously dry out your lips. Hope you can find one that works for you 🙂 XO

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  1. Such a handy post because I suffer from dry lips so baddd (ugh that sounds awful lol but totally true). I’ve tried multiple things and like you I find myself reapplying every 30 minutes or so. Knowing that these are longer lasting is so helpful!!! Thanks for the suggestions and all the tips too- totally necessary!!

    xo, JJ

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