Best Budget Hair Straighteners I have ever owned! TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straightener Review

Everyone who loves straightening their hair seems to want to get their hands on GHD straighteners…who wouldn’t? This brand (Good Hair Day – GHD) is the lead when it comes to selling hair straighteners with 50,000 salons selling them worldwide. But the unfortunate thing about GHD straighteners is that they come at a price…and a very high one for a girl on a budget. So for all of you who are wanting a cheaper version of hair straighteners but one that works professionally and leaves hair silky smooth, i have recently found the gem of lower budget hair straighteners and want to share with all of you 🙂



I have had tried out a few different hair straighteners on a lower budget from Remington to Babyliss to Nicky Clarke. None of these ever gave me a lasting silky smooth and straight hairstyle, all of these i had to touch up my hair throughout the day…i thought maybe it was just my hair that has a natural wave and doesn’t keep straight, i used the correct straightening hair products so it couldn’t be that. But then i thought it’s time for a brand heat tool change and recently found these they are the TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straighteners. Let me tell you it had everything in a straightener i never had before…and the best result from this was that i had actually did have a salon finish hairstyle that was straight ALL DAY! 🙂 I am not sponsored for this review, i just absolutely love this product and have many good things to say about this, maybe this could be the straightener you were looking for! 


First things first let’s talk about the price, that’s why you are all obviously here as i am talking about a lower budget hair straightener. Okay so it’s not the cheapest budget hair straightener on the market but it is an incredible price for the product you receive. Originally the price of this is £79.99 (not too much of a budget price) however, it is always in some sort of sale and on TONI&GUY’s website they have had 50% off this product for a while now. So the price i purchased these for was £39.99 (a better budget price i think.) Now your obviously reading this next bit because your still interested in this and the original price hasn’t put you off which is good, so i will give you some information and my thoughts on this.

This straightener is best suited for long hairstyles and thick hair types because they are XL wide plates. My preference of a hair straightener is wide plates because of my thick hair and using them it really does decrease my straightening time. I know these are called XL but the wide plates are the same sort of size as all my other wide plates i have owned so don’t think the plates will be huge if you are thinking about purchasing. 

As you can see the straightener has a gorgeous sleek, shiny design to it and looks very gadgety and professional with a digital screen. This digital screen allows you to raise or lower the temperature to your desired heat setting and shows you what temperature it is on or how much further it has to heat up.This hair straightener literally heats up in seconds, it is so fast and there is not a long wait. The max temperature is 235°C . This digital screen will be blue when reaching your desired set heat but then once it is heated up will change to white so you know when it is heated fully which i find so useful. Most straighteners have this but a small button instead that stops flashing and stays on red usually to tell you it’s finished heating up.

Easy to use 3 buttons, to adjust heat temperature and auto shut off timer.
Heating up…
Finished heating up to temperature set (max) and auto shut off timer adjusted.

The thing that i loved the most was that some straighteners don’t include an auto shut off but this one does 🙂 On the digital screen display after having heated up fully it starts a countdown time of 60 minutes which you can change to any time e.g. 45 mins or 20 mins etc…which means once this time is up it will automatically turn off. Which is great safety for if your someone who forgets things or is in a rush, as you won’t come home to a house on fire or a house burnt down.

The hair straightener itself is very lightweight compared to my Nicky Clarke one i last had, i couldn’t believe how less bulky this was when i received it. To be honest i hadn’t realized my other hair straighteners were that heavy either until i found this one. It features Ceramic Tourmaline Plates which protect your hair and it’s colour and has a unique Colour Lock Technology that enhances your hair shine, smoothness and lock in colour whilst styling too. The benefits of these plates is that they are floating plates by 42mm.  

Close up of 42mm floating plates.

For anyone who doesn’t know floating plates give hair freedom, it allows the two sides to adjust to the angle that it’s being used at and this means that they can get as close to each other as possible. The closer that the plates get the more you can clamp the hair correctly meaning the right amount of heat can straighten your hair. It also has a 3m twizzel Salon cord that makes it great for having freedom when styling, as there is no restriction on the angles you can use the hair straighteners. If you purchase these they also come with a five year guarantee! 

Here are all the features i just spoke about but in a quick read list:

  • Digital easy to read screen
  • Professional 235C max Hair Straightener for Flawless Salon Finish Hair
  • Tourmaline Colour Lock Technology
  • XL 42mm Ceramic Floating Plates
  • 235C Variable Digital temperature
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Worldwide Voltage
  • 3m Twizzel Salon cord
  • 5 Year Guarantee

In my opinion the TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straightener glides smoothly on the hair… it doesn’t get caught at all and professionally straightens it leaving your hair smooth and silky and sleek all day long. It really does last all day long when i straighten my hair and it hasn’t dissapointed me yet. If no problems occur with this after more uses then i would definitely buy this again when on a budget. Of course i can’t wait for the day that i can buy my first Ghd straighteners but i think this TONI&GUY one does the job perfectly without splashing out alot of cash.

That being said i do think that the quality of a cheap hair straightening option isn’t as good as a higher priced one because in my experience i regret buying ones for £20 – £30 beforehand rather than spending a little more on a better model (e.g. TONI&GUY – Originally £80 but £39.99 in sales) I think when deciding on what flat iron to buy you shouldn’t think you will get salon looking straight hair with a cheap option. Inexpensive ones are good but i think on a budget you need to still opt for the higher end budget ones to achieve the look you really desire. If your not on a budget i would say that expense for this isn’t a big deal really because in the long run you will use the heat tool for years so you would get your money’s worth. As long as it does the job well and achieves the look you want, with no frying or frizzing of your hair and lasts all day long i say go for it! 🙂 




4 thoughts on “Best Budget Hair Straighteners I have ever owned! TONI&GUY Professional XL Wide Plate Straightener Review

  1. I agree you need to spend a littttleee bit more to get the results you need. I’ve been on the prowl for a new straightener but I’ve been trying to save to get an actual decent one and of course look for sales, I’ll be on the look out for this brand though, from your review it seems like it’d be a good option!!

    xo, JJ

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