Got the January blues? 5 Simple Steps to feeling happy again!

Hello Lovelies,

It’s still January, has it felt like it’s dragged on for some of you? For me i can’t complain i love the winter months but it will be nice to welcome Spring again soon. I know though that alot of people suffer from the ‘January Blues’, this is when from the 2nd of January until February the 1st people find it an unpleasant time. Spring is still awhile off, the holiday/christmas season is over , the long wait for the next pay check to fill your empty spent out pockets, long nights and freezing weather and colds and flus spreading around. But i have 5 simple steps to help you to hopefully feel happy again and some good news for you if you do feel the January blues then you are on the last week of it…so keep your chin up 🙂 


Step 1 : Eat well and properly – pexels-photo-26799.jpgWe all should know by now that certain foods can cause you lack of energy, but did you know that foods can cause you to have low moods too. It’s always important to be eating well with all the good beneficial and nutritious foods throughout the year but it can be so tempting after a busy day and with the bad weather outside to just want a quick takeaway (not have to cook) and curl up on the sofa with the TV. I personally wouldn’t recommend all these diets people throw at us nowadays but i would say to eat meals that are balanced and all things in moderation (I like to make my meals with the thought of have a rainbow on your plate, so have a variety of colour in your foods and vegetables to get the most benefits.) You can always have the takeaway but jot that one in your calendar for a treat one day in the month. But some eating well ideas to boost your mood are; Oily Fish, Chicken or Turkey and Fruits and Vegetables. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in fruit and vegetables can lower the risk of depression. 

A tip for the morning: Don’t skip your breakfast! pexels-photo-107999.jpeg This is an important meal of the day it allows you to start your day off with fuel and energy. Missing this can leave you with low blood sugar levels which will affect your energy and mood so your start of day won’t be full of energy and happiness. As they say begin as you mean to carry on. 

Step 2: Sleep and Exercise coffee-cup-bed-bedroom.jpegSo i am going to cheat here and add two just because they are both as important as each other. Having a regular sleep pattern is perfect for boosting your mood, because you awaken each day refreshed and ready to start the day! seven to eight hours is the recommended amount however i have heard that different people can need different amounts, just try not to get too little sleep and try not to get too much sleep as both can cause health problems. I love a duvet day warm and cosy wrapped up and all snuggled down in bed. The temptation during the January months to have one can mean you find yourself having one every week! but this can make you feel so lazy and tired the whole day again causing low moods. So best to avoid…however if you find this your most relaxing type of day i say make time for a duvet day as it is great to recharge your batteries and have some ‘me’ time, just don’t overdo it and end up doing it every day that you have free!

pexels-photo (1).jpgExercise is also just as important as sleep especially if you want to lift those January blue feelings. This has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to produce happiness! 🙂 The great thing about exercise is that you can choose to exercise however you want to, running, dance, cycling, swimming, aerobics the list is never ending…you can find the activity that you enjoy the most. Whilst exercising it is a known fact that your body produces a chemical called endorphin. Endorphin triggers a positive feeling in the body and reduces your perception of pain. So not only will your body love you for keeping it fit and healthy, your mind will benefit heap loads too! 🙂 🙂 

Step 3: Treat yourself and plan something to look forward to in the year – 

Now i bet you read that as treat yourself with something you have planned to look forward to in the year but no i am telling you to treat yourself this month and also to plan a special something to look forward to in the year. You get two treats here! 🙂 It’s a great start to the year if you make a point to choose something that you love, whether that be a night out with your friends, a trip to the cinema, buying the good book you’ve been dying to read, having a massage or getting a manicure and pedicure. Treating yourself to something you love allows your body to have that ‘me time’ it really deserves. It’s so easy to not treat yourself when things are busy and your mood is low but for me i like to make it a once a month regular routine. It definitely helps to keep you positive and will bring a smile back on your face i promise you! 🙂 And after you have treated yourself, plan something that you can look forward to during the year, a performance at the theatre, a long weekend getaway or even a holiday. Give yourself something to get excited about in the year too. January is a great time to do this because it is a new year and you can plan with a clear head what you want to do.

Step 4: Spring Clean – You all probably think i am crazy for saying this but give your house an early spring clean. They do say ‘Less mess, Less stress’ A clear environment really does allow a clear mind and it will make you feel so much better and more positive when you can actually see space around your house or a good view that was once blocked by the stacked up pile of dirty laundry. After you spring clean you can even buy some new decoration to give your home a relaxing, cosy, fresh and homely feel. And why not try to incorporate some spring into your home…some pretty flowers placed in beautiful glass vases and add pops of colour here and there.  It’ll brighten up your days when you are waiting for spring to finally arrive 🙂 

Step 5: Learn something new and spend time with the people you love –

Again i have cheated here again with two steps. But learning something new shifts your January blues focus onto something else. A new goal or trying out a new hobby can be very rewarding as you find new things out about yourself (perhaps you had a hidden skill or talent for something.) You can always think about improving on something that you already love to do which can also give you a goal and achievement. Lastly, spending time with the people you love is so so important. Surround yourself with people who bring your best out of you! Surround yourself with people who truely love and care for you, so you can have social interactions with others and share great memories with someone. I recently read that reminiscing in your past can be a good thing (if your not dwelling on it) because sharing these special memories can help create a stronger bond with the person you are talking too. You don’t have to have a thousand friends or a hundred friends, even if you have just one or two close friends/family as long as they have a positive loving outlook on life that’s all you need 🙂 As they say ‘It’s better to have one friend of great value than many friends of little value.’

I really do hope i have been able to spread a little ray of sunshine with these steps into your life this month. Please do let me know if you have tried these out and what you thought 🙂 It’s lovely for me to know i can write a post that hopefully helps and benefits so many of you who read it 🙂 If anyone else has happiness steps/tips please do include in the comment section for others.



6 thoughts on “Got the January blues? 5 Simple Steps to feeling happy again!

  1. Great tips! I have been trying to eat healthier this month and getting the family involved too!
    I’ve been doing some spring cleaning each weekend too and a spring clean also on my social media too!

    I’ve planned lots for this year and really looking forward to it all too which is helping me get through this month. I’m not having a bad month but this month could definitely get a lot better!

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  2. Love this post Charlotte! I indeed also have the January blues. I am currently trying to enjoy the fact the days are getting lighter earlier each day. I’d definitely need to plan something to look forward to ahead. I didn’t do that the years before and it took a great toll on me and my relationships… Thx for sharing. xoxo Sarah

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    1. Awwh i am so so glad 🙂 I don’t suffer from the January Blues but i know people do and wanted to write a post to help people even if January Month they feel down in general 🙂 Lovely to hear from you Sarah and hope you get to plan something great! XO

      Liked by 1 person

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