Favourite makeup purchase this January: High Definition Eyeshadow Palette – Foxy

Hiya Lovelies, i hope you are all having a great start to this Sunday 🙂

This week i wanted to write a beauty post. If you follow my blog you will probably see a trend at the moment: one week a well being topic and the next week a beauty one. So this week it falls on Beauty! As we have come to the end of January i wanted to share with you my most favourite product that i purchased in January which is the eyeshadow palette by High Definition in 002 Foxy. I know that i personally love to read posts about eyeshadow palettes, I love to see the newest releases, bloggers favourite brands/palettes, gorgeous eyeshadow tones that match and compliment eachother, the list goes on and on. That is why i want to share this eyeshadow palette with you this week. 


I’m not the type of girl to experiment bravely with eyeshadows, i like to stick to my favourtie shade. Those are the golds, bronzes and browns. So obviously i knew what shades i was looking for in an eyeshadow palette. After many different searches and comparisons i settled on one that i thought was the loveliest of them all and looked stunning. The High Definition Eyeshadow Palette In Foxy (002.) I must say i splashed out on this palette and i would class this as a luxury makeup product as it cost me £29. The palette’s design itself is simple and sleek. Matte black packaging which is surprisingly super soft to touch and it came in a gorgeous shiny box that had a simple yet effective and pretty black and white stripe design inside of the box which really caught my eye. 


Okay, enough talk about the packaging let’s get onto the eyeshadow. This palette i have made as my new go to eyeshadow palette. It contains a range of colours that really suit anyone with dark blonde hair to medium brown. My hair is naturally red with brown lowlights to give it more of an auburn look, and it suits this very much aswell. High Definition also do other palettes in other colours if your not one for the golden and brown shades… These are; Vamp (Pink and Plum Shades) and Bombshell (Silver, Black and Grey Shades) And they also do an eye and brow set in the shade Foxy too (which has a different range of colours compared to just the eyeshadow Foxy palette. I like this idea though because you could have your brows and eyes sorted with just one palette…perfect!) 


This palette contains 5 eyeshadow shades as you can see which range from pale to a dark tone. The eyeshadow powders are a mix of matte and satin textures which allows different looks to be created which i find perfect, as gives more depth to an eye look!

Shade close ups

  • Bare (Matte) SAM_3927.JPG
  • Golden (Satin)SAM_3928.JPG
  • Honey (Matte)SAM_3929.JPG
  • Bronze (Satin)SAM_3930.JPG
  • Truffle (Satin) – A little darker than this picture…this was in daylight lighting. SAM_3931.JPG


Left to Right: Bare, Golden, Honey, Bronze, Truffle


If you love the golden, bronze and brown shades in an eye palette then i know that you will absolutely love this one! They are long-lasting and highly pigmented as you can see from the swatches. I find that the powders are all so easy to apply and go on very smooth and are easy to blend too. Definitely worth the money i paid. The matte shades i find great to use as a base colour and the shade Bare is perfect for highlighting the eye area naturally. The satin powders add some definition to the look and i love to use the darkest two in my eye crease to create the shadow/smokey look. With this palette you can definitely create either a subtle/natural look or a more glamorous one.

Another great thing about this product is that it actually comes with a useable eyeshadow brush! Most eyeshadow palettes include a brush or eye applicator which is not useful one bit to me as they are usually cheaply made. However this palette had a bonus, it included a super soft two ended eyeshadow brush. I personally like to use the fluffy end for my crease eyeshadow as i find it is better placed with a smaller one and then i like to blend out with my Real Techniques eye blender brush which is abit bigger.



The slanted, thin end i like to use as my highlighting eye applicator. Luckily it’s a perfect fit for the inside of my eyes 🙂


The lid of the palette also has a great mirror which is very clear and so handy when applying the eyeshadow. I love it alot because it isn’t heavy to hold up when doing my eye makeup compared to holding up my bigger mirror. So actually two bonuses added onto this palette which i love!

If you happen to be looking for an eyeshadow palette with this colour range i hope i have given you one that you may like to try. But if you are looking for a palette with other colours instead i would highly recommend you to check out their other shades available because it will definitely be worth your money!  If you already own this eyeshadow palette or any by this brand do let me know your thoughts on it too, i would love to know 🙂



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