Valentines is approaching…Love yourself!

Whether you love it or not Valentines Day is just around the corner…2 days time! In my opinion i love Valentines Day, seeing people celebrate love on this day makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling inside knowing that people are being especially thoughtful and i do love shopping with all of the lovely, romantic displays in the shops. However, i do see the other side of Valentines Day where people aren’t so keen on it… the displays people may find too much and in your face or maybe feeling left out or less worthy because they aren’t sharing Valentines Day with a special someone etc… I understand both reasons to love and not love Valentines Day. As much as i love it there is something i wish, i wish that everyday people could celebrate their love for each other not just on this one specific day each year! I say this because i do believe love makes the world go around, whether you have a partner to share love with or family and friends or even loving yourself. Love to me really is the most important thing for true happiness. That is why this post is all about loving yourself this Valentines Day 🙂

It’s so lovely to be able to have someone special to share Valentines Day with whether it be with a partner, family or friends. But i feel on this day people also forget to love themselves. Loving yourself sounds like a really simple and easy thing to do so why can it be one of the hardest things to do?

We live in a generation that is full of the media showing us that there are certain ways you should look, different surgeries or cosmetic products to help us achieve that stereotypical ‘hot’ look. I am not against any of this people have freedom and the right to express themselves and make their own decisions however they please. It is totally okay to enhance yourself however you please (i do with make up), But i feel it becomes a problem when you are so upset with yourself that you are constantly judging your own body. I am against these overly photo shopped images or those flawless before and after shots being nearly everywhere you look because even though people may not think it, it can cause alot of harm to people who see this as they start to feel super low about themselves and the dreaded ‘not good enough’ starts to appear, which breaks self esteem hugely. I am pretty sure we have all been there, scrolling through social media or through magazines and seeing ‘How to look as hot as ….’ or ‘How to get plumped up lips that you have always desired’and if you don’t have those traits that apparently is ‘good looking’ then it causes so many irrational thoughts about your own self and what to change about your own body. 

I have been there myself. Looking back at the times i have felt inadequate and had such low self esteem it upsets me that i could think those things of myself. When at the end of the day we are all human and it is what is inside that counts. Of course i still get insecurities about myself like any girl or woman or even guy for that matter but it’s the way you can change your thoughts to help your own mind. That’s why on this valentines day (the day all about love) i would love for you all of you to start LOVING YOURSELF! 🙂 

We will never be perfectionists (not even the celebrities or role models you may think are), we all have some insecurities about ourselves. You may not love your wonky teeth, droopy eyes, thin lips, your body shape, your bigger thighs or more sticking out ears. But the way that you can help and love yourself is to accept these traits of yours 🙂 and it is hard too at first (i know) but i promise you that the more you learn to love what you think is your imperfections, the more happier and more confident you will feel about them, truly feeling like “I don’t need to change my (imperfection) because it makes me who i am.” You will then be able to hold your head up high and love the body and face that you have because you’ve heard it many times before but it is so true…YOU ARE UNIQUE!

No cosmetic product or surgery can give you ‘perfection.’ They may promise it but at the end of the day there is no such thing as perfection. Take time this valentines day to show love to your own-self. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, smile back at your own reflection and give yourself a wink. Don’t pick out all the things you hate about your body, if you can think of some positives that you love say it to your reflection in the mirror (i’m sure the person staring back at you will smile and nod.)

And remember if there is ever a time where someone points out or suggests something that is abit offensive to your own image (because let’s face it everyone seems to like pointing unnecessary things out), flash them one of your biggest smiles and walk away still loving yourself your little miss imperfect body 🙂 

So whether you like it or not i’m going to say it…Happy Valentines Day!!! 🙂 I really hope that you can find love within your heart for yourself too 🙂 

P.s I wasn’t going to write down what i think are my own insecurities or you will all start noticing them yourself 😉 Have you ever heard, “ooo i didn’t notice that until you pointed it out” haha XO




5 thoughts on “Valentines is approaching…Love yourself!

  1. Loved your post, a very important message because it’s a topic that will resonate with many, if not all, at some point we have all struggled with perfectionism and it’s hard to overcome. It’s a wonderful call out to love yourself first and to love others for who they are not what they look like ☺️X

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