Stop Multi-Tasking, Start Solo-Tasking.

Hiya again Lovelies, as you all probably already know my blog has a wellbeing section too so i wanted this week to share something with you that i have recently been focusing on and trying out myself. Solo-tasking.

Please Note: This blog post will be a little different as i will be giving information on things i know with multi-tasking etc…so it may seem abit like a lecture, but i really don’t mean it to come across that way. I am not saying people should definitely do this (ofc do what feels the best for you) i am just writing my feelings on this topic that may hopefully be useful to others. So if you are interested just bare in mind this writing is more like an article! 


For so many years we have been told that multi-tasking is great, it allows you to get a number of tasks done at the same time, you can also keep busy and motivated (as so many of us can be bored feeling like we have nothing to do.) I like to call multi-tasking, switch-tasking though because usually our brains are not capable of focusing on more than one thing at a time. ..scanning email, whilst on a call, with the TV on. Maybe you would think that this is multi-tasking but it’s not really as your full focus would not be on all three things at the same time. But whatever you call it multi-tasking or switch-tasking i think for our own wellness we should start to take more notice to solo-tasking. 

What has inspired me to write about solo-tasking is our fast paced world. We live in a generation that is constantly on the go (you’ve probably heard that so many times but it is so true), your most likely either cooking dinner whilst on hold to a company on the phone, watching TV whilst scrolling through social media, ironing whilst writing down your to-do lists or in between texting, in your work lunch break relaxing whilst chatting to colleagues and looking through your emails lists at the same time…All of this and you struggle to sleep because your mind has been so actively on the go that you are buzzed up until 1am. I bet we have all been there multi-tasking and feeling like nothing actually has even really got done properly, only to do the same thing the next day again and again. And what makes multi-tasking worse is now that there is so much technology about we rarely do just do one thing at a time. It’s been found out that we can check our phones out up to 110 times a day!!

With all of this multi-tasking happening our brains get overloaded, although people think that doing more than one thing at a time gets the job done quicker and saves less time, it actually doesn’t. Why?… because it lowers your energy, your patience and your concentration levels. You end up using up all of your brainpower when you keep switching from tasks, conversations and screens. Meaning that multi-tasking/switch-tasking isn’t as efficient as we think. As a result we become stressed out more and some studies have shown that it shrinks IQ too more than losing a night’s sleep or smoking marijuana! And of course it’s bad for our health as it releases stress hormones and adrenaline which can cause long-term health problems. So i think that it is time that we do something about multi-tasking and switch to solo-tasking. We shouldn’t be overloading our brains like we are doing at the moment in this fast paced world.

I bet reading all of this that i am writing the whole time you were thinking but Charlotte life isn’t getting any easier, we do live busy lives and technology won’t be going away, so how do we start solo-tasking? Well this month i have really been focusing on doing this to better my health and support my mind more. I think as we are in a habit of multi-tasking it will take some time and some true focus as i have found myself checking my emails whilst making a cup of tea or watching TV and going “oops, remember just one thing at a time,” but i am starting to make progress. It is also hard to start doing this as i researched that “Our natural instinct is to resist this level of focus as in today’s world there is so much pressure to feel-and look- busy” (which i think is so true.) The ways i try to solo-task is when i am on the laptop i try so hard to just have one tab open at a time, so i am not flitting back and forth from different sites. I also make sure when i am having a conversation with someone i look at their face and not at a phone (this one i have always usually done so didn’t need to change it that much but it’s worth remembering if you do do that) and i also find myself when i am generally busy and have alot to do saying “Just let me finish up on this and then i’ll have the conversation with you.” I think that it is so much politer and better to say that to someone than to attempt both things at once whilst not giving full attention and concentration to either things, which ends up with you doing neither. 

How Solo-Tasking has helped me

After this month of trying out solo-tasking i have found that my concentration levels have improved because for each task i do i am giving full attention to it and being mindful of the little things it involves, e.g. Making a cup of tea, seeing the water change colour, hearing the sounds of the kettle and the noises of pouring it, feeling and appreciating the warmth and flavours in my mouth etc…Solo-tasking has allowed me aswell to do tasks properly whilst feeling less anxious and less on the go, it has helped me to feel calmer and more in the moment, more efficient and less like the world is just whizzing by me. I also find doing a priority list helps me with solo-tasking by writing down the most important tasks i need to do by the end of the day and making sure that i don’t do anything else unless these have been done. Lastly, giving myself some ‘brain downtime’ or a ‘relaxation period’ has helped me to stay productive as i have given myself chance to step away mentally for abit and being able to have some ‘me time’. I understand alot of people think that having ‘me time’ is selfish but i am a big believer that having ‘me’ time is what gets you through the days and keeps your wellbeing in positive health (luckily thought as it’s being spoken about more, more people are open to accepting ‘me time’ and realize the benefits of it.)

So lovelies my advice to you would be to try out solo-tasking if you like the sound of it and see if you can benefit from it too. In a world where most people are constantly juggling things and feeling stressed out alot be the one who takes a step back and becomes more focused doing each thing one by one. 




6 thoughts on “Stop Multi-Tasking, Start Solo-Tasking.

  1. I can relate to this as I always seem to be doing different things at the same time and my head is never really ‘in the present’ or able to focus on just one thing. I think this is a great article, and not like a lecture at all! x

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