Say Goodbye to your Sunday Night mood and Beat those Sunday Blues

When you have a job or are student you may feel like Sunday night is your last hours of freedom before yet another start of a long week. After a great weekend/days off why is it that when Sunday night hits the evening can make your heart sink? Every minute of your weekend/days off count so how can we feel happier about it? For so many people Sunday Night is the lowest point of the week, the instant knowing that the fun of the weekend is over. I have felt like this many times in the past (especially when i used to be in school) until i read an article a while back about the Sunday Night Blues. To be honest before i read it i didn’t even think i could really change the feeling as i just thought it was me being silly before i actually started to be aware of how i was feeling.

I wanted to write this post because i know that so many people are affected or have been affected by this before, i often hear people saying “ugh i don’t want to go back to work tomorrow” or “i can’t stop thinking about having to go back to work…I can’t relax properly now and want more days off.” I know that i used to feel like it in the past because i felt the week was so structured with not much flexibility, so when Friday came i was ready to go and do what i wanted. But then the weekend ends and the end of the weekend approached and i started to feel restricted again. I know i felt like this because the last precious hours of doing what i wanted was coming to a close. I expect many people have felt the same at some point. Luckily i love my job so it isn’t a Sunday Blues feeling like it used to be when i was at school. But if you feel stuck in your job or have a lack of freedom during the week i can imagine when Sunday afternoon/night arrives you are left feeling how i just described. Luckily though this mindset can be changed with these 6 tips that have helped me before! pexels-photo-307786

  • Monday Blues – There is that stereotypical feeling of dreading Monday. Try hard to not see Monday as a bad day, if you expect doom and gloom that is really what you’ll most likely get. When you change your perception you can set yourself up for a healthy, productive and even fun week ahead. 
  • Do your boring stuff on another day – We all have to do various things in readiness for Monday and obviously house chores but why save the boring stuff for your Sunday afternoon or evening? I find that when i plan ahead and get ready for Monday on a Friday evening it means that i can save Sunday as an enjoyment day. You could even do them on a Saturday too but i like to know i have the whole weekend clear for a relax and good couple of days! And i find that doing the house chores during the week allows me to have a free space all weekend, but if you wouldn’t like to do that then why not do them on a Saturday? We usually save the fun stuff for a Saturday but why not switch it around and do the fun stuff on a Sunday instead so you have more to look forward too. 
  • Start a Sunday tradition – I love the traditional Sunday Roasts at Lunchtime with family but sadly as a pastime tradition they have sort of died out. But why not create your own tradition on a Sunday to give you something to look forward to at the end of your week. Maybe make it a tradition that you go for a walk in the woods or your local park, cooking a dinner as a couple together, reading for a long time out in the garden etc… just do something that you enjoy and do that every Sunday. 
  • Eat well – You’ve heard it so many times before i bet about how important eating the right beneficial foods are and how to always be having a balanced diet. But this is so true. On a Friday night and Saturday night it is always tempting to have a takeaway or alcohol if you drink, and it’s so easy to be snacking over the weekend and eating badly, but when Monday morning arrives it’ll make you feel sluggish. I totally understand you should treat yourself on the weekend and let off steam but after doing that i think on Sunday be more prepared. Cook a good hearty meal that will leave you waking up on Monday refreshed and with energy. Don’t snack on things that evening that will give you a sugar crash the following morning. Also if you make enough food you then have another meal for the mid-week slump feeling when your healthy eating may start weakening.
  • Plan your weekend – So many people don’t plan their weekend so they say that the time flies and they feel as though it’s just gone again and they haven’t had time to do anything that they love. If your one of those people a feeling of wasted opportunity is sometimes why you can feel Sunday night blues so why not make a small list of a few things or even just one or two things that you will do for the following weekend. Like eating out at a new restaurant or visiting a friend etc… Luckily this comes easy to me as i am a very organised person and i’m all about planning things in advance, i find that when i do that it allows me to reflect on my priorities and own needs. So i can achieve the main few things i wanted to do before the end of the week. 
  • Lastly try out some meditation, gentle exercise, yoga or relaxation breathing. When you do anything like this that relaxes you and de-stresses you it already puts you in a good calming mindset to start the next week off. If none of that is your cup of tea then just find a relaxing activity that you love for your last part of Sunday. 

I really do hope that these tips are useful to you if you feel the Sunday night Blues. I love to share what i find helpful so hopefully it can impact on another person’s life too and if anyone else has their own tips for this that help them then please feel free to share below 🙂 




17 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to your Sunday Night mood and Beat those Sunday Blues

  1. This is such a useful post, I get the feeling of Sunday Night blues a lot. I like the idea of creating a Sunday tradition – I might try going for a walk in the park! I totally agree with you that planning out your weekend is a great way to make the most of your free time – I found that looking at my day holistically using something like Wait but Why’s 100 blocks a day ( helps me to focus on what is really important in my life! Great post 🙂

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  2. A great post that a lot of us can relate to, and some really useful advice too. I think I need to work on planning my weekends a little to make sure I actually do some enjoyable activities, rather than playing catch up on the boring things and feeling as though I’ve missed out by the time Monday rolls around. x

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  3. The intro to this blog just said it all….Sunday blues are a real thing! I love the idea of having a Sunday tradition- my boyfriend and I actually kind of sort of do that….we usually decide on a nice crock pot recipe to make so that we can have a nice lunch/dinner together before we end the weekend. And if we have nothing specifically planned- we just use Sunday as our lazy relaxing movie watching day to get us ready for this week, which actually really helps us not be so tired for Monday!

    xo, JJ

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