Hello Spring 2017! Ground yourself with Barefoot walking?

Morning all 🙂 I hope your Sunday has started off well! Grab your morning tea/coffee and i hope you enjoy this post 🙂

It officially hit the first day of Spring last Monday (20th)! I love Spring, the weather isn’t too hot and not too cold, the days are getting much lighter and longer, lots of fluffy adorable animals have come out of hibernation and it’s just a lovely feel welcoming a new season and new weather after the very cold winter months! To celebrate this new season i thought i would connect with nature and put up a wellbeing post that probably isn’t talked about very often…Barefoot Walking. rsz_girl-summer-dress-prettyP.s I thought i was being very creative with the header picture this time haha. The meaning behind it? Leaving Winter behind (packing it away in the suitcase) and welcoming spring with some barefoot walking (my topic for today!) 😉


You may think that barefoot walking outside is a random thing to do let alone write about it. But as i have a passion for wellbeing and all things nuturing for your body, this is a topic that i think should be more known about and tried out. The reason i wanted to share this is because we live such  busy, fast paced lifestyles and i think alot of us loose focus on our natural environment and can easily disconnect with it. As we welcome Spring in 2017 i think we should really try to ground ourselves with nature more and be more aware of all the gorgeous environment around us, outside of our busy lifes. And one way we can do this is something called Earthing or Barefoot Walking. 

There has been research to show that when you kick off your shoes for a walk in the fields, or the park it allows us to reconnect with nature and let go of our everyday stress. It’s basically like a natural was to press the ‘reset’ button on ourselves. There has been evidence that when we touch the ground with the soles of our feet we actually absorb the earth’s electrons because we are exposing specialized pores. These electrons from the earth apparently help balance the autonomic nervous system (that is where our stress-response is controlled.) It is also a known fact that we spend more time nowadays in our ‘fight or flight’ mode more than we ever used to be, and there are so many negative effects on our health due to this. Barefoot walking can help bring your body back into harmony, and regulate our natural day-night cortisol rhythm meaning you will sleep better and feel better too!

All of this sounds incredible and it really looks like there are benefits from walking with nature barefoot…however even if there were no proven benefits of barefoot walking i would still recommend you try it out. The feel of nature underneath your toes is magical, have you ever sat in a field having a picnic and taken off your shoes and socks feeling the texture of the warm grass beneath you, it felt calming and relaxing right? We often miss out on nature and the outdoors so when you make time to do so why not feel connected with the environment too. 

This post was a little different to one that you’ve probably ever read before however i so really hope this post has given you something to think about or has left you wanting to maybe try it out and see if it can impact or benefit your life positively. I hope that you all have a lovely spring and go outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful nature around you!

Here is some small inspiration to get you in the mood for spring if you aren’t already feeling it! XO 

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20 thoughts on “Hello Spring 2017! Ground yourself with Barefoot walking?

  1. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    That is such a pretty shot of you skipping down barefoot. I remember seeing a man barefoot in a London airport (even though it was quite cold at the point) early one morning and my eyes had goggled. Would you walk barefoot in an airport though or anywhere not quite grassy?


  2. samba2017 says:

    Thanks for this lovely Spring post Charlotte. I am also a Spring girl and love nature. I walk and run nearly every day. Your barefoot idea has inspired me and I will try this out some time this week! Sam 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. earthtoloz says:

    Love this! I completely agree and absolutely hate wearing shoes, I try not to as much as possible, even outside! I have in public before and abroad in particular, but it isn’t very welcomed in the UK on a daily basis unfortunately! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ema Brewer says:

    Do you know, I’m glad I read this! I always wondered why it feels so nice when you run around with no shoes on, it’s probably one of my fave feelings, and you just explained why 😂 also, this dress is lush and I love the photography 👍😘

    Liked by 1 person

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