Down to Earth

Please take some time to read this wonderfully inspiring poem by Sam, it definitely links into what i was speaking about on Sunday’s post! XO

Peacock Poetry

Barefoot Walking – Charlotte’s post

African gospel songs are so earthy and spiritual and as I sit listening to one of the new songs to be learned for our next concert in June, I am reminded of how important our roots and our connection to the earth is. I wrote this poem a few months ago about a lady who is very connected to the ground beneath her! On reading Charlotte’s beautiful blog entry about walking barefoot (link above picture), I was inspired to include this poem in today’s post.

Juanita’s feet are on the ground

She dances to a tribal sound

She feels the roots beneath her feet

And Mother Earth makes her heart beat

Juanita’s hair is long and wild

She has a Zulu inner child

She’s orange flame and earthy red

She lives her heart, ignores her head

The limitations of the mind

Are useless to the…

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