Favourite MakeUp Purchase This March: Too Faced ‘Chocolate’ Soleil Matte Bronzer

Hello Lovelies 🙂 Today’s post is a review! I thought i would do another favourite makeup purchase of the month beauty post. You all seemed to enjoy the one i did in January and i had brought a product i really wanted to review this month so decided on that. As you can tell from the title the product i am reviewing is the Too Faced ‘Chocolate’ Soleil Bronzer. Hope you enjoy!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI am a total bronzer girl, i can’t go anywhere without it due to my love of fake tan i find it really compliments my skin and gives the face a warmed up glow. I have owned many bronzers before but i have been dissapointed with the shades of them, let’s just say my old bronzers leaned towards the orangey side mostly. I had recently been researching into some really well worth the money bronzers, splashing out on a little more than i used to so i could find the perfect one for me. I came across this bronzer by Too Faced, you probably have heard of this bronzer before as i do know that it has been out for a while now so i am behind the times on this gem. I was very excited straight away to try this out though as i absolutely adore the Too Faced brand, from their great quality and also unique products to their super adorable packaging. I also have owned a couple of Too Faced cosmetic products before and fell in love with them instantly so i knew this brand was a good one. This bronzer seems to be a beauty favourite among alot of Makeup Artists, Bloggers and YouTubers so i thought i would give it a go myself…and i wasn’t dissapointed!

The Too Faced soleil bronzers come in a variety of 3 shades and are £25 for 10g of product. 

  1. ‘Milk Chocolate’ (Light/Medium Skintones)
  2. ‘Chocolate’ (Medium/Deep Skintones)
  3. ‘Dark Chocolate’ (Deep/Tan Skintones)

Packaging and Scent –  


I purchased the ‘Chocolate’ shade which would work best for medium skintones. It seems a perfect match for my fake tan shade also. The packaging for these bronzers are gorgeous. Big and gold they remind me of big chocolate coins i’m not sure if that was the look they were going for but that’s what i thought it looked like 🙂 As soon as i opened it up i got a big surprise, i got the biggest whiff of subtle chocolate, the bronzer itself smells so delicious and incredible! The reason being it is has actual cocoa powder in it’s ingredients…so wow! Not only does it contain that it also is an antioxidant- rich formula and for all of you who read my posts you probably would of guessed by now i love any products rich in antioxidants. A nice little touch to the packaging was also the compact mirror, always very useful when applying as you can take it anywhere and have a mirror with the product you need topping up on, love it. 

The Product Itself –  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI was incredibly pleased with the bronzer shade. Too many in the past that i have tried have been so orange toned or not natural looking with shimmer included. This one however is a matte bronzer which i loved!! The shade is a tan brown which has no orange undertones to it, just a lovely brown bronzer shade that all bronzers should be. The consistency of the product is ridiculously smooth and i would say has a normal pigmentation, i wouldn’t say it was highly pigmented as i did a couple of swipes to get the true colour i desired but that is what i have always done with all my other bronzers too so it is pigmented and a workable bronzer, you can easily apply more without it looking overly done or too heavy.  

Swatch XO


The product also claims to neutralize redness of the skin and even out all skin tones (I can’t say if it did for me or not as my foundation i use already covers any of that up.) After application it looked like a bronzed goddess, lovely matte sun kissed, warm tan glow and so far has been the best bronzer that i have tried. Lastly, what i also love about their soleil bronzer range is that they can be used for another use…contouring. The best would probably be the deeper shade in the collection if i was going to use it for that.  I would say their ‘Dark Chocolate’ would be best for sculpted contouring as it would be abit more dramatic. 

Overall, i highly recommend this product if you are in search of a perfect matte bronzer shade (because you love to highlight and don’t want to be overly shimmery with shimmer bronzer too) or just wanting to try out a new bronzer. Not only do i like the shade variety, i like that they have made these bronzers long lasting, so although the price may not be your typical bronzer price the product looks like it will last a long time as you don’t need to cover your brush in product for application (a little goes a long way). Luckily you won’t be splashing out on this product every month. It is also Cruelty Free! And if all of that doesn’t make you want to try it out then the added bonus of chocolate scent most definitely will! (Indulging in this item is zero- calories… so bronze away girlies! 🙂 )













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