Kat Von D ‘Shade + Light’ Contour Face Palette & Kat Von D Contour ‘Shade + Light’ Face Brush Review


Ooo a super exciting post today! For all your girlies out there with a love of contouring i can guarantee you will love this post! I have saved up my pennies to purchase these two cult beauty products and before i say anything else, THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This month i made an upgrade to a better contour palette that has been on my wish list for a while now, the Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour Palette. And i thought whilst i’m having a slight makeup splurge, why not treat myself abit more and buy the Kat Von D Shade and Light Face Brush, so that’s exactly what i did and i am now here to review my thoughts on the products after using them for a couple of weeks. 


KAT VON D ‘Shade + Light’ Face Contour Palette

I often find it hard to find a good contour kit, i am not a skilled makeup artist with naturally amazing contour skills so i can’t just make any old palette work wonders on my skin. After alot of research i settled for a contour palette that alot of people speak about! It is a cult beauty favourite by the looks of it and after watching many comparison contour palette videos i finally chose to try this contour palette out by Kat Von D. It is a little pricey to what i was used too, as i used to use more budget contour kits, but they never really worked for me and ended up making my face look either blotchy or dirty so i thought it was time to invest in a good quality contour kit. (I find that i like to splash out abit more on makeup as i do think usually you get what you pay for – unless it’s a really rare budget treasure that i think is underpriced for the amazing quality!) 

This contour kit by Kat Von D was definitely worth the money. It retails at £37 and i purchased this from Debenhams.


First things first, i love the professional sleek black packaging. I love that it’s different and not in a plastic container but made of a very sturdy cardboard which is light and of course i love that it comes with an attached decent sized mirror very handy for anywhere you take this palette. It also comes with a little card that is full of information on where to contour and how to contour which is so useful to include if like me you are not a contouring pro…yet! haha, they do say that practice makes perfect.  


The Shades


This palette comes with 6 different shades. 3 Highlight powders and 3 Contour Powders. The best thing is that they are all in Matte! I think that it’s a wonderful idea to do matte instead of a mix with shimmers because contouring is all about sculpting the face and although i am no pro at it i know that you shouldn’t use contour products with shimmer in as the whole point of contouring is shadow. The reason i like that the highlight powders are matte too is because if i want my highlight to be illuminated with more shimmer to make my highlighter pop then i can always add another product that has a high shimmer pigment to draw more attention to that area. So the highlight in this would be build-able to add shimmers highlights too. The only down side to the palette layout is that you get less product of the highlight, it would of been nicer to include the same sizes so you don’t run out more of one. Although not too much of a problem as all the shades  are so pigmented that you don’t need alot of product and only really need a small amount one swipe of the brush gets a decent amount of product. 

The Shades included in this palette are; (more swatches below)


  1. Lucid (A beige tone powder)
  2. Lyric (Yellow bananna powder)
  3. Levitation ( A slightly orange toned powder – when swatched much less intense than in the palette)
Left to Right; Lucid, Lyric, Levitation


  1. Sombre (Grey toned powder)
  2. Shadowplay (Deeper shade than Sombre but much warmer)
  3. Subconscious (Deepest shade in the palette but with a grey undertone still, no orange or red undertone which alot of palettes have.)
Left to Right; Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious


The contour and highlight pairs are arranged by undertone, that includes neutral, warm and cool shades. All of the contour and highlight shades would suit all different skin tone types as the shades are all different. Sometimes in contour palettes they have similar shades and not much variety so that’s where this one is great with a choice for all. The darkest shade Subconscious also doesn’t have red undertones but has a grey undertone also, i love this because in other palettes i have owned the darkest shade always has a red undertone and i have been looking for one with a grey one for a while. It is obvious that Kat Von D really thought thoroughly about all the colours in the palette. The textures of the powders are super smooth and soft and i cannot say enough how easy to blend these are. It is great that you can mix the powders to fit your skin tone also, when i tested this product out i actually used Subconscious for a more sculpted look and as they are so easy to blend it wasn’t harshly noticeable and still surprisingly very natural for my skin tone. On a less glam day i will usually opt for Shadowplay and abit of Sombre. You can also use as bronzers too which is always useful as then you don’t need to go out to purchase a different bronzer if you like an all in one product.

In Order; Lucid, Lyric, Levitation, Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious X
Bottom to top swatches are in order of the shades on the packaging X

Overall, i think this product is definitely worth the money and will be the contour palette that i stick too! The powders are such a lovely soft consistency, bendable and highly pigmented. The shades really do complement all skin tones and face shapes and i especially love that each contour colour has a grey undertone (which creates the best shadow effect) Kat Von D really has taken the time to think about everyone when creating these lovely shades. It does not take long at all to sculpt your face to how you desire as such a little amount of product goes a long way! The included guide and illustrations are brilliant for handy tips on where to place the product and the packaging is sturdy.  

CONS – If i had to think hard about a con i would have to say like mentioned before the highlight shades are smaller than the contour ones and also you can’t buy individual shades like some other kits, so once you have finished one shade you used the most then you can’t just pop in a new pan you would have to buy the whole kit again. Apart from that it is worth every penny, long lasting on the skin and such a high quality!

It definitely does what it claims to do which is, add shadow and depth to your face and accentuate your best angles with brighter highlight. There is nothing i would really change about this palette, the cons are just something to note before buying. What i have learnt is when it comes to contouring you definitely get what you pay for! I loved writing this review and sharing my views on this brilliant product, i can easily say this is my favourite make up item that i own.

KAT VON D ‘Shade + Light’ Face Brush 

Next onto the Kat Von D Shade & Light brush. I must apologise in advance for the brush looking abit dirty but i guess it proves that i have actually used it hehe 🙂 I wanted to pick this one up with the kit because even though i do own the Real technique contour brush set i didn’t find that they were right for me. I didn’t particularly like how dense the contour brush was it seemed to take alot of my foundation off even when it was set and when used lightly.  So i wanted to try a different one as i have heard that people have a preference with which contour brush they like to use and most have a chosen favourite that they can only contour well with. I am so glad i picked this one up as again another product i absolutely love from Kat Von D.


It comes in a plastic coffin case, which is a little annoying as it’s pretty tough to get open not sure if i was a little stupid and the only one but i was left for a little while trying to figure out how to get it open without breaking. When i finally managed it i saw a gorgeous brush. The brush is double-ended and i love how each end says which side it is for; Shade (Contour) and Light (Highlight.)SAM_4168.JPGIt really makes it very useful and was the perfect added touch. The bristles of the brush are super soft and plush and are synthetic. The domed side it is perfect for highlighting, it reaches all the right corners or the eye and is also tapered. SAM_4170.JPG

The slanted side is not dense and is as soft as the highlighting side which i find works best for when i contour. It works wonders for creating the perfect graduation for contour whilst blending nearly instantly. SAM_4174.JPGI love everything about this brush the only down side is the price, it is the most expensive individual brush i have ever brought retailing at £30!! nearly the contour palette price. But when contouring with the ‘shade + light’ palette, it feels like the perfect matching tool to use for it…and it does make me feel more of a makeup artist when it’s my time for sculpting as i know i have the set. Haha silly but so satisfying, so for me it is definitely worth the money. However, if you are happy with your contour brushes i wouldn’t say it was a definite needed buy with the palette, just a lovely added extra but also totally worth trying if you are looking for a change of brush. Overall, a professional and high quality make up brush. 

And there you have it my reviews on the Kat Von D contour palette ‘Shade & Light’ and the Kat Von D Face Brush ‘Shade & Light.’ It really was as exciting as i thought it was going to be to write about!! I would love to know if any of you have tried either of these products out and your thoughts on them…or do feel free to share any other contour palettes or brushes you have been loving!   






















8 thoughts on “Kat Von D ‘Shade + Light’ Contour Face Palette & Kat Von D Contour ‘Shade + Light’ Face Brush Review

  1. LOVED your review, I’ve been thinking about this palette, it seems to suit light and dark skin tones, I’m quite olive: medium tones and grey shades make me look dirty but I feel this may not, as dark skinned girls use it too. Like you im not happy with my RT sculpting brush, it’s too thick and dense and makes my makeup blotchy, I would definately by both the brush and palette bc they are made for each other .. Thankyou for an enjoyable read ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it really does, i think its wonderful for all skin tones like you said! They make me look dirty too but it’s great you can warm up it up with the middle contour shade 🙂 Awwh at least i’m not the only one with the RT brush problem this Kat Von D Brush has honestly helped hugely with my contouring and now it actually looks decent haha! XO Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment hun and for taking your time to read and stop by!


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