Hello Lovelies, April Glossybox arrived so it’s that time again to do another Glossybox review. This box is targeted mainly for busy women who want their beauty on point but quick fixes to achieve this. Please note i have mixed opnions on this box and this has been my least favourite month so far so don’t expect many WOW reviews this time! 


Inside the box : 3 Beauty, 1 Hair product, 1 Skincare


ModelCo Contour Stick – This product was our sneak peek from March’s box. I must admit i wasn’t over the moon about this as i would rather use a contour palette to contour rather than just a crayon. This wasn’t full size but full size costs £17. It claims to glide well over foundation to define cheekbones just like any other contour product would say. For me there is not alot i like about this product, i’m not sure if the colour would suit all skintones so can imagine some Glossies are also dissapointed with this. I must admit it does have a lovely smooth texture when i swatched the product but it is too much of an orange shade for me to like it and want to use it (see swatch pic below.) It does add that it would look great as an eyeshadow product however i wouldn’t use for that either because it seems it would be sticky texture for an eyelid. For a lip colour possibly but this is a contour product and if i don’t like it for contouring then it is a miss for me sadly. 


SPORTFX Shape Up Brow Pencil – I  have never heard of SPORTFX so was excited to receive this at first as i love to discover new brands. If you didn’t know SPORTFX are a brand that create multi-use products for active women. We received a full size brow pencil for £7.99. I loved the idea of this product as it is double-ended with a retractable eyebrow pencil with a slanted shape, so perfect to create an eyebrow arch and on the other end is an eyebrow brush to keep them nice and tidy. However, i was dissapointed again because the shade was black. I have natural red hair with brown lowlights to give it an Auburn affect so black would be too dark for my eyebrows. I looked up they do this product in other shades; Auburn, Brunette and Blonde. So i am unsure why Glossybox didn’t give us a choice and just put in the box Black. I tried to swatch this product but it was really badly pigmented and nothing really showed up which was abit strange. I personally wouldn’t like this as an eyebrow pencil. But on a good note it is paraben free and has a water resistant formula perfect for sweat after the gym.


Eyebrow Pencil end XO
Brush end XO

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL – We also received a mascara from Rodial too which was 6ml (nearly half the full size amount) not full size but the full size 13ml retails at £24. I have received an eyeliner from Rodial in a previous Glossybox and the results i weren’t too happy with but this mascara seems pretty good. It is a lovely jet black pigment and has a long-wear formula. The mascara wand i was happy with it is soft with nice full bristles, i hate thin bristle mascara wands so this was perfect for my preference. Application was easy and the mascara went on wonderfully. The results were lengthened lashes with lovely volume (thanks to the soluable collagen in it) and a gorgeous black look. I also love that it contains beeswax for lash conditioning. Not my all time favourite mascara but still a good one! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner – This product was rather interesting for me it is one i have never heard about before! It is a Co-wash. If you don’t know what a Co- wash is (like i didn’t) Co-washes combine the cleansing action of shampoo with hydration of conditioner. It is basically a quick to use one step hairwash product. This one is 100ml but the full size is 300ml which retails at £14.50. The first thing i did (with all new haircare products) was check the ingrediants. My scalp gets dry from hair products with Sulphates in them so this is important for me to check before i use a hair product. Luckily this is free from Sulphates, Parabens, Salts and Artificial Colours. So a product that definitely won’t dry out hair also which i loved and was a huge bonus for me!! So onto the product it smells absolutely divine, i can’t really describe the smell all i can say is extremely fresh, clean with a salon scent :). The product is soft like a normal shampoo/conditioner texture but apparently doesn’t lather up as much (which i am used to as my Sulphate free shampoos never do, so that’s okay for me.) I have not it tried out yet so i can’t say how well it worked but to use you apply a generous 50p size amount, massage in for 1-2 minutes and then rinse out. It’s as easy as that. Really happy about this item to try out. SAM_4186.JPG


Merci Handy Love & Hand Cleansing Gel – I am not too sure if you could call this a skincare product more like a hygiene one but anyway this is an anti-bacterial gel. We received full size 30ml for £2.90. I feel that this is just an added extra that Glossybox put in. I wasn’t too impressed but everyone can do with a hand sanitizer so didn’t really bother me as is helpful. This brand Merci Handy i have never heard of before but they are a French brand. I love the packaging of this anti-bacterial gel. These hand gels come in other scents too but i received lollipop which to me smells clean but not really like a lollipop. I loved that this didn’t have an alcoholic or cucumber smell as alot of hand gels on the market do which i don’t like at all. I love this product as a whole, it is a pocket sized bottle of hand sanitizer that leaves hands soft. Unlike other hand sanitizers this one contains tiny pearls which burst when applied to your hand to nourish them also. The emollient beads contain Vitamin E which hydrates skin so not only are you doing this but also it fights bacteria at the same time! This is my favourite hand sanitizer that i have ever tried and i am glad to of discovered it thanks to Glossybox however maybe Glossybox should of added this as an extra 6th product as this is quite cheap and i would imagine most people would just go out an buy their own hand gel rather than expect to receive it in a beauty box. SAM_4205.JPG

My thoughts overall about this month’s Glossybox was very mixed. I usually am super impressed with Glossybox however this month it just didn’t live up to what i expected sadly, so i couldn’t do many WOW reviews. I did love the idea of the Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner, I liked the Rodial Mascara and loved the Merci Handy Cleansing Gel (but didn’t see why a hand sanitizer would be included in a beauty box) but the products i didn’t like really dissapointed me this month sadly. We only received 2 full size products and those two altogether came to a total of only £10.89, which we usually have a higher priced full size product total. On a brighter Spring note the sneak peek of May’s box excites me alot! So hopefully May can make up for not loving this month as much. Please leave a comment if you received this month’s Glossybox and what your opinion on it was, very interested to hear 🙂 Also feel free to leave your links if you have done an April Glossybox review!



5 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – APRIL 2017!

  1. Shame about the eyebrow pencil, and quite odd for a black shade not to show up, but on the plus side the hand gel sounds fab! Will check this brand out as I always have a mini sanitizer gel in my handbag. x

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