21 and what Life Has Taught Me So Far (5 Things)

Today i thought i would share some things that at 21 what life has taught me so far. I absolutely love reading blogs, interviews etc.. on people looking back at their life and sharing things like; if i could tell my younger self what i know now pr what i wish i knew when i was younger etc… I find those type of reads very interesting, wise and inspirational. They definitely give you reason to stop and ponder aka ‘food for thought.’  This is quite a personal post for me, I know i am still young at 21 and have alot more experiences to go through and more lessons to learn but, i thought hopefully this may be helpful to some of you if i did my own what life has taught me so far. Maybe you can relate to these things or maybe you just find this an interesting read whatever you get from this post i hope i have helped you in some way 🙂 


  • Self-confidence takes alot of work – Speaking as a female myself i feel that in this generation we are bombarded with constant media and society views. Nowadays we are mainly judged on our appearances, perfect lifes, what is so called classed as ‘beautiful’ etc… There are so many high expectations that are thrown at us from a young age from this type of exposure whether it be in films, songs, music videos, tv programmes, magazines or online social sites. I feel that these can really damage our perception of what is ‘real life’ or ‘beautiful’ and in turn makes us more aware of lots of insecurities and lowers our self-confidence. At 21 i am still not the most confident person in the world but i definitely worthy myself alot more than i used to. I never have seen myself as beautiful but i do value myself more and have alot more confidence now. Yes i have days like everybody else where i feel very low about my own insecurities but i can change that around alot better now and i view the parts of me that i am pleased and happy with more to shift any negative thoughts. I try not to let myself focus so much on one aspect of what i am feeling low about as much now, i choose to fix my mind apon the things i have achieved and am proud of to boost my mood. Although i still have alot of progress to make with self-confidence as it does take alot of work and positive thinking, i am starting to love the person who i truely am and don’t feel anymore that there is a certain way we all have to be or look to fit in (which for me has been my biggest self-confidence change.) I always remind myself that if we all had this so called ‘perfect look or perfect life’ then the world would be very boring. From my experiences so far i have learnt that uniqueness is what makes this life and people interesting and we should totally embrace that!!


  • Embrace your flaws –  If there is one thing that links into self-confidence it is definitely embracing our own flaws. Just like everybody else i have had my fair share of insecurities and body features of myself i didn’t like. I used to always put myself down for them but overtime i have started to teach myself that these flaws i see are not flaws at all to some other people (infact the things i have thought were my flaws have usually been what i get complimented on the most), and these flaws give us our own unique personal touch. They give use our own distinct look and we should again embrace that about ourselves. Of course i still feel insecure about different parts of me and this may in some way contradict what i just said about embracing flaws but growing up is hard with all our different hormones and negative thoughts that is why i love Beauty products too. The things i really have tried to love about myself of what i think is a flaw but i just really am so unhappy with beauty products can help this. (One of my insecurities was my pale skin so thanks to fake tan i really have felt more confident) I feel that beauty products if you need a boost can really help grow your confidence also, and this can be a good way to learn to embrace your flaws in the future. As who knows in the future i maybe so happy with myself i don’t feel i need this anymore. Like i said before i haven’t conquered fully embracing my flaws at 21 but i have made a huge improvement doing that. 


  • Look after yourself more – I have always known that looking after yourself is important but getting older really makes you realise that even more. Everything you do now in your life will impact you later on. It’s all about making your own personal choices but hopefully making the right ones to lead a healthy life. Better life choices for what you eat and drink, what you do for your own wellbeing, staying active etc… And not only looking after your body and mind but also i have been very interested recently in Skincare and creating a good beneficial skincare routine that will help in the future. I have found out the importance of starting to really take care of my skin now before ageing really kicks in when i’m older. I have heard many times that you need to be making the right choices at a young age and start doing things now to prevent things for when you are older! 


  • Believe and have faith in yourself – Whilst growing up i have realized that the things i have only dreamt about doing have actually come true. From some experiences so far in my life i have found that i have alot of faith and belief in myself. Luckily, i have always been the type of person to follow my heart and not really let other people’s opinions lead my life…I have quite a strong faith in myself which looking back i see has been a good step in my life. I have achieved things that i never thought i could achieve and it’s all been down to following my dreams and believing in myself. Those Disney films i watch all the time really have paid off haha, not wishing on a star (as wishing only takes you half of the way) but believing in myself and sticking at things. I will share with you all the two most personal main things i am so proud of myself for achieving (may seem small to some people but huge achievements for myself) are; Having my dream job of working in a Nursery with Early Years Children (Home studied myself for 2 years hard work and volunteered to achieve this and managed to get my dream job in a nursery setting at the start of this year) and after 7 years of suffering with anxiety and panic disorder finally being able to cope with the symptoms and control them much much better (I was told by my counselor all those years ago that my anxiety was high so most likely medication would be the best route for me but, as my own choice i never wanted to take medication for it so didn’t and with lots of support from my family and my own self belief i have overcome my anxious feelings much better. P.s not against medication for this but my own personal choice.) So i have definitely had experience in pursing my dreams and seeing results from them 🙂 🙂


  • Never take life for granted and try not to ever take a day for granted too – About a year and a half ago a very close and special family member sadly passed away at what i think most people would consider not a super young age but still a young age (Early 40’s.) He passed away from a brain tumour that came out of the blue from nowhere. Ever since then i have really tried to apply never taking a day for granted as it’s sad but very very true; You never know when things will change in your life. If i could stress one thing the most to people it would definitely be enjoy everyday!! Do something that YOU love to do yourself, think about what’s most important to you and make time to do it! Be around the people who you love, never be around people who don’t care about you or who don’t impact your life so you can see the true beauty of friendship and family and never end the day on a sad note always be grateful about what you have in your life, find at least one thing to be happy about no matter how small it is! 🙂

I chose those 5, as i feel they have been the main things that life has taught me so far at 21.  I hope you enjoyed reading this and i want you to remember that your time is too valuable to try and please everybody, feel stressed out, upset or discouraged. And it is always important in life i think to work on yourself so you can be a better you everyday and love and support others.  

“Everyday is a gift, that is it why it is called the present.”pexels-photo-192530.jpeg



12 thoughts on “21 and what Life Has Taught Me So Far (5 Things)

  1. I totally agree about the self-confidence thing! It’s especially reinforced in my school, when all the “pretty” girls have long, straight blonde hair! Difficult if you’re half Asian…

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