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That time of month again…another Glossybox! I am so so excited for this post this week, if you read my last Glossybox review you’ll know that for the first time ever i wasn’t too happy or impressed with the Glossybox! But May’s box has definitely made up for April’s not being their usual incredible standard! This May’s Glossybox was all about beauty essentials, so they picked out products for us glossies that they think every girl needs in her kit! “Because with the right basics, everything else will follow beautifully.” 


Inside the box : 2 Beauty and 3 Skincare


Scrub Love Active Charcoal Body Scrub (full size) – This product i was excited to receive in April ever since i saw the sneak peek for it! I love a good body scrub and use one weekly and love to try new ones that are packed full of beneficial ingredients! You can imagine my delight when i found out that this body scrub from Scrub Love is 100% natural!! I received the Cucumber and Bamboo pouch which retails at £13.95 for 100g. I absolutely fell in love with the standout design and in your hands it just feels like a luxury item. This one is a charcoal-based body exfoliator. By now you probably have heard of all the great benefits of using charcoal on your body as it’s very in at the moment with charcoal being a big part of face masks recently.  For those of you that don’t know the benefits, charcoal is an ancient detoxifying ingredient that absorbs impurities sat on the skin and any day to day pollutants. Scrub Love’s products are 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian free, not tested on animals, contains no plastic beads and no parabens too! That is alot that this gorgeous little scrub is free from so am excited to use. I love the ingredients in this product as they are very beneficial to the skin. On the back of the pouch it tells you how the ingredients work which i found an interesting read. Before even trying this i can tell i am going to love this product and will be purchasing more in the future! Go check out their website if your interested as it’s gorgeously laid out and contains so many awesome body scrubs. or  SAM_4600.JPG

Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm (full size) – This balm i would definitely recommend to someone who loves multipurpose products. This retails at only £6.95 for a good 25ml. This product is a soothing balm which contains natural Pawpaw in it. You can use this on your skin, lips, hair and even on your cheekbones for a sheer sheen or for smoothing down untamed brows and flyaway hairs. I love how the ingredient list for this is nice and short. Containing no horrible chemicals this product contains aloe vera, (of course) pawpaw and olive oil. This balm is great for soothing dry/cracked irritated skin and moisturises nails, cuticles and lips and even helps insect bites (which is what i needed as recently i went on a forest holiday getaway this month.) These things help to nourish and soothe the skin. It’s also even better as it’s fragrance free and cruelty free. I love the brightly coloured packaging as i won’t easily loose it in my handbag, and even though i am not a girl for multipurpose products usually… i am loving the sound of this one! SAM_4594.JPG

CAUDALIE Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – This moisturiser retails at £23 for 40ml. We received a decent 10ml sample. This is a gel/cream with a lightweight texture perfect for sensitive or dry skin as it turns to a water consistency once in contact with skin which is super moisturising.  It contains a good blend of powerful antioxidants (inc organic grape water) and also patented polyphenols that help soothe reactive skin and also makes the skin more resilient. I do like to stay clear of products for the face that has a fragrance included but this one is very subtle and fresh smelling, not too overpowering luckily. I am looking forward to the results of this when i need to use on more sensitive patches of skin on my face. SAM_4592.JPG


NUTRAKISS Lip Plumper – Omg i am so so excited for this product! This transparent lip gloss is by a brand i haven’t heard of before NUTRAKISS. This is a lip gloss that contains active ingredients that help lips to become more volumising and nourished. It also claims to work long term to improves your skin’s elasticity. I have never tried a lip boosting/plumping product before so interested to see if it makes a difference. We received a sample of 3ml, it is so so cute something to add to my keys and has some pretty little beads also. The full size is £13 for 5ml. However bit sad if i love this product as i don’t think it’s an easy to get your hands on product for the UK. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

RUBY Powder Blush in Coral (full size) – As you can tell this is a blush make up product in a coral shade. It contains 2.5g for £12.80. Wasn’t too fussed about this product as i don’t often wear blush im more of a bronzer girl. And i am not a fan of coral shades. But if you like this type of product RUBY blush has a silky texture to it and would be the perfect pop of colour for the summer. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Added extra! MOCKBERG Gift Voucher £50!! To be honest as soon as i lifted off the lid of the extremely pretty pink packaged box, Glossybox had already made up for the April box…inside was a £50 gift voucher to use for a brand called MOCKBERG. I had never heard of the brand before so i quickly went online to see their website and what products they offer (obviously after i saw the contents of my Glossybox of course hehe) For those of you who don’t know MOCKBERG are Swedish design watches. I had a look at their range and there are definitely some luxury watches! In the first minute of browsing through their watches i had already found the one that i will be using my gift voucher on (the inner shopoholic in me hehe!) So thank you Glossybox for this extremely generous and lovely extra gift! SAM_4608.JPG

That’s all of May’s Glossybox contents. Only one thing i wasn’t too keen on (RUBY Blush) so overall that is pretty good going for 5 items! I loved the skincare products this month and thought the lip plumper gloss was a great idea to have. My favourite product to try out of all the products i received would have to be Scrub Love Active Charcoal Body Scrub.  As always i love hearing from you all and hearing your thoughts on if you had a Glossybox this month too so do leave a comment! Thank you all for taking the time to read!



8 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – MAY 2017!

    1. Awwh thank you so much! Just a heads up I tried out the body scrub recently actually, i really hated the smell can’t really describe what it smelt of but was sort of like mouldy cheese so i didn’t actually use it because i hated the smell and could not bare to spread it over me haha. However, i am going to try a different scented one for sure! XO

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