The best drugstore blinding highlighter! Sleek ‘Solstice’ Highlighting Palette

Hiya Lovelies! 🙂

This month i have purchased the most beautiful inexpensive highlighting palette on the market (in my opinion.) For those of you mad about beauty you probably have come across this product being talked about loads last year as it became abit of an obsession in the highlighting world of makeup! I luckily came across this gorgeous palette whilst searching for a blinding highlighter…I did not think that the one i would end up loving would only be £9.99!! Too excited to be sharing this with you so let’s get into it!

I was abit sceptical about trying out this highlighter when i saw this. Firstly the price, because most of the best make up products i own are higher priced and i really do believe you get what you pay for usually and secondly the brand, i have tried a couple of sleek makeup products before e.g. their lipsticks and contour palette…but both i ended up only testing out as they really didn’t work well with me. However, despite my reservations i ended up giving this one a go because the colours looked beautiful and the product has been raved about alot. I am so so glad i gave this a chance and didn’t just push it aside! 

Sleek do 3 highlighting palettes (all for £9.99);

  1. Precious Metals
  2. Solstice
  3. Cleo’s Kiss

As you can tell i am reviewing the Solstice one. But after purchasing this and loving this one i think i’ll soon be the owner of all 3 very soon… 🙂 


First things first, the packaging. I think the palette packaging looks so luxurious and high end. Its beautifully rose gold toned and stands out in your makeup box definitely…the shine instantly catches my eye! Next the product. When i opened it up i was just stunned at the variety of colours and how pigmented and shimmery they were. I literally could have this palette kept open on display as a pretty trinket ornament it’s that gorgeous. It also comes with an application brush (which i haven’t used as i love my real techniques highlighter brush at the moment) and it also includes a mirror which of course is so handy.  

The colours in the palette inclue;

  • Ecliptic
  • Hemisphere
  • Subsolar
  • Equinox


Ecliptic – This one is a creamy formula with a more sheer coverage. The shade is a light/medium rose pink colour which has warm undertones in it. This is a buildable highlighter as it isn’t very noticeable (perhaps because it was a cream highlighter?) so this is perfect if you don’t want to over do your highlighter and just want to have a small hint of it on your cheekbone apples. It does have a gorgeous pearly sheen to it though.  


Hemisphere – This is the most prettiest lavender/pink shade i have ever seen anywhere. It has a cool undertone and is metallic. It feels alot drier in consistency when swatched compared to Ecliptic and Subsolar but does not at all look dry when applied thankfully. It gives a stunning girly glow and is very luminous with a very strong/rich pigmentation. Very soft and blendable also which is sometimes hard for a highlighter so pigmented. However a little does go a long way!


Subsolar – This shade is a light yellow with a warm undertone to it. This one again like the Ecliptic one i found to have a more sheer coverage but it has a smooth consistency and is buildable too. 


Equinox – This shade is a coppery peach with a warm undertone and like the Hemisphere one beautifully metallic. It again is very blendable with a strong pigmentation. Of course it has a luminous glow and this one is my second favourite of the whole palette. 


You get 9g in this whole palette which is a brilliant size for this price. This palette is for face and body highlighting. It claims to suit all skin tones which i think it totally would and it contains one cream highlighter, two baked powders and one shimmer powder. The powders themselves have a sort of metallic look to them which really adds an extra glow which i love about these highlighters. They have such a rich pigmentation and you honestly need the smallest amount to achieve the wow factor which means this palette will last. On my face it lasted me about 7.5/8 hours which is a totally decent time for a drugstore product but the pigmentation of the highlight won it overall for me, i kept finding myself turning my head in the mirror to see how shimmery and popping it still looked. My favourite shade of them all is Hemisphere as it is a cool pink/lavender shade with a very luminous sheen to it, it is utterly stunning and so so pretty. I haven’t ever had this kind of shade in a highlighter before but i am so glad i have now as it is so girly and gorgeous and sort of like a mix of highlight with a touch of blush. 


From left to right – Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox
Highlighter in natural light – gorgeously shiny! XO
Blended product (From left to right – Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox) As you can see the strongest pigmented shades are the two metallic ones.

As you can see this is an absolutely stunning highlighting palette. It didn’t disappoint me in anyway. If i had to think of a con, after thinking long and hard i would have to say if you want 4 very richly pigmented highlighters this only really contains 2 with 2 more sheer ones. But for me it’s great to have an option for a sheer coverage if one day i don’t want the’POP’ in your face type of highlighter and want to opt for a more subtle/natural shimmer. I think this would be the same for the majority of people 🙂 I love Sleek’s colour variety and metallic choices included in this perfect highlighting palette. And for just £9.99 it blows my mind! Do let me know if you have this palette yourself and your thoughts on it or what your favourite highlighters are. Love to hear from you all and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 





7 thoughts on “The best drugstore blinding highlighter! Sleek ‘Solstice’ Highlighting Palette

  1. Great review! I have been unsure on whether to purchase one of these or not because I have so many different highlighters already but the shade hemisphere looks beautiful!
    If you haven’t seen my latest post then go check it out because I have nominated you for an award!xo

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