Be more aware towards the beauty around you – A simple 5 minute practice

Hello Lovelies 🙂

This Sunday i wanted to share something that i have been incorporating more recently in my day to day life and the impact it has made for me so far. Taking the time to see the beauty in all that is around me and really appreciating every detail of it.

On my recent forest holiday XO

I expect you’ve heard from so many different places that we are busy people, our life’s are full of daily stresses, never ending to-do lists, cramming lots of chores in each day etc… With all of this going on it is so easy to slip into a sort of robotic mode with just ‘doing’ rather than actually ‘living’. We miss so many wonders of the world around us because we simply are just rushing around from place to place. If you read my blog frequently you will know about me in the past battling anxiety and panic disorder. Since improving more over the years i love to find new calming methods that i can add to my daily life to help keep my mind relaxed without getting into a state and feeling overwhelmed with everything. The last year i have been finding out about really connecting with nature and the world, this has been the biggest help so far in my life and that’s why i wanted to share a simple practice with you all who feel you want to slow down and take more time for yourself and feel more alive.

Today, slow down, really inhale and breathe in clean fresh air whilst making the time to acknowledge the beauty in the simple things around you (the things you would usually miss because your head is just thinking about what needs to get done and your rushing around!) For example; Something as simple as sitting in the garden. Pick out any details that you feel most drawn too, could be the way the leaves rustle in the breeze, how they simply glide and fall down to the ground,  the intricate detailing on a petal, the bees buzzing from flower to flower, the birdsong in the background, the clouds slowly moving and forming different shapes, maybe you have a pond or water feature in your garden, watch the water falling or trickling down a path, the gentle ripples that the wind makes skimming across the top of the water etc… the list could go on and on. When we give our full attention to the things around us that we usually wouldn’t notice or would take for granted then we start to see the beauty and really appreciate it. 


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When i sit and do this more and more i notice it becomes a habit. When i first tried this i must admit i found it quite hard to totally tune out and just observe what was around me without having my mind whirring away in the background but, the more i have taken the time to do this the easier it has become for me to switch off from everything else. I find myself now just relaxing and sitting still with my mind naturally observing the details on the leaves or the grass swaying in the wind etc…even when people are around me and chatting to eachother or cars are whizzing past in the background. Doing this often i feel as though i have trained my mind to be more at one with the beauty around me as i find myself doing this more now without having to set time aside to do it, it kind of just becomes my natural routine. If there is one thing i have learnt from doing this it is that we will always be able to see beauty in an object or the scenery/landscape around us and it really can connect us to the world that we usually take for granted or simply just don’t have time to acknowledge. 

By slowly incorporating this practice myself i have felt much calmer and been able to actually take quality time out from day to day chores feeling relaxed/calm and content afterwards. By seeing more of the beauty around me i have found a sense of peace and gratitude and i would highly recommend you to try this out too. Maybe try this out for 5 minutes at first and see what you get from it? With 24 hours in a day i am sure you can find 5 minutes somewhere for yourself 🙂



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