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Sunday again and this Sunday time for July’s Glossybox! Excited as usual to share this month’s with you all but even more excited as my box contained an extra little gift so before anything else thank you Glossybox. July’s box contains some true goodies. This is the first edition of what Glossybox are calling the ‘summer collector’s edition boxes’ (August is the second edition which i cannot wait for already!) The box contents for this month have been created for people who pack every product for their getaways (hehe very much me) and also for the opposite type of people who pack light but also clever. Glossybox have included products for both types of people for our holiday getaways this summer!

Inside the box : 5 products (4 full size)…3 Beauty, 1 Skincare & 1 Hair Product! rsz_img_20170716_105540051.jpg


BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Banana Setting Powder – The first item my eye drew towards was this setting powder from Bellapierre Cosmetics i couldn’t believe Glossybox included this because i have never tried out a setting powder and recently have really wanted to. (Glossybox always seem to know what i am thinking when it comes to new products to try out) This is a really generous full size product as it retails for £25! With this box and postage costing around £13.95 altogether it set a high mark as this first product exceeded the total cost of the whole box so as you can imagine very happy with that. All you beauty lovers will know the beauty trend of ‘Baking’ and this banana setting powder seems perfect for under the eyes baking. I am in love with my banana colour under eye highlights so this shade choice is perfect for me. The banana shade color corrects any redness of discoloration that your skin may have and i also think that this will be lovely for a base eyeshadow as well as setting under eye makeup. The banana shade i can imagine will suit all skin tones, for paler skin tones this will help to counteract the redness and blemishes or any dark circles and for olive and dark skin tones this will be a beautiful highlight colour. The best thing about this product though is obviously it being Cruelty-free. IMG_20170716_110645254IMG_20170716_110732718

Banana Setting Powder swatched, it has a very smooth texture.

SPECTRUM COLLECTIONS Small Fan Brush: A10 – This was our sneak peek from June’s Glossybox and if you read my last review you could probably tell i was so excited to receive this brush. I love Spectrum brushes they are just so girly and fun so i couldn’t wait to get my hands on this fan brush. This retails at £4.99 and of course this is a full size product. I love how they included this also as a partner for our banana powder (lovely idea.) This is one of Spectrum’s best-selling brushes and it has lovely soft bristles, which are cruelty-free synthetic bristles…in the words of Spectrum “No Unicorns were harmed in the making of our products. Proud to be vegan registered and cruelty free..”. This fan brush would be perfect for sweeping on your highlighter or for sweeping your setting powder onto your face. This seems like the perfect little finishing brush and of course let’s not forget to mention the gorgeous colour of it. WOW my favourite pink shade! IMG_20170716_105755937rsz_img_20170716_105852529

CUTEBALMS Macaroon Tint Balm in Crushed Berry – Again another full size product from the brand CUTEBALMS, i haven’t heard of this brand before but after some research on them i think they are a new brand. As they only have 3 macaroon lip balms to choose from in their range so far. I received the crushed berry shade, which is like a strawberry colour. The lip balms retail at £5.99. This lip balm is Paraben free which is an added bonus! This isn’t the normal shade i would of picked as i did prefer their lightest pink (Marshmallow) on their site, but you can use this one as a blush too if you wanted. I love the cute packaging of it so adorable and it does smell good also. IMG_20170716_110222991IMG_20170716_110344953


MONU PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE MONUspa Soothing After Sun Lotion – I have heard of MONU skincare before so i was happy to see this brand included. We received an after sun lotion perfect for the summer and seem as though i didn’t buy one this year a well needed product. The full size is 180ml which retails at £19.95, we received a 100ml deluxe sample. This lotion claims to be for all skin types with Aloe Vera ( to cool the skin and reduce any inflammation), Vitamin E ( a powerful antioxidant that will help prevent skin ageing from fighting free radicals) and Shea Butter (to hydrate and keep skin smooth). This lotion i tried out already and applied it to my skin, it does not have a greasy texture and my skin absorbed it easily which is what i always look for in lotions, suncream and after sun’s (there is nothing worse on a hot day than that sticky feeling) it also is very lightweight. I had a look at the ingredients as i like to know what i am putting onto my skin and it really does include beneficial ingredients and luckily there is no ‘bad’ alcohol in this product so i was extremely happy as i would avoid it if there was any included. It smells of Lemon Sherbets a very summery scent. I can tell this will live up to what it claims with soothing and calming the skin after being exposed to the sunshine. You can use this lotion on your face and body. It is made in the UK and best of all it is against animal testing and considerate to the environment! I think this is a must have staple for the summer. IMG_20170716_110543728.jpg


PAPANGA Spiral Hairbands – Our haircare product was some very sturdy thick hair spiral bands from a brand i haven’t heard of PAPANGA. They retail at £4.99 i think for the two. I received black and a clear one which i liked. They are very similar to the very well known and talked about INVISIBOBBLE (which i have alot of haha so as you probably guessed i was also happy to have these – everyone needs a hair tie in arm’s reach on a hot day.) I love that these bands are also not damaging tight elastic hairbands but the spiral alternatives that prevent breakage of your hair and split ends. These are big hairbands compared to the other spiral ones i own (please see pic of it around my wrist to see how big they are) but i really liked this about them because they were very sturdy and tight still and actually looked like a nice casual wrist accessory too. I checked out their website also and they have a lovely range of colours that i will be purchasing in the future. If a product is worth purchasing again it must be great! rsz_img_20170716_110038947.jpg

These bands are lovely and thick XO

My extra little added gift!


How sweet of Glossybox to include in mine a Glossybox notebook (My Glossy Notes) for being subscribed to them for a year now. It was such an unexpected surprise but it was so lovely and it will be treasured I LOVE IT! As you can all probably tell from all my Glossybox’s that i have ever owned (which are all the ones that i have reviewed so far) i absolutely love Glossybox and highly recommend them as a Beauty discovering and monthly treat for yourself. Over the year i have been subscribed with them i have not been overally dissapointed about any of their boxes they usually get them spot on which gives me peace of mind that i will love the majority of their products and boxes (which is the biggest worry when subscribing to a beauty box as you never know what products you will get and if they will be worth the money you paid.) Glossybox are amazing and totally worth the money i can see myself a loyal subscriber to them for the years to come 🙂 Just wanted to add a simple thank you to Glossybox for topping up my beauty, skincare and haircare with lots of new goodies and treats this past year!  

And lovely blank pages in the glossy notebook for ideas…”A blank page gives us the right to dream” XO

Overall, my box was great! A perfect summer box variety with beneficial after sun lotion, hair ties for the heat, lip balm to keep my lips hydrated, a trendy setting powder and a gorgeous brush to top it off with. A perfect box for July and couldn’t fault it at all. How did you all find your month’s Glossybox did you receive any different products to me? I would love for you to share them with me and my readers if you did 🙂 Thank you once again for taking your time to visit my blog and have a lovely rest of the Sunday!




6 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – JULY 2017!

  1. I loved reading about what you got, I got the same stuff apart from the macaroon lip gloss which I would HAVE LOVED!!! I LOVE MACAROONS! I got a face mask instead! it looks really good though. I also got a brown and yellow headbands, I much prefer your colours!

    Sophia xo //

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