Skincare benefits from Honey, what’s this growing trend about?

Hiya Lovelies, A different post this week but one i have been finding pretty fascinating recently. Honey in skincare! Most of you who love skincare and trends probably have already known about the ‘kitchen cupboard beauty trend.’ Finding uses for different bits and bobs in your kitchen that surprisingly have lots of beneficial uses for our skin.

Skincare is continually growing towards creating products with more natural ingredients, things you could even just find in your kitchen cupboards at home and i love the creative aspect of that, doing a bit of skincare DIY! The ingredient i have recently been interested to include in skincare is honey, the lovely runny, gooey, amber coloured syrup that is delicious with so many things and not only good for you inside but can also be beneficial for the outside (your skin.) After some research into this i think that honey is a great substance to include in your skincare routine, it’s natural, nutrient-rich and has healing properties…why wouldn’t anyone not want to include this in their skincare?


Like i mentioned above i have researched abit into honey and it’s benefits and i was firstly, surprised to find out that honey in beauty was used even by the Ancient Greek’s and Egyptians. They would use honey to heal or soothe skin from wounds or acne and they also would use honey for skin repair to prevent ageing! So not only is it more well known in the skincare industry today it was an ingredient used way back into the past too! My post includes all the things i have learnt about honey from various sources and it’s beneficial properties.

What are Honey’s main benefits? honeycomb-1564957_1920.jpg

  • Natural honey is loaded with skin-friendly nutrients and it is very rich in vitamins B and  also contains micro minerals like; iron, calcium and copper which really help to keep skin healthy and help with our skin’s ageing process.
  • Honey is also naturally antibacterial  and has anti-inflammatory properties which means that it would be great for an acne treatment or even acne prevention and brilliant for any redness or inflammation of the skin. 
  • Honey is highly moisturising and soothing so it really helps keep the skin glowing and full of hydration. 
  • Honey is also a natural antioxidant which means it is perfect again for supporting the skin’s ageing process. 

It can also be used as a Pore cleanser (the enzymes in honey can clarify skin to keep it clear and clean), Cuticle moisturiser, Hair conditioner (to add shine to dull hair) and even sunburn treatment (as it is absorbed by the deepest layers of sun exposed skin and can help to restore is hydration – this one surprised me the most.)

The best type of Honey for skincare usedandelion-2304006_1920.jpg

It may be tempting to just go to your kitchen cupboard and grab your normal store bottle or jar of honey but i can guarantee it isn’t raw 100% natural honey and it is most likely pasteurized honey. Does it really matter if it’s raw or pasteurized? The simple answer is YES!

You probably won’t come across a label in the supermarket that says pasteurized honey because there is no set labeling standard for honey, so it’ll most likely be labelled pure honey instead. Pasteurized honey is where they heat the honey to a very high temperature which kills off the bacterial enzymes in it. Mainstream honey brands will do this because it allows them to say that their honey will not crystallize as quickly as raw. But this means that it has really been pasteurized past the point of being beneficially great for your skin. (Something to even consider if you eat honey and want it’s natural and pure beneficial nutrients.)

Raw unfiltered honey is only treated minimally so would be best for skincare use and even eating. Raw honey is also unstrained and does not undergo any heat processes. However commercially produced raw honey does usually undergo minimal processing. And because there is no current regulation for a honey label like stated above some raw honey may be more processed than others. However it is always a better choice than pasteurized honey. Without filtration of honey it would still contain some impurities like particles from the hive or pollen grains or air bubbles. The filtration process will remove these which allows the raw honey to stay in a liquid form for abit longer. Raw honey will have no heating process involved usually and this is why it contains more beneficial nutrients than pasteurized. You can find any good raw honey usually at health food stores. 

Can you benefit from Honey with either dry or oily skin?

The answer is YES! Honey is full of moisturizing properties and is amazing in a dry skin regime. Going all technical here this is because it’s composition attracts moisture and keeps it locked in (which is called a humectant.) So if you include a honey based facial mask then it will help to soothe dry, itchy or flaky skin because it gives moisture to those areas. 

Oily skin also benefits from honey too though because the sweetener in it can help to retain the skin’s elasticity and moisture without drying it out like some facial washes on the market can do. And of course it is beneficial anyway to oily skin aswell because it will prevent ageing and is packed full of nutrients ensuring that your skin is healthy.

What about broken skin and open wounds? 

Even though raw honey is usually used in creams because it helps to soothe dry or flaky skin conditions e.g. dermatitis, dandruff and low-level eczema. Raw honey should never be used on open wounds as it can contain organisms that can be harmful to the skin and body when it is 100% natural and at it’s most potent. So if you have skin problems like eczema and dermatitis where the skin might of become broken too then it is recommended to use the highest grade active manuka honey instead of raw honey. Manuka honey is produced in New Zealand and several studies suggest that it is most effective in fighting infections and promoting healing of the skin. Usually you should look for a rating of 12+ and above as for manuka honey use in skincare the higher the better. I don’t know much else about manuka honey in depth to share however for open wounds please do your research before and see a healthcare professional before using just to be on the safe side. 


As you can see honey has so many different benefits when included in skincare and it’s no wonder why it’s been more talked about the last couple of years. After researching myself i had learnt that honey was not only yummy and delicious to eat it is also nutritious and healing to the skin and even has some prevention to ageing properties. I hope this post was packed full of helpful knowledge about Honey and it’s different types and also benefits for skincare, and i hope it has helped you understand why honey is being included in more skincare regimes and products nowadays. Even though i would not recommend JUST using honey for skincare as i strongly believe that you need an array of different antioxidants and ingredients for promoting the best skin health and preventing ageing, maybe this post has given you something to think about for including honey into your skincare routine?  

P.s Although i haven’t recommended a good Raw honey based skincare product this post was mainly for more knowledge to pick out a good one for yourself 🙂 









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  1. What an interesting read! I’ve heard a lot about how honey is great for the skin hair and body but never knew specifically why. Great in-depth post (:

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