How to correctly wash and style your hair, Back to basics to get that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look

 Hello Lovelies,

Washing and styling your hair, it’s easy right…we’ve been washing our hair for years but why is it that we never get salon-worthy locks when we style it at home? Well the truth is you may be washing your hair wrong and you also maybe finishing it off with wrong styling. With hair washing you think just a quick rinse will do when actually just spending a few extra minutes might help you achieve the end result of ‘just stepped out of the salon’ hair.  adult-1867380_1920

I am no hairdresser but i do still love to learn and pick up techniques when it comes to beauty, hair and skincare so i have done a little experiment since researching about hair and how to really correctly care for it and i have noticed a difference in the end result. I looked up these tips as i was fed up going to the salon and coming out with amazing looking hair only to have it looking back to ‘normal’ and even dull when it came to me washing and styling it, i wanted to achieve the salon worthy look at home (like we all probably do) so i took it upon myself to do abit of research into what i was doing wrong. And yes the main problem for me was that i was just not washing it right! I thought this was definitely worthy to write about on my blog as i have tried these tips out for myself and i am going to share them with all of you lovely readers, i hope that maybe you’ll see improved results too. 

My results from just changing the way i wash my hair (no styling products used just finished off with a blow dry) XO



  1. Know your stuff – Firstly, it is all about knowing how and when to wash your hair properly. When it comes down to hair less is more. Washing your hair too often strips down it’s nutrients and natural oils that is vital for your hair to stay in a healthy condition. So you should definitely aim to wash between 2-3 times a week. Shampoo choosing – Aswell as the above invest in a good shampoo. Do your research on your shampoos. Look for shampoos that contain essential oils, fruit extracts and botanicals, these quality ingredients can help with product build-up and will also nourish your hair so it looks less dull and limp. If you suffer from dry irritated scalp (like me) look for ones with no sulfates in it or more known as SLS. Always choose a product that suits your own individual hair type for example; curly hair you want to style straight opt for a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, fine hair but want it thicker opt for a volume shampoo and conditioner, if you have dry hair opt for a hydrating shampoo etc…And lastly, when it comes to washing your hair never rush it, think of it as your own home salon experience where you will take the time to give your hair some much needed love and care.
  2. The basic but important tips of shampooing – Do you think that hair washing is simple, just a quick session of shampooing and rinsing. Yes i admit i did too until i looked more into it, i realized i had been doing it all wrong for all these years. The first step of a proper hair wash is to wet your hair completely with lukewarm water, then lather up a 10p size of your chosen shampoo between your palms and apply to your hair all over making sure that it is evenly distributed (i like to have a mirror in view to do thi!.) Next focus on your scalp and it’s roots as this is where the most dirt is built up between washing sessions, think back to the last time you were at the salon getting your hair washed they really focus on the scalp area don’t they and you get a lovely deep scalp massage. Ensure that you aren’t too rough when your massaging in your shampoo remember that your scalp and hair are delicate if you are too rough it will irritate your scalp which in turn can stimulate grease production. Whatever you do DO NOT do a scrunching and circular motion when shampooing, this can damage the hair cuticle, will cause tangles and leave your locks looking dull. DO use a downwards motion instead with your fingers laid flat against your head to help smooth down the cuticle.
  3. Rinse Away – Your next step will be to thoroughly rinse your hair until there are no more suds left. Then repeat the shampooing process again focusing on just your scalp and roots. I hear you asking but what about the mid-lengths and the ends? Well with shampooing the most important thing is to concentrate on the scalp the most because as you rinse it away the lather that will trickle down will cleanse the rest of your hair. When i first changed to washing my hair this way it did feel very strange i had been used to lathering all my hair up ontop of my head thinking that was the way it was all getting clean, not really caring for it in a delicate way at all but thinking “oh i’m cleaning it all thoroughly.” It did take a while for me to fully trust that the suds being washed down the rest of my hair was really cleaning it (because in my mind it wasn’t because i hadn’t even touched the shampoo on those areas.) 
  4. Introduce a hair mask – After shampooing twice your hair will most likely feel a little brittle that’s normal. That happens because the cuticle has opened up so this means it makes that the perfect time to apply a good nourishing beneficial hair mask. You only need to apply a hair mask once a week as that will make a huge difference to the condition of your hair. I like to pick the same day each week that i do this so i know that i stick to that day as my hair treatment wash day. A beneficial hair mask tip is to add some coconut oil yourself to your chosen hair mask. pexels-photo-221074.jpegCoconut oil has natural vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourishes the scalp and helps to remove any build up from hair follicles. And for all of you who want faster hair growth or have thicker locks, you’ll be pleased to know that coconut oil is a natural way to achieve this. 
  5. Conditioner time – The last step of a professional and correct wash is to lock it all in. A hair mask hydrates your hair and a hair conditioner closes the cuticles so that it locks in all of the moisture that the hair mask gave. Conditioning is the most essential step to your hair washing routine. Some tips for conditioning your hair is to avoid applying at the roots as this will leave your hair looking limp. Concentrate more on the mid-lengths and the ends. If you take the time to look on the back of your hair conditioner i can ensure you that it probably advises this on the back of the product. Again you should apply one or two 10p size amounts in your palms and distribute evenly through the mid-lengths and ends. How long you leave it on will depend on what it says at the back of your hair conditioner but they usually range from 2 to 10 minutes. However the longer it has to sink in the better the results are as the hair can fully and properly absorb it. Obviously you don’t have to wait 10 minutes doing nothing… whilst the conditioner is working it’s conditioning magic in the hair run a wet brush through your locks. A wet brush will remove snags without tugging and pulling it as opposed to your normal brush. When it is time to rinse off your conditioner again rinse it all thoroughly in warm water. Lastly, be brave. Flash rinse your hair in cold water (yes i know it is going to be cold but think of your lovely shiny hair afterwards…so worth it!) this is your very last step to close the hair cuticles and help add some shine to your locks.

And there you have it, now you know how to professionally wash your hair at home to get the salon worthy locks you wish for. 


hairstyle-1473541_1920.jpgNow you know how to wash your hair perfectly here’s a couple of styling tips for if you want to create more volume, repair any hair damage or tame curls.

  • Creating Volume (creating those stunning voluminous locks) – This was definitely the styling tip that i needed to create volume in my hair. I do get told by my hairdressers that i have naturally thick hair luckily however i do love the glamorous volume style and for me i feel there is no such thing as too big when it comes too hair hehe. So i am always looking for ways to create volume. The first step is to add a volume blow dry primer, apply this to hair from root to tip. Next blow dry your hair with a large round brush this will create more bounce and volume than just using a flat paddle brush, set your locks with the cold air setting on your hairdryer. If you want to straighten your hair, straighten mainly at the top sections only as this reduces any damage from heat exposure on the ends and will help to achieve an overall smooth look.  
  • Repairing hair damage – If your hair is in seriously poor dry condition try out 5 days of styling and 2 days of rest. This way helps to prevent further damage and will leave your hair looking healthier than styling all 7 days a week. If you can leave styling your hair for more days then even more perfect. But make sure each week you are letting your hair rest for at least 2 days. On your no-heat days style it in a low ponytail rather than a high up-do as this will bring less tension to your hair. Also apply a good hair oil that is specifically for treatment repair for your damaged hair.
  • Taming your beautiful curls –  Curly hair is gorgeous and bouncy but frizzy hair is nowhere near as nice. So fight that frizz! To do this instead of rubbing your hair back and forth to dry it in a towel try gently pressing and twisting sections of your damp hair with a towel to encourage your hair cuticles to lay flat. Then apply a curl boosting mousse through your towel dried hair evenly. This is an essential step to add weight to your hair which will stop your curls from springing back up and looking shorter. Lastly, dry your hair on a low speed of your hairdryer and add some shine with some anti-frizz serum spray.

So that was my little guide to going back to the basics of washing and styling your hair. Hopefully after you try these out you will see a difference and have the desired look of your salon finished locks. Let me know if any of these steps worked for you. All it takes is 5 steps during your hair washing routine giving a little more love and attention and time to your hair and a couple of tips for your chosen end styling result that you wish for. I loved writing this post as i could share some things that have worked for me (like washing my hair correctly not just how i’m just used too) and i can’t wait to know if it has helped out any of you 🙂 Have a lovely rest of your Sunday!






7 thoughts on “How to correctly wash and style your hair, Back to basics to get that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look

  1. Great tips! I do most of these but maybe I’m being too rough on my scalp LMAO.
    I’m still looking for a shampoo-conditioner duo that is perfect for my hair, I have yet to find one which is one of the things I’m missing in my haircare routine.

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