GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – August 2017!

Hiya Lovelies! My favourite time of the month…it’s Glossybox time! This is the second part to the collector’s edition this summer this is the ‘girls just wanna have sun’ box. You can see the first part of the edition on my post here; IMG_20170813_092604161 (1).jpgI was excited to receive this box after the first containing such goodies, and it really didn’t disappoint. As usual it is packed full of beauty goodies however this month they didn’t include any skincare products so this box is beauty and haircare only. Lastly, glossybox also included a little summery treat in our boxes, a pretty Aloha bracelet from PURELEI. I looked at PURELEI’s website as i have never heard of this brand before and they do a range of so many gorgeous bracelets. So something for everyone. IMG_20170813_090457923.jpg

Inside the box : 5 products (3 full size)…3 Beauty & 2 Hair Products!IMG_20170813_093135592.jpg


ESSENCE Live.Laugh.Celebrate! Palette – OMG! Before i start this product review i need to say that this is the most gorgeous and visually appealing palette packaging in the world! I do not think anything can ever top this and you will not believe how beautiful it is! The first thing that caught my eye and i am still in awe about was an empty palette from Essence. IMG_20170813_090539395.jpgI love this brand because in a past glossybox we received an Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette and i use this as my daily highlighter, it retails only for £3 and is absolutely gorgeous! So seeing another product from Essence i was so excited! Essence just celebrated turning 15 years and to mark this they have a latest release called Live. Laugh. Celebrate! This is the customisable palette…not just for eyeshadow but also for fixing powder, lip base, shimmering blush and highlighting powder. We received the 4 pan palette however there is an 8 pan one also. IMG_20170813_092041848.jpgEssence is such a cheap and affordable brad but also surprisingly have great quality products. The palette we received is only £1.50!!! A bargain! and it has the most gorgeous packaging in the world, its got little balls in the lid in shades pink, purple, orange and green and you can shake them about…so gorgeous and super fun! Glossybox even started us off with 4 x products to pop into the slots. I received 2x eyeshadows (04 it’s my birthday) (01 best friends forever)  1x highlighter powder (01 my special highlight) and 1x shimmer blush (01 rhythm of the night.) Each of the powders are £1.50. So overall this was £7.50. rsz_img_20170813_090806474.jpg I was so happy with the colours i got given and also super happy with the palette. This is perfect for everyone as you can create your own makeup combinations in one. Even though it is cheap do not immediately judge the quality as this brand does produce great pigmentation. So just bare that in mind if you were wanting to purchase. (Left – Swatches indoors, Right – Swatches in the sun)

Top to bottom swatches;

  1. Shimmer blush – 01 rhythm of the night
  2. Highlighter powder – 01 my special highlight
  3. Eyeshadow – 01 best friends forever (Pale pinky pearl)
  4. Eyeshadow – 04 it’s my birthday (Silver)

MODELLAUNCHER SAFARI SUN BRONZER – If you thought the first product was amazing wait until you see this one. This was the next thing that i happened to pick up. A gorgeous shimmery bronzer by Modellauncher. We got given a full size which retails at £16.50. In summertime you always have to have a glow and deepen you skin up with a bronzer and this is brilliant for that. I daily wear bronzers and i already have a matte bronzer so it is great that this one is shimmery because i like to have an option of bronzers. This bronzer claims to be lovely for all skin tones and is a lightweight powder. When swirled together you can pick up on your brush all the shades so it looks the best for pigmentation. I think this was a great product to add to this summer edition. See swatch below!IMG_20170813_091230296IMG_20170813_091211896.jpg

Swatched XO

RODIAL SUEDE LIPS –  There actually isn’t a lot of makeup brands that i don’t like but for some reason Rodial is one of them. I know this is a brand that is stocked in Harvey Nichols however every Rodial product i have ever received from glossybox i have not liked at all. I’m not picky about makeup really but honestly i have tried their eyeliner and hated the quality and their mascara was so bulky and clumpy. So not too thrilled i received another Rodial product. This time we got Rodial’s Suede Lips in full size which retails for £22. I’m quite impressed because according to their site this is a new in product! It is a matte and moisturising lip jumbo crayon that claims to have intense pigmentation. I think there is only this one shade and the best i can describe it is a sort of soft reddish pink. I love that the formula has Vitamin E in it and is a lovely creamy texture so this may be a product that i like from Rodial.  IMG_20170813_111318717

Swatched XO


VALQUER ICE HAIR MASK TOTAL REPAIR – It is so strange that i have been recently doing my research on a good hair mask as i want to include one weekly in my haircare routine so it was a nice suprise to see one included in this month’s glossybox, it’s like they can magically read my mind. Anyway this is from a brand that i have never heard of before VALQUER. This hair mask retails at £14.99 for 300ml ours is a 100ml sample. This hair mask is pretty interesting it apparently is a hair mask that has a cooling effect (perfect for the summer) this cooling effect powers up the macadamia oil that is in the ingredients and this makes it better at hydrating and taming your hair. I haven’t heard of anything like this before so it is pretty ‘cool’. All you have to do is massage it into damp hair, leave for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse out. This product seems brilliant and something that i was looking for however, if you know me and have been reading my posts you will know that i like to look at what’s in my product ingredients list as brands like to add sneaky nasties to products in small print. And the only downside to this product is it contains Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl Alcohol and Benzyl Alcohol basically all the nasty alcohol’s that can be very drying to your hair. So including three lots of unbeneficial alcohol ingrediants in this product it has turned me off from trying it sadly. As it claims to be hydrating but with this included i would honestly say more drying. IMG_20170813_091149850.jpg

BATISTE 2in1 Dry Shampoo & Conditioner Orange & Pomegrante – The last product we received is another Batiste one i got a volume spray from in a previous box that i was pleased with. This one is their 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner. We got a 50ml sample to try out and the original is 200ml which retails for £4.49. Apparently the scent is cocoa and chasmere and it does smell divine. I love trying out different dry shampoos so i was glad to of got this one as i don’t usually pick up Batiste for dry shampoo so i would never of tried it out if it wasn’t for glossybox. This is a dry shampoo that combines conditioner too so it is mainly good for coloured, dry or curly hair. Simply put this refreshes hair roots whilst conditioning it to leave it looking and feeling amazing. And i love the idea that a dry shampoo conditions hair too. IMG_20170813_092344041.jpg

Overall, this glossybox was a good end to the summer collector’s edition. I adored the palette including palette extras and loved the bronzer. I wasn’t too keen on the hair mask only because of the ingrediants it contained i would of loved it otherwise and the dry shampoo and lip crayon were also a nice added addition. The bracelet was a lovely little treat that glossybox added and ‘Aloha’ is perfect for the summer vibe. 



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