Feeling like you don’t achieve enough, Super long to-do list or constantly juggling stuff…Stop hesitating and just start doing!

Hello Lovelies 🙂

It’s been about 4 weeks since i have sat down and written a wellbeing post, my last few posts were on haircare and beauty, so i thought this week needs to be wellbing related after all my blog is about Beauty & Wellbeing. Whilst thinking about what to write i thought hard about what most people can probably relate to, and to be honest it wasn’t too tricky to think of.

Do you often find yourself going to bed worrying about not achieving enough? Perhaps you have a to-do list that you feel is never ending and you struggle to get anything done about it, or you feel like you are constantly juggling things daily. I’m sure you can relate to at least one of these things, i know i can from time to time however with the right knowledge or tips (if you’d rather call it that) you can easily manage these things alot better in your own life. I have never had a huge problem if i’m honest with any of these things as i am naturally a very organised person luckily. However no matter how organised i can be there have still been times when i have experienced feelings of the above and that’s where i have learnt techniques to tackle that ‘never ending to-do list feeling.’ woman-731894_1920.jpg

You probably hear it all the time that the lives we lead today are just constantly busy leaving us to feel like we have no time for ourselves at all and we may even feel like we are busy doing things all the time yet nothing ever really seems to get done. I strongly feel that we need to tune out of the noise and busyness around us and start to take action. Think about it like this there are 24 hours in every single day, about 8 of them you probably sleep for that leaves us with 16 hours. 16 hours to complete things that we need to get done. And if you think about that logically it is actually a decent amount of time to get things done.

  1. The first technique that i have found incredibly helpful is to focus thinking on what really has to get done and what just doesn’t. Start to prioritize what you really need to do and what can wait, that way it will most likely feel easier to tackle the priorities as you know you are getting the most important things done.
  2. Start now, right now…well i don’t exactly mean right now as i would love for you to finish reading this post first hehe but after that yes do what you want to do right now! Never wait for the perfect moment so many of us say “I won’t do that yet because the time isn’t right” or “I will do this when it’s the perfect moment.” If you haven’t already noticed by now that perfect moment never truely arrives. The reason is because the perfect moment never comes. So instead of waiting think What first step can i do to start achieving my goal? 
  3. Share you goals with someone else or seek some support…It can sometimes be easier to achieve goals when your not alone.  Maybe find another person who has the same hope/ambition as you and see if you can get it done together… For example if you want to include more exercise into your daily life, find someone who is wanting to incorporate that into their own life too and do it together. It is much harder to stay in your bed or make up an excuse to miss a gym session or not turn up to a dance class or not go running with your running buddy if you know that the person is there waiting for you to arrive.
  4. Make it your new habit… Not all habits need to be broken especially if it keeps you motivated. Making something your habit and sticking with it religiously is brilliant because the more you do something the easier it ends up becoming. For example; planning out at the start of each week the main goal or task you want to get done by the end of each day so you can feel as though you have achieved something. Overtime it will become second nature to you that you just naturally wake up at the start of every week and plan what you need to get done.
  5. Routines and plans…one of the best ways for me to keep on top of everything is to have my routines and plans. This keeps me motivated and helps me to stick to something e.g for me – exercise, the best way i found is to schedule it in my daily time otherwise it can be just too easy for something ‘more urgent’ to get in the way and stop me from doing this. Or for another example; Is your goal aiming for a happier life? Schedule time out to meet up with and be around the people who make you the happiest.
  6. Go outside, breathe fresh air and simply just reconnect with nature…When you feel stuck or your mind is overfilling the best remedy for that is to step outside. It changes how you feel nearly instantly when you are with nature and outdoors with the fresh air and breeze on your face, you will feel more relaxed just hearing the birds tweeting and listening to the gentle rustling of leaves or trickling of the stream. Changing how you feel is to change your environment. No matter what the weather, stepping outside for just 20 minutes will help you to clear your negative or clogged up mindset and it will bring you back to being focused once more

So those are my techniques that have helped me to take action and start doing what I need and want to get done. I do hope that this has been useful to you if at the moment you have felt that your life is in a ‘stuck patch’ or your struggling to find time and like mentioned before are constantly juggling things. The main thing to always think is to; Just go for it because if there is one thing that i have ever learnt that is relevant to this post it is to never expect everything to be perfect (the perfect time, perfect place, perfect age, perfect day), you don’t need perfection to achieve things that you want to achieve or get done, you just need the determination and drive to just start doing it.



2 thoughts on “Feeling like you don’t achieve enough, Super long to-do list or constantly juggling stuff…Stop hesitating and just start doing!

  1. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing your tips! It’s so true that the hardest part is just getting started with literally anything but talking to people about your goals and then setting priorities makes every big & tiny goal more achievable!

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