4 Simple tips to help you to LOVE your LIFE and find happiness


Back again for another Sunday post Lovelies!

I bet we can all say that we want to find happiness in our life and love and live our lives to the fullest, but it is hard to feel happy every single day and it can be even more difficult to keep the happiness going when we experience bad patches in our lives. I have found just a few simple tips/tweaks that i have incorporated into my life and it has given a huge difference in how happy aspects of my life have become. These have really helped in my life so i wanted to share with you all in the hope that this will also in some way be beneficial to your life. I’m not going to lie and sit here writing that your life will be super happy if you put these tips into practice in your life as we all go through struggles and bad days, it is totally normal to feel down and that is a fine emotion to feel from time to time. Instead these tips will help you to hopefully find happiness when you do experience low times.

  • Don’t get down about getting down pexels-photo-301326.jpeg

Like i mentioned above it is absolutely fine to feel down and low about things, after all we are human. Everybody gets down occasionally and it is natural for us too. It becomes a problem when you really start to get stuck with feeling too overwhelmed by a situation. I find that when you relax in your low times and accept that there will be low patches that’s just the way life goes for everybody then life feels that little bit more easier to cope with and it will help you to find more acceptance during the bad times. When your mind becomes obsessed with feeling in one state (sadness or frustration) you are only delaying allowing yourself to move out of that state naturally so you may start to get in that dreaded ‘my life is stuck’ mindset. Try to realize and accept that everyone goes through low times and not getting too down about getting down will help you to move out of that feeling naturally and more strongly. I love the quote of “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise” (I keep it on my keys as a reminder) It sums up perfectly this tip as it reminds us that in your bad experiences and moments of low you will see the brightness again, once you have strongly come through whatever the situation is! Definitely one to remember 🙂

  • Relax in the present pexels-photo-544117.jpeg

Too many of us think that happiness is hiding behind something. For example this could be in the form of a new job or opportunity, a change in our figure/body shape, a different relationship etc…whatever makes you feel that if you had that then you would be happier in your life. But us thinking what might make us more happy in the future will delay our happiness in the present. Because we can’t usually make the change overnight, realistic changes take time! Try to remember that even if we made a change that we think will make us happy again we will most likely come to a crossroad in our life that makes us think the same way again, “if i changed (blank) then i would be so much more happier.” Because that’s just life. Instead try to think about what could make you feel more relaxed in the present moment. I find that i can usually relax more in the present moment by simply breathing more mindfully and deeply, doing something i really enjoy like reading my well being magazines or getting fresh air going out for walks or even just simply sitting in my garden and just trying to remind myself that what i am worrying about won’t in the end matter so much, as what will be will be and most things sort out in time. Relaxation is great to help bring some clarity and happiness in your life quickly and in the present moment. If you aim for relaxation instead of happiness then it can help you to remember that there is noone that is happy all the time and it will help you to relax about the idea of ‘happiness.’

  • Do more of what you love and also love more of what you do young-woman-1745173_1920.jpg

 I think a really strong tip that helps me with happiness in my life is this one, doing more of what i love. It seems so simple to do yet most of us probably find ourselves doing and spending our precious time on things that we don’t love doing. It doesn’t take a genius to know that doing what we love makes us feel happier. I fully understand that we can’t just walk away from our responsibilities of adult life or our annoying daily jobs altogether but we can learn to pick out the jobs that we don’t necessarily need to do that day and replace it with a space in our day to do something we love to do. Our lives are busy so it won’t be easy to just change your routine and chores however by learning to pick out and remove even just one task in your day that can wait and change it to something you love will allow you time each day to know you are doing something that you love!

pexels-photo-131979.jpegAnd aswell as trying to include more of what you love in your day try to love the things that you have to do more. Combining these two things in your life are quite powerful in creating happiness because either way you win and feel happier. I found that loving more of what you do incorporates mindfulness too. Say you have to wash the dishes, we all need to do that to keep our hygiene and homes tidy. You may find it boring but use mindfulness in that chore; Become more present in that moment, perhaps feel the bubbles, watch the water spinning round as you scrub… just focus on anything that takes your mind off washing the dishes and instead bring your mind to watching the process. I love washing up now after i have incorporated this practice into my chore and it can even feel an enjoyable task believe it or not. It doesn’t just have to be washing up, perhaps it’s ironing that you hate to do but know you need to do it in your weekly routine, bring your focus on ironing out those creases and just watching how crisp and fresh your shirt looks afterwards or feel the iron pressing and running smoothly along the fabric etc… bring your attention to other things rather than, “oh this is so boring, i hate it, when will it be done.” You never know what happiness lies within your ‘have to do chores’  

  • Therapeutic swearing? 

    Bye because another picture could of been abit too rude, better to cover the mouth for this one hehe

    This one is definitely for the more open minded types of people however if you read this with an open mind you may find this could work for you too. You may of come across therapeutic swearing and it’s benefits if not here are some; Studies have given evidence that swearing actually can help to reduce pain – Experiment where people put their hands in ice-cold water to see how long they could resist the pain for whilst trying out different methods, one of them being to say swear words. The results showed that the swearers could manage the pain for longer, so the end finding was that swearing released a painkiller (or for the proper term analgestic) in the body. Another bit of evidence is that when we swear we use a different part of the brain from the normal language area – Researchers found that most words we use are from the brain’s left hemisphere but when we use swear words the brain uses the right. Surprisingly the right hemisphere is connected with relaxation, healing and creativity. So when we swear we use this side of the brain. Perhaps try and say “F*** It” as it could pinpoint your problem. If you say that to something that you don’t want to do to create some more space for happiness in your life it could possibly help you to relax and let go. So this maybe one to try out and to see if it works for you. One word of warning though is not to over do it as it has been researched also that doing so makes it less effective to ease pain when it is overused and another reason is it just isn’t polite to do all the time.

I hope these 4 tips will have some benefit in your life with finding more happiness. I know that these have been the tips to help me. The last one not so much however on my blog i do want to bring a variety for all and this is one that i have come across so it may be helpful to you! Remember that stuff that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another! So give it a go 🙂 As always i love hearing from you all and feel free to comment below what helps you to feel happiness in your life and as a result love your life! 




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