5 Ways to feel the Autumn Spirit

Hiya Lovelies,

The first official day of Autumn is slowly coming up, on the 22nd of September it will be officially Autumn! An exciting time for me as i love the Autumn month…the world is filled with a kaleidoscope of colour, landscapes come alive with wildlife events and it’s the perfect time to get cosy and settled in your home. However for some it may be a time when your spirit dips abit knowing that summer has come to an end. But there are so many things to enjoy about Autumn and I wanted to share with you all 5 of the ways that i like to start feeling and enjoying the spirit of Autumn. 

pexels-photo-218673Whether you can relate to some of these and love Autumn yourself or if you need abit of a lift and reasons why you should be excited for Autumn then this post will hopefully be helpful to both. I decided to write this a little bit earlier than Autumn because these can be some ideas for preparation. Let the season change begin!

  • Woodland Walks fall-autumn-red-seasonWoodland walks are my favourite activity when Autumn hits. The changes of colour on all the trees, the fresh crispness in the air…It’s great to get out and about during this time as there is so many wonders to see, watching the leaves turn to gorgeous Autumnal colours i cannot think of anything better! And don’t get me started on when the autumn month is coming to an end and the leaves fall on the floor, the crunchiness when you walk is pure heaven! 


  • Bring Autumn inside your home pexels-photo-206648You know Autumn has officially begun from the leaves changing. And how perfect whilst on your woodland walk to collect some of the fallen leaves for any home decoration or craft activities. When the leaves first fall on the ground it makes such a stunning carpet of Autumn shades…burnt red, bright red, orange, purple, brown, gold such an array of colours. However they are quickly ground into mud once they have been trodden on so why not rescue some beforehand and pick the most beautiful leaves you can find that are scattered on the ground to bring the Autumn feel into your home. I like to fill up vases or mason jars and place around the house for an Autumnal feel or perhaps you could press them in a book and create a collage of an Autumn scene…anything that makes good use of the leaves and gives your home that seasonal feel. Whilst your out gathering leaves why not see what other objects you can find that really make you feel the Autumn spirit. Gathering fallen horse chestnut fruits and splitting their case open to reveal the gorgeous shiny brown conker is another great item to include in home decor in the Autumn. 


  • Watch Wildlife ginger-squirrel-16484Again another reason to go out for that woodland walk, is to see the adorable woodland animals that are out and about in the Autumn time so go grab your binoculars and see if you can go out and spot any foxes, rabbits, flocks of birds or deer etc…You could even create a checklist of all the things you have seen or be more creative and create a scrapbook to leave on your coffee table for a touch of light Autumn reading. 


  • Blackberry Picking pexels-photo-257834Mmmm if your like me and love a good blackberry go out and do some foraging this Autumn! Don’t just buy at the supermarket actually experience finding and picking your food. Blackberry picking is such a nostalgic thing for me to do as i used to do this with my family when i was younger. Not only does it bring back lovely memories, i get to also bring home some free tasty treats. The best time to pick these juicy berries is in August, September and early October. Take a basket with you so you can take a nice lot home but remember to leave some for all the other creatures that feed off of these at this time of the year too. If you looking for an Autumn activity to do in the kitchen why not make blackberry jam or blackberry crumble, those will really give your home the Autumn scents and an added bonus is that you know you went out to pick these yourself. Do your research beforehand though so you know the best blackberry walks and where to find them. 


  • DIY Hibernating Time pexels-photo-281417When the weather starts to turn colder and the days darken earlier we all start spending more time indoors, in the comfort and warmth of our cosy homes. If we spend so much more time indoors during the Autumn and Winter months it may be nice and refreshing to create the perfect hideaway during the colder weather. Pick a little spot in your home that you want to make cosier this season and change it to the way you like. Maybe it could be something small like adding some cute Autumnal cushions or a new quilt/blanket, adding Autumn scented candles or it could even be putting up a new shelf to fill with seasonal decorations or even painting a wall. Whatever you want to do that will help you to feel cosy in your home throughout the colder/hibernating months do it. 

So there you go those are my 5 ways that i like to start feeling the Autumn spirit. I hope you are all able to enjoy the simple wonders that come with the change of the season before we all start to feel Christmassy. Please leave in the comments what you like to do also during the Autumn season as i would love to know and i’m sure others would too!

Lastly, I wanted to leave a bit of inspiration with this post too to help you feel inspired by Autumn so below is a slideshow that just shows the beauty of this seasonal change.  

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19 thoughts on “5 Ways to feel the Autumn Spirit

  1. Great pics and ideas! Picking apples and making sauce and pies means autumn to me! And my family likes to know there’s a big container of hot chocolate mix available for cold days ahead.

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  2. I love autumnal walks where the leaves are changing colour and it feels crisp outside, but I equally love the cosiness at home and having a snug space as you wrote about, can’t beat it! Still, my heart isn’t ready to give up on summer (or the lack of it here in the UK…) x

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