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Another Glossybox time! I get so excited to share with you all the Glossybox’s i receive each month, i really do hope your still enjoying the posts just as much as i enjoy reviewing them! With it being the month of September the Glossybox this month was based around that ‘back to school’ feeling. Instead of it being new stationary when we were younger at school it’s now all about changing up our skincare routine for the change of season and starting to try out some seasonal makeup changes. Because of the new start that September’s change in season brings this time Glossybox have included a ‘fresh edit of grooming staples.’ rsz_img_20170916_140054185_hdr.jpg

NEXT MONTH! – I never usually share what the sneak peek is for next time however this one i just have too! It is a surprise which box you will get! Glossybox have designed two magical collector edition boxes, you could either receive Unicorn or Mermaid! I am so so excited and so glad that Glossybox will choose for us as i couldn’t possibly pick between these two! It will be very interesting to see what contents each box has, so definitely check out other Glossybox review posts to take a look!rsz_img_20170916_140123812.jpg


Inside the box : 5 products (4 full size)…2 Beauty & 3 Skincare!


STYLONDON Siligel Blender – I was so excited last month when it was revealed that this blender was our sneak peek for this box! I have seen reviews of this item on different Blogs and Youtube videos. It seems to be a blender like marmite people either love it or hate it. I’ve got to admit i think i will love it (just like i do marmite) and use it all the time! This is the Siligel Blender from STYLONDON. I would pick this up as a foundation tool just for the pure fact that it is more hygienic than other blenders, it also claims to use up half the amount of foundation that any other blender or brush would as it doesn’t absorb as much product. I am so happy to be able to try this product sounds perfect for no more product wastage and nomore having to purchase foundation all the time because i’ve run out haha. This blender retails at £5.99 and i think everybody should try this to see if it works for them or is one to miss. The texture of it is so soft and the steps are simple you basically just sweep your foundation on your face and then pat and press the product into the skin for it to be blended! As simple as that. rsz_img_20170916_140228353.jpg

PIXI Brow Tamer – This retails at £12 and is a full size product. I love the brand PIXI so you can imagine the smile on my face when i saw this one! I’ve never used a brow gel before as i have never felt i needed too, i find my pencil eyebrow stays on until i cleanse my face but i will definitely start to use this anyway to see how this product works. This brow gel claims to be long-wearing and will set and hold the most unruly of brows in place all day. It is Paraben free and not tested on animals so bonus points for that! The formula includes soothing Aloe Vera and the Panthenol gives it a natural look. Happy with this product but mainly because of the brand Glossybox included! 




TAYLOR’S 32 Natural Whitening Toothpaste – I wanted to share my favourite Skincare product out of the bunch first. I’m not sure if you would class this as Skincare more like General Hygiene however those are the categories i do so it’s more Skincare than Beauty. I have been on the lookout for a good decent natural toothpaste as i am slowly trying to eliminate certain products i own that contain unnecessary bad chemicals. Toothpaste was one of them i wanted to change after lots of research and realizing that i didn’t need the ones with all those added ingredients to keep my teeth and gums healthy and it was perfectly fine to change to a more natural product. I was so excited to see this and to be honest it is in my top 2 products that i received this month (this one and the siligel blender.) This toothpaste is by the brand TAYLOR’S 32 and has been developed with dentists, it is also made in the UK. It is an all natural minty toothpaste, i received grapefruit and mint which i think will be a nice change to try rather than just mint. However they do other flavours too if this doesn’t suit you including just mint. The formula is the most interesting part. It does not contain; any SLS, Artificial Flavours, Sweeteners, Colourants, Preservatives or Abrasives, Petrochemicals or Parabens. It does contain; Vitamin E to help teeth and gums stay healthy naturally, Sodium Bicarbonate and Silica to remove stains and restore the natural whiteness of teeth, Xylitol and Fluoride to prevent build up of plaque and restrengthen tooth enamel and Natural Flavours are also included to leave the mouth feeling refreshed and clean. You get 75ml of product and this retails at £5. rsz_img_20170916_140348660.jpg

MONUSKIN Firming Fiji Facial Oil for Dry/Sensitive Skin – I am very lucky to of received this product, because of the change of season into the colder months i find on my nose i can get dry skin sometimes, this will be perfect for those times. This is by MONUSKIN and is a facial oil especially designed for Dry and Sensitive skin. I received 30ml and this product retails at £21.95 for 30ml. It isn’t clear that this is a full size product on the ‘Inside your box’ sheet that Glossybox include but going from Monushop website i did receive a full size product. I love MonuSkin as a brand for skincare as their ingredients from the products i have brought before have never contained any bad Alcohols which is what i look out for the most in a skincare product because of the unneeded drying effect it can have on the skin and their products usually have a nice small readable ingredient list so you know exactly what you are putting on your face and it isn’t alot of added unnecessary ingredients. Facial oils are perfect for applying after cleansing and toning. This facial oil is made in the UK, is Paraben free and no animal testing! This facial oil claims to smooth and comfort skin whilst preventing dehydration. It contains a blend of Bois De Rose and Patchouli Essential Oils these will keep your skin feeling firm and visibly radiant, Natural plant oils are also included too and this will protect, stimulate the skin’s complexion and also pamper pores. I think i will be using this product not daily in my skincare routine but when my skin feels more dehydrated due to the seasonal changes. rsz_img_20170916_140304393.jpg

CETAPHIL Mini Skincare Trio – I’ve got to be honest with you all this is my least favourite product in the box but it’s only because i placed an order with Superdrug a month ago and received this exact gift as a freebie! The only difference is this one has Boots logo printed on the packaging and i actually gave the freebie away as i have my skicnare routine that i already like so didn’t really feel like trying this mini set out plus the ingredient list i wasn’t too keen on for myself. But these are all mini versions and the set would usually cost £14.99. Cetaphil has apparently been used backstage for a longtime to remove model’s makeup caring for sensitive skin. I don’t know much about this brand but i like that already. This set contains (I also included the full size products retail price) Step 1: Gentle Skin Cleanser £14.99, Step 2: Moisturising Cream (for the face) £8.99, Step 3: Moisturising Lotion (for the body) £14.99. It’s a really cute idea to add it in a little triangle packaged set as if you were interested in the products you can try them out before purchasing the full size ones. rsz_img_20170916_140753837.jpg

Little Treat! – Lastly, Glossybox included a little treat for us which was a Kinder Bueno chocolate, sadly no picture though but i can say that it was thoroughly delicious and enjoyed with a nice warm cuppa tea whilst writing this post! You can see why no picture now hehe.

Overall, i loved this month’s Glossybox the only product i wasn’t too keen on was the Cetaphil set, but with 4 other products i loved i can’t complain! I loved the toothpaste included as i never thought a beauty box would even think of that! I especially love that Glossybox do add products that people are raving about like the Siligel blender, they do keep you up to date with the beauty world which i adore! And lastly, it’s great that Glossybox added a product thinking of the season changes and skin complications that can arise with this. Hugely appreciated!



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      1. Ooo i highly recommend if you can, i have done a review each month for their boxes so if you want to check out the contents of the previous boxes they will be on my blog! See if you love the products. I personally don’t think you will be dissapointed! XO

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