How To Start The Day With A Better Breakfast

Hello Lovelies, it’s Sunday morning again and time for another post!


I’m asking one simple question today to you all; What have you had today for breakfast? Maybe you’ve enjoyed your favourite bowl of cereal this morning, had a yummy cooked breakfast (in my opinion lucky you!!! *licks lips*), maybe you never have an appetite in the morning so you skip breakfast or perhaps you have eaten your routinely healthy breakfast (in which case you are already starting your day with a better breakfast so well done hehe) I personally need to fuel my body with breakfast in the mornings or i get way too hungry if i don’t eat when i wake up. I never function well otherwise and i don’t concentrate properly all of that leaves me feeling super drained of energy so for me breakfast is very important. 

Reasons why it’s better to opt for a healthy and balanced breakfast


Most people want the best out of their life, to lead a healthy & balanced lifestyle (i know i do) so it only makes sense if the first meal of the day is healthy and balanced too. This will set our bodies up properly for the day ahead and set us off with a positive attitude giving us a positive start to the day….Perfect! But there are other reasons why a healthy and balanced breakfast is vital for us. (The following are tips and knowledge that i have read about in the past so i guess i’m just writing to you what i already know, as i definitely am no scientist and hopefully you can pass these tips on to others too or just put them to practice in your life.) 

  1. There has been research that eating in the morning helps to manage Stress Hormone Cortisol. Your stress hormone cortisol peaks upon rising, so if you skip your breakfast the cortisol will carry on being high. It is this reason why then later in the day you will most likely have an increased appetite and your energy levels will slump.
  2. Sort of following the first reason when your cortisol is high first thing in the morning your hormones that tell you when you are full will be affected too, these are called Satiety Hormones. If you eat breakfast you will fulfill your Satiety Hormones which will then cause your blood sugar levels to rise which reduces the cortisol. Over a long period of time this will help you to maintain a healthy weight.
  3. If never eating breakfast is a regular thing for you after time it can cause weight gain especially around your abdominal area and can also be linked to other metabolic conditions too. 

Those are three very good reasons why breakfast is so important to us and our bodies however there is another one that is equally important. During sleep our bodies work alot (even though we would think of sleep as a restful and peaceful period.) When we wake up we have low blood glucose and liver glycogen levels because our bodies have been hard at work. This is where eating a healthy balanced breakfast is vital because those lost levels will rise after the meal. It is important to replenish our bodies with key nutrients first thing and this will also give us better cognition during the day as glucose is a key fuel for our brains. 

Now you know why…the question is how do you have a better breakfast?

Simple, there are three things that i think of when i choose what i eat for my breakfast that do really help you make the right choices at breakfast time. 

  1. GIVE YOURSELF TIME – pexels-photo-179912.jpegThe best time to have breakfast is within two hours of waking. If you can, really do try to take time eating your breakfast. It’s perfect if you can give up 20 minutes of your day without distraction to really enjoy your breakfast and be mindful of what you are eating and how yummy all that goodness your eating tastes. 20 minutes of your day really isn’t very much when you know you have the rest of the whole day ahead of you (if you can’t set aside just 20 minutes for yourself in the morning even if it means waking up that little bit earlier when can you set time for yourself?) Setting time like this for your breakfast will really help to start your day off well and positively, it’s vital to focus on ourselves for abit and the environment without distractions will really help the way your body digests and absorbs the food. If you like to work out in the morning (i personally don’t because i have my make up to put on and that sort of art you’ve just woken up and you’ve still got sleepy dust in your eyes for a non-makeup artist takes time haha) try to eat it within 30 minutes to an hour after you finish your session to refuel your body properly. 
  2. PROTEIN – pexels-photo-566566 (1).jpegProtein is a very important nutrient to include at breakfast time because it will help to sustain your energy levels throughout your day. Eggs are a perfect example to eat at breakfast because they are highly nutritious, packed full of amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins; like Vitamin A, B12, D and more. Even if you ate eggs every morning i can guarantee you won’t get bored of them, there are so many ways to prepare them have them poached, boiled, fried, scrambled and baked. Add some delicious herbs to pump up the flavour and to have extra additional health benefits to your breakfast. Eggs go wonderfully with herbs like Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro, Sage, Thyme and Tarragon. To have an even healthier breakfast serve them on top of organic sourdough bread or healthy pancakes (use buckwheat, coconut, spelt or quinoa flour.) You can also add other things on the side to up your healthy and balanced breakfast, if you feel like it have some tomatoes, avocado and even spinach…anything healthy that you think will compliment the egg and you want.pexels-photo-106877.jpegI know that everyone has different appetites at breakfast and what some people may love to eat in the morning others wouldn’t. I personally would hate to eat fish first thing in the morning however if that is your thing and you like it then include some mackerel, salmon and kippers to your meal. Other options to have to give you more of a variety dish if you eat it 7 days a week is a little bit of full fat goat’s cheese, yogurt, nuts and seeds.
  3. Do your research on those so called ‘HEALTHY’ CEREALS –  pexels-photo-89089 (1).pngThese ‘Healthy’ cereals that you buy from the stores if you didn’t around know the majority of them are heavily loaded with hidden sugars, syrups and a ton of dried fruit (more sugar.) It is best to make your own ‘cereal’ so you know what actually goes in it. You could get some pure porridge oats and add the healthy toppings that you want for added beneficial goodness and flavour. pexels-photo-216951 (1).jpeg

When i’m not eating eggs for breakfast i like to eat organic porridge oats, i get these with my weekly fruit and veg shop from Riverford. A couple of years ago i would only really eat Coco Pops and Frosties for breakfast when i had cereals however, after being really interested in my wellness i slowly started changing my lifestyle habits to better options, that’s when i started to love porridge and not eat store cereals anymore. I hope this post has helped you know how to have a better breakfast in the morning and if you think it will be hard to give up those store cereals or maybe even your unhealthy breakfast choices then i hope by knowing that i have it will help you realise that if you stick with it and know it’s better for your body with much more goodness then it is possible to change if a healthier lifestyle is what your after! I love my breakfasts even more now as i take the time to prepare it, take the time to enjoy what i have made, can make one food into a variety of dishes by just adding simple things and it fills me up with lots of goodness, energy, refuels me and gives me a start to my day the right way! 








8 thoughts on “How To Start The Day With A Better Breakfast

    1. At least on the days you do eat it you will opt for oatmeal! That’s a healthy choice so well done you! hehe, I can’t relate to not having much of an appetite in the morning as i can’t function without breakfast!! But everyone is different, if you want to try and eat it everyday or most days then even an egg would be a good easy option quite light too…that is if you like eggs :p XO

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  1. Such a great post! I’ve really been trying to make my diet more healthier however for breakfast i always end up having store bought cereals as they are easy, fast and taste good. I want to try switching that up with eggs or granola! This post definitely motivated me to to be healthier! xx

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed this weeks post! I totally understand about them being easy and tasting good haha but eggs are just as quick if you carry on getting ready if your in a rush whilst they are cooking, it’s just remembering to put them on in time hehe! Thank you for your sweet comment! XO

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