Can a horse really help you reach your full potential…What is Equine Facilitated Therapy all about?

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday 🙂 

Today i wanted to write a post about a therapy that really interests me. Equine Facilitated Therapy. Some of you may of heard about it and some of you may not of but i first heard about it through a magazine article and as a massive animal lover and open to all different therapy ways then i fell in love with this and think it would be wonderful to try at some point so wanted to share with you all. If you don’t know anything about it and are an animal lover too then i think you will find this an interesting read. pexels-photo-58897

What is Equine Facilitated Therapy and how can it benefit??

Equine Facilitated Therapy is definitely up there on the list of  the more ‘unusual’ types of therapy however it is very interesting and not as cray as you might first think.

Horses are known to be incredibly empathetic and the philosophy behind this type of therapy is that when you stand or sit close to a horse they can give you powerful and honest feedback that mirrors your exact feelings of how you are feeling inside. According to some studies done it is also thought that horses can read positive and negative facial expressions too. horse-arabs-stallion-ride-53114.jpegEquine Facilitated Therapy basically helps to accelerate a learning and personal growth in an individual by using horses. Horses are used because like mentioned above they mirror behaviours within people and they also have instinctive reactions. The benefits of this is that when these attributes that the participant has are recognised and shown by the horse then it allows the individual to be more honest and true to themselves which causes them to develop from within in a life changing and powerful way. People often start these type of sessions when they are at the point in their life when they are feeling ready to take a step back from life and to make changes for themselves that will help them grow personally. Equine Facilitated Therapy can offer the support that is needed to develop and grow. 

Is there any proof of Equine Facilitated Therapy actually working?  animal-brown-horse.jpg

If your wondering what the science behind all of this is and if it is actually true then i do know that there has been a study done by The Institute of HeartMath to suggest some truth to all of this. It was suggested that horses can positively influence people nearby because horses have electromagnetic fields that are larger than humans. There were results from the study that the people who participated had more feelings of patience and empowerment, lower blood pressure and less stress (the thing most of us would love to have less of nowadays!) The great thing about Equine Facilitated Therapy is that it is a holistic approach to personal development all taking place in a natural environment. The outdoors to me is already such a tranquil atmosphere so it’s a perfect place to have a therapy session i think. 

What would a session be like? farm-animals-horses.jpg

I cannot personally share any experiences as so far i have not tried this therapy out. I would love to have the opportunity to try this later on though because i do believe that there is a unique relationship with horses when we interact with them and researching more about this therapy shows me that it would also offer therapeutic benefits too. I don’t know exactly how each session would plan out as i haven’t done one myself like i mentioned above but i roughly get the idea of the sessions from researching it up. You would first fill out a short questionnaire to identify where you want to be in your life and where you are at right now. You would then go and choose the horse that you feel most drawn to. (This choosing bit is really interesting to me as, every time i see a field of horses there is always just one that really stands out to me i don’t know about anybody else but there is always one that catches my eye the most and i feel drawn to one even just passing by one on a walk!) The therapist you are working with will then observe and evaluate how the horse acts around you. Horses are honest so when you smile and say “i’m feeling fine” when deep down you may be feeling upset or frustrated then the horse will amazingly mirror the true feeling of how you feel, this is the part that allows the therapist to get to the bottom of the more deeply rooted issues in your life and how you are feeling truly, then they can offer suggestions on how to work through them. So the key is to really be honest with yourself and the horse about how you feel, if you are honest then the horse will want to naturally be around your energy, if your the type of person who struggles to be true to yourself then the horse may turn it’s back or move away. The horses behavior will progress gradually as the session goes on this is because your emotions will change around the horse as the therapist continues on with the questioning. horse-animal

Overall, i think this type of therapy is absolutely amazing. This therapy seems to me like a great option for people who don’t like just talking therapies (i understand that not everyone gets on with counselling.) I’m by no means an expert in therapy but i do think that there should be more places across the UK that specifically offer this therapy as i would love for this to become more well known. I love that we are starting to respect and realise how intelligent horses really are and it’s great that therapists are already starting to use this as a way to treat things like; addiction, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder etc… There are other animals that can really support and impact our lives, i have heard of how dogs are so special and beneficial and i am so happy (especially as i am a huge animal lover) that animals are being taken seriously with how they interact with us and how we can really create unique beneficial bonds with them and also be helped by them.                                       After reading various experiences from people who have actually taken part in these types of sessions and hearing their thoughts on it and how it has helped them, it has really fascinated me with the psychological benefits interacting with horses can give. That is why i felt like sharing this not to well known therapy post with all of you, let’s just say my main aim for this post is to spread the word about this to people who may not have even heard of it but may find it beneficial in their own lives. If this post interested you i would highly recommend you do some more research for yourself to see if this really is something you would consider doing and benefit from. If you have already taken part in Equine Facilitated Therapy then i would absolutely love to know your thoughts on the experience! 🙂 






4 thoughts on “Can a horse really help you reach your full potential…What is Equine Facilitated Therapy all about?

  1. I have not taken part in Equine Facilitated Therapy, but Charlotte I love the way horses make you feel. The curiosity in their eyes, the way they twitch those ears as if they are actually listening to you and waiting for a handful of grass or some other treat. It is unparalleled, the way animals can heal you with their quiet loving.

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  2. This is an amazing post – I am a horse owner and have been around horses for the majority of my life. I often say my horse is my therapy, as are my dogs but in a different way.
    There really is nothing quite like spending time just me and my mare, be it riding in the open countryside or grooming her. It always gives me clarity and I love her dearly. x

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! That sounds amazing owning horses and I definitely agree I’ve always believed that animals can heal and help you in many special ways. I don’t own horses but found this equine therapy very inspiring so it’s great that someone who has been around horses can relate to this post! I am thrilled you liked it 🙂 XO


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