GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – October 2017! Mermaid or Unicorn???

Hello Lovelies! 🙂 

This really is a  GLOSSYBOX SPECIAL this month! I have so much news to tell you…from Exclusive Glossybox sweatshirts to a Limited Edition first ever Glossybox Advent Calendar!!

For all of you who read my September Glossybox review you will know that this month i was extra extra excited as it was a mermaid or unicorn box. Glossybox decides on what your mystical alter-ego is….Mine is UNICORN! I love both so i really didn’t mind which one i received, but secretly was hoping for the Unicorn box as i knew there would be more pink in it! The whole reason behind this magical theme this month is because Glossybox are celebrating how magic makeup is because makeup has a magic ability to transform the way we look and how we feel about ourselves. Glossybox chose Mermaids and Unicorns because they said they are ‘beauty icons’ in their eyes. 



Glossybox Sweatshirt???  I am super excited this month as not only did i receive a special collector’s Glossybox, we also were able to purchase a very limited and exclusive Unicorn or Mermaid embroidered slogan sweatshirt. They said over their social media that the sweatshirts are as rare as unicorns themselves so be quick to purchase!! And lucky for me the sweatshirts were available to buy bang on my payday! So i was a very very lucky girl! I struggled to pick obviously however, i chose Mermaid in the end because i’m a Pisces… a water baby at heart. They retail at £29.99 if you are interested in ordering and are still available in their glossybox shop at the moment. In my honest opinion it is the softest and most comfiest sweatshirt i own. I got their biggest size ‘Large’ so i could use as an oversized sweatshirt (my favourite kind of sweatshirts.) I highly recommend you buying if you can and especially if you are a fan of Unicorns, Mermaids or BOTH! With a Mermaid sweatshirt and Unicorn glossybox i really got the best of both.




Don’t miss…COMING SOON! 

Glossybox this year for the first time ever have designed the ultimate beauty gift! For only £59.99 with gifts worth over £200, this Christmas they have their limited edition advent calendar on sale very very soon! The box itself looks absolutely stunning! It’s a reusable vanity case that contains over 20 Beauty products which include 3 full-size makeup palettes!! I am really hoping to get my hands on one this year! But i have a big feeling they will sell out fast so if you want one badly i would advise you to just get ASAP! They aren’t released yet and we haven’t been given a date but i would imagine it will be released very very soon! rsz_img_20171014_123350125.jpg

Right with those two exciting messages shared, here’s what was included in my UNICORN SPECIAL EDITION GLOSSYBOX!

“Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses” 



Inside the box : 5 products (ALL FULL SIZE!) 4 Beauty and 1 Beauty Tool and 1 Half Unicorn sticker for phone or notebook



Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs Unicorn Eyeshadow Palette – This palette was absolutely perfect to include in the special collector’s edition boxes. I know both boxes have received this eyeshadow palette! Although this palette is abit hit and miss for me i am still happy with it because it really does cover the Unicorn & Mermaid theme. It retails at only £4! But this is hit and miss for me because of the colours, i am not usually that adventurous with eyeshadow colours however i am definitely keeping as every vanity makeup case needs a variety of eyeshadow shades for every occasion! Who knows one day i might wake up wanting to do a Unicorn or Mermaid inspired look! hehe. It is a creative palette and contains 12 lovely shades and for £4 you can’t really go wrong!IMG_20171014_103546358IMG_20171014_103646048

Bang Beauty Cream Color – I was very excited to see this, it is from a brand i have never heard of Bang Beauty (I think they are from the USA.) This is why i love Glossybox as they include brands that i would never of discovered unless in the box. This retails at £19.50! I got the shade Dolce Pink. It is a multi-purpose cream that you can use on your cheeks, eyes and lips. It is Vegan and Cruelty free also so a bonus. I am in love with the packaging it is gorgeous,, the clear bottom design makes it look like a luxury product. The product itself has a very smooth and creamy texture and is a pink shimmer, perfect for eyeshadow and especially highlight. I will be using this for sure!! The shimmer in this is pure magic… I will really be feeling like a shimmery unicorn all day after one application of this stuff. IMG_20171014_105047999IMG_20171014_105018405

Swatched XO

Kawaii Enterprise brush Cleansing Egg – I can see why this was included, this gorgeous iridescent packaging is why! IMG_20171014_103731042.jpgI love this product alot. It is a silicone cleansing egg that cleans all of your makeup brushes. You basically pop two fingers into the bottom inside the egg, wet your brush and add some gentle soap. The small nodules at the top is where you lather up your brush and then the deeper grooves is where you run your brush down to remove any foam and product build-up whilst also realigning the brush hairs so they aren’t left damaged. It is a genius idea that i have never even thought about when cleaning my brushes. It retails at £7.99 and even happier that it is in my favourite colour PINK! Can’t wait to test this one out. IMG_20171014_103742942.jpg

Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Blush – Happy to see a blush included in the box as i was after one recently and excited to try out my first ever cream to powder blush. I know alot of Glossies were unhappy with the shade they had received as glossybox had size shades to give out however i am so so lucky that i received a pink shade (077 Carnation) It would of been the exact shade i would of chosen for a blush. It retails at £5.99 and is a very unique and magical. This is a blush that has a creamy texture at first but when you blend the product out it magically transforms into a light powder (I can see why this type of blush was included with those magical powers.) I am excited to see this beauty in action when applying to my full face of makeup. It has a soft texture and apparently is long-wearing and glides on smoothly, you apply delicately with your fingers and then blend it out. IMG_20171014_103832817

Right shade colour XO
Swatched XO

Lord & Berry Magic Brow Perfect Eyebrow Pencil – This is OMG an amazing find from Glossybox! An eyebrow pencil that is marbleised! WHAT?? This eyebrow pencil is £14 and is pure magic, it claims to be complimentary for any shade of eyebrow as it has a marbleised tip which mimicks the colour variation found naturally in brows. I think this is another wonderful and genius product. When swatched it is perfect to my eyebrow shade and i do love a good penciled on eyebrow! The pencil itself glids on smoothly and is highly pigmented. It’s quite small for being full size and £14 however i can see why it is that price, because it is very unique to other eyebrow pencils. IMG_20171014_104214699

Tried to pick up the marbleised effect XO


Overall, this has been the best Glossybox i have received. All 5 products were full size and i am keeping all of them! The theme Glossybox chose was an amazing idea and the products they included for the Unicorn box were very well thought out. I could see why they included every single product in the box…all of them had that magical factor. I really could not choose a favourite as these products were spot on and i was delighted with them all!

Glossybox are such a unique subscription beauty box and i am so so glad that i chose to subscribe to them as my first ever beauty box. I have been with them over a year now and they really are an amazing value for money! Each month there is always a new beauty discovery or an on trend beauty item. They really think of their Glossies when they choose what goes into their boxes! It is like Christmas every month and it really brightens up your day when you see that Glossybox packaging in the Postman’s hands! So if you haven’t subscribed to them yet but love each month the items that i share on my blog with you all, i know that you won’t be dissapointed with spending only £13.25 a month (includes Postage) on 5 incredible items shipped straight to your door in a gorgeous pink box! 



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