NAILSINC Beauty Of Dreams Deluxe Unicorn Christmas 2017 Gift Set!

Morning Lovelies! 🙂

You always know Christmas is just around the corner when Boots start their Star buys…the festive season has officially begun! I love a good bargain all year round but at Christmas time it is even more magical when you get half the price off a new gift set that’s just been released! Luckily for me i keep an eye out at Boots this time of year and last week their Star Buy was a super magical and amazing one! Sadly if you want this item after reading this post the half price slash that i brought it in has ended sorry – But good news you can purchase at Boots with their 3 for 2 so if your needing other Christmas gifts maybe this offer is one for you! 

It’s not a surprise what gift set i picked up because of the title, so as you already know it is the NAILSINC Beauty of Dreams Deluxe Unicorn Beauty Gift Set. I could not resist buying this for myself as an early Christmas present treat especially as it was £20 when i purchased (haha i’m terrible i know!) This gift set is exclusive to Boots however other places have in stock other Nailsinc Unicorn gift sets (e.g. John Lewis and Debenhams and of course Nailsinc site) The items inside will differ compared to this set i will be talking about so do shop around and see what gift sets you like the most if you love NAILSINC. 




This is one of the most gorgeous boxes i have ever seen for a Christmas gift set. I love good quality packaging that can also be used later for a sturdy storage box…and who doesn’t want a unicorn design storage box? This box is a lovely size and has the most elegant unicorns i’ve ever seen dotted all over the front. On the side it has an adorable little message saying, “Dream Big. Shine Bright. Sparkle Like a Unicorn.” $RJ6AFRW.JPGThe box is exactly spot on for being a unicorn theme…Super shiny, iridescent and when the light catches it makes rainbow colours all over it! So so pretty and words can’t really describe how magnificent just the box alone is! Love it!

What’s included?SAM_4961.JPG

This beauty gift set has you covered from nails to makeup and even skincare. If you purchase this as a treat for yourself or even as a gift for a lucky person then they really will be prepping and painting their way into wonderland for the festive season. This set contains all the things you would need to shine and sparkle just like a unicorn and have a magical christmas. The set contains; 

  • Two FACEINC sheet masks and a FACEINC peel off maskSAM_4963.JPG
  • The Cult Beauty and super popular NAILSINC ‘Sparkle like a Unicorn’ Nail Polish Duo SAM_4966.JPG
  • A LIPSINC lipstick in the shade ‘Busy Unicorning’ and a holographic lip gloss in the shade ‘Sleepy Unicorn.’ The lip products are only available in this kit at the moment. So are as rare as unicorns! SAM_4965.JPG

Facial Masks


Sparkle Like A Unicorn Illuminating Sheet Mask – No unicorn themed gift set would be complete unless they had a unicorn sheet mask in it! And this one is used specifically for illuminating your skin…Girl you will have a unicorn glow after using this product hehe! The sheet is apparently printed with the unicorn design on the front which is the cutest skincare idea ever to me. Most importantly though is the ingredients and this is enriched with Vitamins B5 and B3, green tea, lemon fruit extract and mulberry. All of these will lift your dead skin cells, improve the appearance of fine lines and tighten enlarged pores. You can be transformed into a cute unicorn for 15 minutes once applied to your face and then you massage any excess liquid into the skin…No rinse off is required! So a mess free facial mask, just what i like! And what’s a total bonus is no nasty Alcohol is added so no drying out the skin. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Show Me The Bunny Oil-Balancing Sheet Mask – This sheet mask has the magical powers of a 3 in 1 as it will cleanse your skin gently, tone and hydrate it too. It is an oil-balancing sheet mask and is enriched with blueberry extracts, grapefruit and guava. The ingredients will help to cleanse and oil regulate the skin, even out skin tone, tone the skin, hydrate the skin and soothe the skin too. The bunny print is just too cute also, and just like the Unicorn mask you don’t need to rinse it off just massage any excess liquid in and it only takes 15 minutes for all the goodness to be absorbed by your skin. SAM_4975.JPG

‘Silver Streak’ Hand+Face+Body Brightening Peel Off Mask – This mask isn’t a sheet mask but is a single use peel off mask…i’m guessing that it is silver in shade from the name but i haven’t used it yet so i am not too sure. On the packaging it says you can use it on your hands + face + body…i think though i will stick to just the face as there’s only 10ml in the packet. I unfortunately can’t give you alot of detail about this product as i have no idea what’s in the ingredients and what skincare it specifically targets. There isn’t information on this product anywhere so i can’t share much…but i’ll leave you with you get this in the gift set too haha! SAM_4974.JPG

Lip Products 

Lip trippin lipstick in shade ‘Busy Unicorning’ – SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis is a gorgeous iridescent lip strobe. It is such a creamy texture and not drying on the lips at all. The pigment of it is quite a subtle pink so i can imagine this would look good as a topper over a pink lipstick if you wanted more of a pop of pink. I love the design of this lipstick. The pink round ball in the clear case part of the packaging is what colour is inside however this is separate and not part of the lipstick so once you’ve finished the product you have that to find a similar shade elsewhere iF you wanted too. Love that idea! It is just as shimmery on the lips as it is on the arm swatch and it sparkles so prettily. I love this lipstick and am really hoping they make this an official one that you can buy all year round. You get 5.3g of product which i think is a good decent amount, especially because you don’t need to use alot of product as the shimmer and pigment comes out straight away. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

In a Dream World Lip Gloss in the shade ‘ Sleepy Unicorn’ – SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOMG! If you wanted to know what unicorn shimmer looked like on your lips…it is totally this! This is my favourite lip product out of the two because it has a lilac shimmer to it. Super beautiful. This lip gloss is iridescent like the lip strobe lipstick and is so so shimmery. It isn’t gloopy and sticky that you can find with alot of lip glosses, it is just a lovely and lightweight sheer gloss. The shade shines lilac, pink and bluey…which i absolutely adore. It looks gorgeous on the lips just like on the arm swatch again and i am going to be wearing this one on firework night for sure (Random haha but it is such a popping colour.)  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


And of course no Unicorn Nailsinc Gift set would be complete if they didn’t include their Cult Beauty favourite ‘Sparkle like a Unicorn’ Nail polish Duo. You get 14ml of product in both bottles so full size. SAM_4981.JPGMy favourite nail polish ever is the Rainbow Wishes…it looks exactly like the Lip gloss in this set but for your nails. It is the prettiest holographic nail polish to ever exist and is the look of a soft sheen rainbow. Lastly the second polish included is ‘Dream Dust’ this fabulous nail polish has blinding 3D pigments in it. I would say the shade is sort of like a pinky rose gold. Both unique and not like other polishes i’ve seen before. Keep an eye out on my twitter if your interested in swatches for this as i can imagine once i have used i will be taking pictures of the gorgeous shades. I already took one of the Dream Dust shade before as i have brought this as a Duo set a months ago for £15. thumbnail_IMG_20171021_211944.jpg

Overall, this deluxe beauty gift set is probably for me one of the best gift sets out this Christmas. It is right up my street being a Unicorn theme and i know there has been a huge unicorn trend so i can imagine this is going to be a very popular gift this year! The box set normally retails at £40 but like i mentioned before i brought for £20 in the Boots Star Buys (which usually have the more expensive gifts marked down half price.) I’m not sure about the lip products as these are exclusive to the gift set at the moment but the other product costs if your interested are; Sparkle like a unicorn face mask – £5, Show me the bunny face mask – £5, Silver Streak peel off mask – £5, Rainbow Wishes & Dream Dust Duo nail polish – £15 (individually would be £11 each)

I am over the moon with this gift set and am a very very lucky girl treating myself to it for an early Christmas present! I really hope some of you managed to see this star buy and get yourself or someone else one as it was perfect value for money! But even for £40 it is a wonderful gift and i know whoever receives it will not be dissapointed! Do let me know your thoughts on the products…maybe if you’ve already tried the facial masks what you thought of them? or which products you love the most or hope to get your hands on? I love to read all of your thoughts and opinions so feel free to leave a comment. I hope you all have a magical and wonderful Sunday and thank you so much for taking the time to read 🙂







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