Sponsored – Struggling for Christmas Gifts? A wonderful Christmas Gift Idea Website..UncommonGoods (The Perfect Gift Guide)

Morning Lovelies!

This post is sponsored by UncommonGoods, however these are honestly 100% my own opinions and i would only write about products which i think are wonderful and worth sharing with my readers! I wanted just to add that it was a pleasure working with UncommonGoods and i felt very excited as this is my first sponsored post! So another new experience on my blogging journey and another small note i will always be honest whenever i do sponsored posts as i would like to keep this little corner of the internet truthful and honest for everyone who reads! 

This is abit of a different post this week not a beauty or wellbeing post but i guess you could say a lifestyle post? It’s Christmas coming up soon in about 5 weeks time and many of you all who like to be organised will be doing your christmas present shopping in readiness so you can relax and enjoy the festive season in December. I prefer to shop online for my presents because i find that i can stick to my budget better and i can slowly browse and compare different gifts whilst in the comfort of my own home. Going to the shops is really pretty at Christmas time obviously but it can be a mad rush and very busy and i often find myself picking up other things and not sticking to my gift lists hehe! If you feel the same way and prefer to do your gift searching online then you will love this post!

I have teamed up this week with a company called UncommonGoods to bring you a Christmas gift guide that i have chosen as my personal favourite gifts to buy from their website. The company is based in NEW YORK (they also ship to the UK for all of my Uk based readers) and i think this is the perfect place to find unique gifts this Christmas time! The site is called UncommonGoods, this is the link to the website if you would like to check it out! 

Why this website rather than another one? Abit about the company

Before you buy from a new website that perhaps you’ve never ordered from before you may like to know abit of what the company is about. I find it interesting to look this up when i’m purchasing from a new company and these couple of points also explain why i have chosen to write about this website for gift buying rather than another website…basically what makes it stand out from the rest. 

  • The company feature products that are recycled, organic and handmade. As you browse through all the gifts you probably can see the huge variety of gifts they offer and how unique most of them are. This is because they offer creative merchandise that are provided by small manufacturers and artists. The products that this website have are recycled, handmade and organic and this company say that they are committed to not sell any products that harm people or animals. E.g. feathers, leather, fur etc…
  • Better for the environment. Another point that i love about this company is how they really take the environment into consideration. All to often websites freely give out massive catalogs on glossy new paper not really caring for our forest and environment. But this company try their absolute best not to use the earth’s resources. They like to do their business online whilst also limiting the amount of catalogs they mail out. If they do send out a catalog is is either used from recycled paper or paper that is sourced from the FSC certified forests and this is harvested in a sustainable manner. (FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council if your interested.) 
  • Better to Give Program. I love that this company at the checkout also allows you to pick a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from UncommonGoods. Giving back is important to the company and it’s great that they share it with their customers as it really spreads the love and generosity around. Christmas time is also a time for giving! UncommonGoods have donated over a massive $1,000,000 since they first created the Better to Give Program back in 2001. That’s a great achievement i think! 

Those three points i wanted to share first as it’s not often people are interested about how the company they shop with can contribute well to the world and people often don’t know different company’s standards or commitments. I think that it is just as important as finding the perfect gifts for people because we live in this world that we need to care for and we need to create a better environment to see positive change! 

The Gifts!

Christmas is so close around the corner and with buying online in my personal opinion it’s best to buy before December so you can be sure that your parcel will get delivered on time and avoid the mad Christmas delivery period! (That’s why i am writing this gift post in November.) 

UncommonGoods website have all their Christmas gifts available to buy and to my delight they have different Christmas subheadings so you can find the perfect gifts for people…E.g. Christmas Gift Ideas, Gifts for Friends etc…

I wanted to write for this gift ideas post my favourite gift ideas from 3 of my favourite categories that UncommonGoods do. 


Christmas is always more exciting when you have a stocking to open in the morning full of lots of little surprises. Stockings are usually seen as a children’s thing but i have to admit even at 21 i love a good stocking on Christmas morning. My 3 favourite ideas are;

  1. Chocolate Christmas Coal – Nobody wants to find a bag of coal in their stockings because we all know that coal means you’ve been naughty during the year!! But what if you see coal only to then find out that it’s chocolate coal! Yummy…we all know that if you get chocolate in your stocking you’ve been good all year! I love this idea it really does play on the good and naughty stocking Christmas theme! You think you’ve been naughty finding a bag of coal but realize actually you’ve been good it’s chocolate! 

    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website) 
  2. Tear free onion goggles – A stocking isn’t complete without a novelty gift inside it When i was looking through the stocking stuffers i came across these and immediately laughed. And although they aren’t christmas theme related they are funny and so so useful! Goggles to put on when you are cutting onions so your eyes don’t tear up anymore! A very useful novelty gift for men and women! 

    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)
  3. Unicorn 3D model Kit –  A Christmas stocking also needs some sort of puzzle or DIY craft popped into it so it gives the person something to do on Christmas morning whilst they are waiting for the lazy ones to get out of bed so presents can be opened! My personal favourite one is this mini unicorn 3D model kit! Unicorns have been on trend this year and i fell straight away in love with this puzzle/DIY gift.

    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

Christmas Gift Ideas Check out this page

UncommonGoods have such a huge variety of Christmas Gifts for all types of people who have all types of interests. You will probably find something for every friend of yours and every family member that they instantly love so much! Below are 3 of my favourite Christmas gift ideas!

  1. Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set – 
    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

    As a lover of dogs and cute items this would be absolutely perfect in my kitchen! I love how it stores oil and vinegar in the cutest glass jars that i have ever seen!! I love the idea of the oil and vinegar being poured out of the dogs tail so so adorable and a unique gift that i haven’t ever stumbled across before. 

  2. Owl Eyeglasses Holder – 
    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

    If only i wore glasses…this would be such a lovely gift if i did! I love this gift it is quirky and also looks adorable. If you wear glasses and find yourself loosing them or not knowing where you placed them last this would be such a cute and handy stand to have around your house. This owl wearing your glasses when you don’t need them is such a great idea as every wise owl needs a pair of glasses to make them look even more smart!

  3. Green Herbal Tea Kit – 
    #yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

    As a huge lover of tea this is such a warming and healthy kit for the winter. This is the perfect holistic tea kit which will warm up your body and soul this Christmas. I love that you can create your own custom blend of tea with these nine herbs and three organic green tea varieties.

Personalized Gifts see this for the ideas

Personalized gifts i find are the perfect touches to any thoughtful gift. And personalization on gifts are always greatly received in my opinion. Here are my top 3 personalized gifts that UncommonGoods offer. 

Custom Sand Snowflake – 


#yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

I love this gift because i love the beach and i also love winter, so you can get a snowflake and sand all in one. It’s also perfect for people who miss the warmth of summer and who wish that they could be sitting on a beach instead of having winter. This unique and creative gift is a steel snowflake which has a window view of sand from your favourite beach. You can also add a name and date on the back which makes it even more personal. It’s a very pretty ornament for lovers of winter and summer. 

Custom painterly pet portraits – 

#yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

This one is a lot pricier than any of the other ones i have favourited. But if it wasn’t in your budget perhaps it could be a gift that everybody chips in abit of money for to give to someone altogether? I can totally see why this price is alot though. This is a custom portrait painting of your pet and the Artist is MG Stout. All of us who own pets hopefully treat them as a member of the family…they aren’t just a pet they are part of the family. This custom portrait is so unique that you will only have that one original copy of your pet. All of our furries give us so much love and so much support that it really is a very sweet way to treasure them forever! 

Custom Brick Memory Vase – 

#yesmyuncommongoods (picture from Uncommongoods website)

This gift again is pricier but i couldn’t resist including it in my post as people with all types of budget will read this post…so it may be of interest to someone. This is an absolute stunning piece! It’s a modern heirloom vase created by Jenny Gaynor that you can put your most memorable pictures and moments on display. It is such a beautiful vase and a beautiful way to remember your most special memories everyday!

As you can see this website UncommonGoods is packed full of unique, creative and amazing gift ideas! There is definitely something for everyone here! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post due to Christmas nearing. I haven’t done a gift ideas post before so i thought this one would suit alot of people due to the website having so much to choose from. If you’ve ever brought from this site before do let me know! And if you haven’t but are thinking of purchasing something as a gift tell me what one you brought as i would love to know! Or you can even comment your favourite gift out of all of my favourite gift ideas! Thank you once again for reading 🙂 



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    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking your time to comment! When i read about the company i was so pleased that they were good for the environment too! Double bonus for me! And haha they will absolutely love that i’m so glad it’s given you an idea! XO

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  1. I love the coal/chocolate idea. So brilliant! That owl is too cute and I love what you said about a wise owl looking smarter😂😂😂 Also, I really like that you talk mostly about organic products.

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