Christmas 2017 Ted Baker Gift Set ‘Ted’s Bouquet Cosmetic Collection’

Another Sunday, Another Post Lovelies! 🙂

I am back this week with another Boots star gift purchase! I know that Christmas is a time for giving to others but i do love to give myself a couple of treats too whilst browsing for everyone elses gifts (oops)….I really can’t help myself but at least i can share the products with all of you lovely readers. I find myself every week popping over to the Boots website to check out what gorgeous Christmas gift set is next on offer for the week and of course that’s how i stumbled across this beautiful set by Ted Baker. I have never honestly brought any make up product from Ted Baker before so i thought i would give it a try especially as it was a steal of a price.   

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease note i haven’t actually got round to trying out these products yet so this post is mainly what i think of the products without trying them out and in case any of you were thinking of purchasing and are interested in the contents of the box…so more of a show and tell rather than a review.

This set that has been brought out for christmas this year, it is called Ted’s Bouquet Cosmetic Collection by Ted Baker. It retails for £45 but because it was the week of the star gift i managed to get my hands on one for a bargain! Only £22.50. That is an incredible price for a box full of 12 items!! All of the items are in a beautiful flip lid box that you could definitely be able to keep to store other bits and bobs in afterwards. If you buy this as a gift for someone i can guarantee that they will immediately fall in love with it especially if they are a huge lover of not only Ted Baker items but also rose gold too as this set is all in trendy gorgeous rose gold packaging…And according to Ted Baker this bouquet includes “Everything that a girl needs to blossom beautifully.” I totally agree with this it contains all that you would need…eyebrow pencil, blusher, lipsticks, eye-shadows, mascara, nail polishes and the tools to apply it all! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What’s Inside?

You get 12 products altogether = 7 Beauty Products, 2 Nail Polishes and 3 Beauty Tools. 

The Beauty Products  

Tinted Lip Balm Nude OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is one of 3 lip products that you receive in the set. It is a gorgeous Nude shade. I hate lip products that are dry so get abit nervous when trying out new lip brands that i haven’t tried before however this one was a huge surprise! The texture was so creamy when i did a swatch and it smoothly just glided over my skin. I don’t know if this is long lasting as i haven’t applied to the lips yet but i do know that the smell is so yummy! It smells of delicious vanilla. I own Too Faced products that have a gorgeous scent to them but this smells even stronger and i am in love! It is absolutely delicious good enough to eat although, I would not recommend that. The Lip Balm itself is a thin stick so i can imagine that will be great for the perfect application. 

Tinted Lip Balm Red PB260794.JPGThis is a gorgeous pure red colour. I must admit i am not a fan of myself wearing red lipsticks (I much prefer a pink shade than a red) however i may give this one a go and see what it looks like. This is absolutely stunning though if you love to wear a red lippy. The texture is the same as the Nude lip balm but it doesn’t have the yummy scent.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a lovely shade of pink. I will be wearing this one alot i think. The texture again is creamy and hopefully once applied to the lips it isn’t drying. I can always post a comment down below later on when i have worn it to let you know how i got on with it. This one doesn’t have a scent like the Lip Balm Nude does and the design is also different more like a standard lipstick you would traditionally get e.g. not thin. The pigmentation of this one is gorgeous and the colour swatched brilliantly.

Mascara (6ml) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis mascara is in the shade black and you get 6ml of product. The shiny rose gold packaging like on all the products will look gorgeous in my vanity case…I love a pretty looking mascara! The wand itself is a straight wand which is pretty thin with short bristles, i do like chunky ones for volume but a thin one i like to use onto the tips of my lashes to create more length or to fan the lashes out more so they don’t get clumped together. This one will definitely still have it’s uses for me. 

Eyeshadow Trio OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese 3 beautiful eyeshadow shades were the main part that caught my eye when i first saw this set. It is a beautiful trio palette with a Pink, Light brown and Copper shade. The swatches are stunning and the pigmentation is pretty good too although a little sheer so you may need to build the product up for your desired shade. The light pink and light brown shades are matte and the copper has some gorgeous shimmer to it so a nice selection whether you prefer matte or shimmer shadows. It comes with a lovely compact mirror lid so you can use it to top up your eyeshadow when on the go too! Genius. It’s also a lovely small palette so a perfect handbag size. I haven’t owned a small eyeshadow palette before so i loved this. 

Eyebrow Pencil OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I think this eyebrow pencil will either be a hit or a miss for people. I have naturally red hair but get my hair lowlighted with dark brown shades, i always pencil in my eyebrows as i love that sharp clean look it gives but i tend to like hazel eyebrow shades as i find they are a good match for me. This eyebrow pencil isn’t really the shade i would usually go for. I can imagine it would look gorgeous for some people with the right hair shades but it is abit too grey based for me. This one i may have to pass on but if it works for you then it looks like a brilliant product! It has a good pigmentation when swatched and i love that there is an eyebrow pencil that has rose gold packaging! Really jazzes up a product for your eyebrows.

Blush Compact OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis product again has a gorgeous compact mirror attached and is the same handy size as the lovely eyeshadow trio included. I have recently been on the lookout for a nice blush and after seeing this i really wanted to try it out so glad it came in the bouquet set. It’s a two tone blusher that has a shimmery light nude pink and a matte more medium toned pink. The gorgeous thing about this blusher is that the matte pink is in the shape of a flower! Both the shades are stunning and i can imagine mixed would give the cheeks a lovely glow of pink with a slight highlight. I cannot wait to try this blusher out. 

Nail Polishes 

This set contains two nail polishes that are a generous 7ml. One is an angelic pale white pink. These pale pink shades are by far my favourite nail polish shades out there i always find myself gravitating towards them. 

The second nail polish included is a lovely shade of purple. I like purple nail polishes too and own a few different purple shades so this one i was also happy with. I would best describe it like a berry purple. 

The brush applicators are quite thin so it will probably give a good even application accurately. I can’t comment on the consistency of the nail polishes and how long they take to fully dry however i can imagine it would be like normal nail polishes and if your not happy with the application if it isn’t as pigmented or applies sheer then layering a few coats on the nail would do the job. 

Beauty Tools

Eyelash Curlers PB260746.JPGI was so glad that these gorgeous rose gold eyelash curlers were included too as i was needing some good quality new ones. They are nice and sturdy and i can tell that they will last me a long time. Perfect for getting those flattering fluttering lashes.

Contouring Brush PB260749.JPGThis brush is lovely! It’s white with a pretty pale pink tip (although the camera didn’t really capture the pink tip well.) It’s a cute mini size that would again be handy if you need to take it out with you. It’s a rounded brush and the bristles are so so soft. I know everyone usually says that about makeup brush bristles but honestly they are the softest…i find myself sweeping it on my face without any product on haha.

Eye-shadow Brush PB260747.JPGOf course if this set includes eyeshadow palettes you need an eyeshadow brush to go with it. It has the same pretty pale pink tip and feather soft bristles like the contouring brush. This one isn’t mini and instead is a standard eyeshadow brush size. It is a flat brush so is perfect for shadow on the eyelid and for the millionth time i adore the rose gold on it! 

Overall this beautiful collection would be the perfect gift for a girly girl or somebody who loves makeup and rose gold. With 12 items it has so much to offer and shades for everyone. Whoever receives this as a gift will feel like a very very lucky and special person! I would say that it is definitely worth the money for £45! But if like me you managed to grab it in the star gift week then perfect what a bargain you got yourself! Ted Baker have also done other gift sets this year for Christmas so it is worth taking a look at the selection, such pretty products for a sparkly Christmas time! 





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