The Festive Season has arrived, how stressed or worried are you feeling? Money and finances affecting your wellbeing this December…Maybe this can help?

Hello Lovelies 🙂

It’s December the 3rd only 22 more days until Christmas Day! This weekend i put up my Christmas decorations and when i did it hit me how close Christmas day was actually near. It brought me loads of excitement as i absolutely love Christmas and all the festivities it brings however,  it also reminded me that Christmas isn’t always fully exciting for everyone on the lead up to the day and many people do feel stressed, worried and frazzled out this time of year. With the days creeping closer to Christmas people’s health and wellbeing can become affected, I felt that because my blog is a wellbeing blog also it was only right for me this festive season to help others who may be feeling under stress. For me it is such a shame that people feel so stressed out on the lead up to Christmas and i personally don’t think there is much support this time of year when it comes to what people are stressed out or worried about, perhaps it’s just expected to feel worried and rushed of your feet…after all isn’t is the busy rush of Christmas?

I wanted to share a blog post this week about one of the things that i think causes alot of worry and stress at Christmas time. Money.

business-money-pink-coins.jpgWe are constantly bombarded with gifts to give and spend our money on that I can totally understand the stresses around Christmas when it comes to finance. I wanted to write this to hopefully reach out to whoever this applies to and help ease your mind a little with the Christmas lead up happening right now. Everyone deserves to relax this time of year and to enjoy the Christmas season but with money worries hanging on your shoulders it probably feels impossible to and sometimes the true meaning of what Christmas is all about can get lost in all of our spending’s.  

pexels-photo-257855The end of another year is just around the corner and the festive December season has begun. Many of us this Christmas will probably feel worried or anxious about our money and finances, instead of just brushing it to one side and thinking, “Oh it’s Christmas everybody feels stressed this time of year” I think we need to start putting our own wellbeing and health first and try to change our attitude with money. We are told that Christmas is a time of giving so of course we love to shop for lots of lovely gifts for family and friends. But perhaps you are feeling stressed out because you are trying to fulfill expectations that are abit too high this time of year which causes you to max out your bank account and overspend. You may earn a great wage but maybe you still find that your outgoings are too high or maybe you don’t have enough right now for gifts for everybody… but what is enough money?

I work a part time job so for me money isn’t great but it is okay. I have to be wise and keep track of what i spend and what i save (like probably many of you reading this) and i know and understand how difficult it is around Christmas time to stick within your wage whilst getting the gifts that you want to get for everybody. When you don’t have enough money realistically to buy everyone gifts this can cause you finance worries and this is the exact reason why i wanted to write this post. 

Alot of people who struggle with their finances probably earn less than what their outgoings are…this even applies to people who earn a great amount, you can still be caught in the spending too much trap. This can make you sick with worry and stress and you could be putting your health and wellbeing at risk if you don’t calm down and try to change your attitude towards money. Don’t worry though as there are practical steps that you can do that will help you to get your finances in order even in the spending season of Christmas…I wanted to share one practical step that probably isn’t spoken alot about in this post to give you maybe a different idea to try but if you google for help on this topic i am sure something will pop up for other steps to help your money situation.

I think one practical step to help get your finances in order this time of year would be to take a step back and really think about the true meaning of Christmas. All of the shops we go out into say spend spend spend, and the Christmas adverts on T.V show the best gifts to buy but at Christmas time i think it is important to spread the message of being reminded instead about the importance of gratitude not spending all your money. Although we may not be millionaires and maybe not on high wages, at occasions where we feel we need to spend lots of money like Christmas we should remind ourselves of the free things that we are rich in perhaps for you it’s happiness or health or friendships (most of the things that we can take for granted at times.) It is an old age definition but it holds so much truth – No amount of money (or Christmas gifts) can compensate for failing health. While we may not be rich in money, i think it is important to look at what we are rich in no matter how big or small they may seem to you…and for me i am rich in health, love and happiness. Practicing gratitude will help to keep your health and wellbeing and outlook positive avoiding them to become negatively affected by money. You are looking at the free things that are amazing in your own personal life (the things you probably often take for granted) and you are not dwelling on over spending and getting yourself into money trouble.  

The important thing from all of this is that we should work on our ‘money mindsets.’ We are told daily what to buy or the next thing to spend our money on and we end up having negative beliefs around money, feelings of fear, unease and stress arise at the very mention of money when we look at it negatively. All of this heightens in the festive season when Christmas approaches as we can have the negative “I want it and i want it now” attitudes and expectations…it is important to remember self-care and gratitude at this time to look after our own health and wellbeing. Money isn’t everything and a homemade thoughtful gift or a voucher for ‘a day of babysitting or helping to decorate’ can mean much much more than another box of chocolates.

To summarize i think it is important to remember that we don’t need to be rich in money and buy lots of gifts for people to feel like we have given this Christmas. We can find little ways that are even free that mean alot from the heart like a homemade gift or a kind gesture without having to buy someone the latest item and put our health, wellbeing and bank accounts at risk. I feel that it may help putting gratitude into practice when it comes to money to remind ourselves what we are lucky for and what we do have…instead of constantly having debts piling up and outgoings too high which will make us carry around negative feelings and emotions. It will take time to change your attitude towards money especially if you do find yourself constantly out of pocket and still spending but if you remind yourself; No amount of money (or Christmas gifts) can compensate for negative emotions of stress that affect your overall health. It may be the thing that helps 🙂 

Thank you lovelies for reading this post and although i am no expert at managing money i really wanted to help those who feel finance problems at Christmas. I know i share posts about different gift sets and products that i have brought but i wanted to remind everyone that these aren’t the most important things about Christmas and if you cannot buy much at Christmas it doesn’t mean you should overspend and worry yourself to feel that you have done Christmas properly. I hope that you can find some helpfulness in this post as i wanted to share the idea of gratitude as it isn’t spoken about much when it comes to finance stresses or Christmas time. I do hope you have your mind put at ease abit with the reminder that Christmas isn’t just about gifts and we can give in other ways rather than always spending money if money is abit tight at the moment. Being grateful for the things we are rich in maybe the first step to helping out your money worries.  





5 thoughts on “The Festive Season has arrived, how stressed or worried are you feeling? Money and finances affecting your wellbeing this December…Maybe this can help?

  1. Thanks for sharing – Money worries, and all the pressures and stresses that come with gifting & the festive holidays in general, can be pretty overwhelming, so this is a good reminder about what counts and what can’t be bought over Christmas 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. This is so well-written. Thanks for taking your time to share this. A lot of products are so expensive that it matches make some people really down. I like that you’re trying to lift their spirits. Well done.

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