MOI-MEME Subscription Box Review Winter 2018 – The Happiness Box

Hello Lovelies! This is the first blog post that i have done for 2018 and i promise that it is a very exciting one!! 🙂 🙂

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share this incredible not so well known (yet) subscription box with you all! This year is the year that i decided to treat myself with one more subscription box. I find that when i receive a subscription box that comes to my door at times throughout the year, it helps me to focus on having some me time and is a reminder that it’s brilliant to treat yourself every once in a while…and everybody deserves a treat! I already get a beauty box and was really hoping to find a box that was more unique and perhaps a lifestyle type…that’s when i stumbled upon MOI-MEME.

Because this is my first ever box with this company then i wanted to explain a little bit more about MOI-MEME and what they are all about for those of you who have never heard of this lovely subscription box and why i chose to subscribe to this box. I think this box should be so much more known about as it is incredible! If your not to interested and would just rather know the contents then scroll down a little bit more to take a peek inside. (Just a little note to you all that this is not a sponsored post, i really have brought this out of my own money just like all of my Glossybox reviews.)

A Little Extra About MOI-MEME

P1070784.JPGMoi-Meme was first created in 2016 and are a UK based subscription box company that are located in Bath. They offer a box that provides women with treats to give themselves some much deserved regular me time. These treats are brilliant and so unique (that is the main reason i subscribed to this box), they range from Beauty, Accessories, Skincare, Jewellery, Homeware and more. The cost of the box is £49.95 every 3 months. They ship worldwide and the postage is free to the UK but i am sure the postage will vary to other countries. Once subscribed you will receive a quarterly box (every 3 months) that will be delivered in January, April, July and October. Inside the box there will always be at least 5 full-size items and the occasional sample. Moi-meme do not give any spoilers so when the box arrives it will be a total surprise! 

Why I Chose To Subscribe to MOI-MEME

Like i mentioned before i was on the look out for a subscription box that contained more unique gifts rather than the whole box being beauty and skincare. After a little bit of research i really fell in love with the past Moi-meme boxes and loved all their items inside…so i knew it was the type of box for me. I loved the idea of receiving at least 5 full-size products as a surprise and all different sort of types like Jewellery and Homeware etc. Even though Moi-meme seems abit pricey because it is a big payment that comes out all at once £49.95, if you break it down into how much a month it would cost it would only be £16.65 per month (please note that you cannot chose an option to pay monthly.) So for me that seems a reasonable box price and to be honest i have noticed that the box contents inside usually comes to double of what you paid for the box. So you would definitely get your money’s worth! For me if a product seems a little pricey when you weigh up the pros and cons and see the overall package you do usually know if it is worth the money and i can definitely say that this one is!

I also found Moi-meme to be a personal box too. When you sign up they ask you to fill out a questionnaire that is preferences of yours like; personalised gifts and what initials or name you would like on those types of products, your favourite colours so when an item comes in a variety of colours they can choose the one that best suits you, your clothing size, items you would like to see included in future boxes and any additional notes. I think this is what make Moi-meme more unique than other subscription boxes because they take the time to get to know what you would like to see in a box and they really do make an effort to personalize the box to your liking.

They also have an exchange system, where if you aren’t happy with the colour they picked you can ask for an alternative one that is available and you only have to pay £2.95 to post it back to them to receive your new one. I think this is amazing because from what i know no other subscription box does this for their subscribers and this again is another reason why the box is worth the money because you know you will always be able to have the colour/flavour you would like instead.  

MOI-MEME Winter 2018 – The Happiness Box

Each Moi-meme box there is a theme and this boxes theme is the Happiness Box. P1070764.JPGAbove is the booklet that comes with all Moi-Meme boxes and it contains all the information and details about the products inside your box. This season Moi-meme chose items to help us make 2018 the happiest year yet! 🙂 They also wrote that they are donating 10% of the profits from the Happiness Box to the Heads Together campaign that works in partnership with eight mental health charities that help children, young people and adults deal with issues like anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. That is so lovely to know that they are helping such a good cause (You will know that this would mean so much to me if you have ever read my battle with anxiety post, you can have a read of that one here.


Inside The Box


The Moi-Meme box is big and is packed full of products as you can see above. They even personalize your name on the box! What a lovely and thoughtful touch.P1070763.JPG


The Happiness Planner (£20) – This planner is created by a woman called Mo Seetubtim. “My vision is to inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within.”

The happiness planner is a range of journals that help you to develop inner peace, positivity and of course happiness. The happiness planner is a cult product apparently that is helping people around the world to live a life that they want. The planner is filled with pages to fill out, plus it contains 100 days to fill out that are undated so you can start the planner at anytime. It comes in a variety of colours but of course i feel so lucky that they picked out a pretty pink one for me! P1070776.JPGP1070777.JPGP1070780.JPG


Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life Book (£10) – This book is by Niki Brantmark. I love that this book was included as i am obsessed with the Scandinavian way of life for prioritising wellbeing, happiness, family and friends. I have read books on the Danish Hygge and Lykke so i am interested in reading about the Swedish Lagom. Lagom means ‘Just the right amount’ and in a nutshell it’s all about slowing down, finding balance and living consciously. I can’t wait to read this! P1070775.JPG


Prismologie Jade & Vetiver Restorative Bath Oil 100ml (£43) – This luxury bath oil is by a brand that i have never heard of before Prismologie. Prismologie is a natural and mood-enhancing body care range. The products are absolutely amazing as they blend gemstones, active ingredients and fragrances to achieve different qualities; comfort, stillness, confidence, clarity etc…The products are so luxurious because they conain crushed diamonds, rose quartz, rubies, sapphires, jades and citrines into the formulations. This Jade & vetiver bath oil smells absolutely incredible and so serene. It contains jade micro crystals and botanical extracts. The ingredients in this bath oil is filled with Apple Seed, Olive, Sweet Almond, Amazonian Inca Inchi Oils, Tamanu, Meadowfoam Seed which all helps to soothe, moisturise and renew skin, it also contains Vitamin E to protect from environmental damage. The Jade & Vetiver range claims to help you to achieve a balanced/happy mind and equilibrium. I would definitely recommend you to look at their website and take a look at the range of their luxury body care items as the formula’s seem very interesting. P1070782.JPG


Lisa Angel Leather and Ball Chain Bracelet (£10) – I love anything from Lisa Angel and i am so so glad that they included two gifts from their range! This is such a pretty and delicate bracelet from Lisa Angel. It has a leather band with a curved bar that is in grey and rose gold or stone and silver, and it has a tiny chain with tiny beads and is finished off with a small tassel. I love this dainty bracelet and i received the grey and rose gold one…for sure my favourite! P1070766.JPG


Lisa Angel Monogram Mug (£9) – A happiness themed box wouldn’t be complete without a mug for a nice warm cup of tea… Moi-meme say that many problems have been solved by a warming drink of tea. And this mug is the perfect fit! It is personalised with my initial on in a simple but pretty design and inside is my favourite colour pastel pink! P1070769.JPG

I love the pretty sunshine print inside the mug, such a cute touch XO


Lola’s Apothecary Clementine Calamity Relaxing Tea (Sample) – What a perfect sample of tea to include. So luxurious. I love Lola’s Apothecary range i find they have so many luxury products to offer and i actually had their wellness tea on a list of products to get in the future so i am so glad they gave us a sample to try out! This is the Clementine Calamity tea from their wellness range. It contains a blend of calming herbs like passion flower, lemon balm, oat straw and linden flower with adaptogenic herbs like gynostemma and rhodiola that support the system in stressful times. The tea is caffeine free and flavoured with orange and apple. I am very excited to try this out as i love tea! P1070774.JPG


Creighton’s Chocolaterie Chocolate Bar 100g (£4) – Mmmm this chocolate bar looks so yummy but also so pretty. These chocolate bars are created by a mother and daughter who specialise in delicious chocolate with playful and fun packaging. They have so many yummy flavours on offer and i received the Custard Cream one. This one is Custard flavour white chocolate with crunchy bits. Delicious! A perfect treat to try out when using my new mug and these chocolate bars look gorgeous to give as a gift to someone! P1070767.JPG

Overall i think i have found my new favourite subscription box, the total of this box came to a massive £96 with a lovely luxury tea sample too!! I was so so looking forward to starting my first ever subscription with Moi-Meme for 2018. Receiving this box has excited me even more for what is in store for the other ones later in the year! All the little touches that Moi-meme add and include in their box really shows how much effort they put into their boxes. I love the theme box ideas and think this is a brilliant way to treat yourself throughout the year! I highly recommend anybody who loved these products to take a look at their website; 

Keep a look out at April for the next Moi-Meme box review as this will now be my new subscription box that i review every 3 months. I really hope that you loved this blog post for today and are excited that this will be a regular box that i will review. What better way to kick start the new year and my first post for 2018 with a new and wonderfully exciting subscription box to enjoy! 

I would love to hear what you think about this Moi-Meme box after seeing this review and would be very interested also to know if you have heard about this box before, so don’t be shy to leave a comment! 🙂




12 thoughts on “MOI-MEME Subscription Box Review Winter 2018 – The Happiness Box

  1. Ooo this sounds fab, and I love the variety in the box (I’m a sucker for jewellery, stationery and mugs so I would be in heaven!) Hadn’t come across Moi-Meme before so I’ll check it out 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Haha awwh brilliant! I’m so glad you want to try it out sometime…they actually have just done a sneak peak of what the next box’s theme is on their twitter…I know as well that next box you get a gorgeous pure marble coaster! Take care! XO

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