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Oooo my first Glossybox review of 2018! Glossybox really have set the start of the year high with this one… the items altogether add up to a whopping £125.88! This month’s box was all about rebooting, resetting and putting self care at the top of the list, basically indulging in lots of good skincare to get complexions back to full health following the season of all the festive parties. A real pamper box!




Beauty Beneath Supplements (60 capsules) – This was a very surprising item in the box as i have never received supplements in a beauty box before. These nutrient-rich supplements are all about the beauty underneath the surface (hense the name.) The formulation is a blend of 19 different nutrients like phyto-nutrients including Vitamins C and E, Lycopene and also includes Biotin, Omegas 3 & 6 and Marine Collagen. The formula was created by scientists at Boots. You can buy these ones at Boots for £39.99. These are soft-gel capsules that you take daily. The supplement is supposed to boost your skin’s collagen production…which will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. P1150767.JPG

Dr. Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil Travel Size (15ml) – I am so so so happy to of received this product. This product was also included in the Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar and i have been using it already and have noticed a difference in my skin’s hydration. This is a facial oil that for 15ml retails at £35.90. It is packed full of enriching minerals and vitamins that renew, protect and rejuvenate the skin’s complexion. The thing i love most about this facial oil is that is has such a gorgeous delicate rose scent to it and it smells delicious. The Moroccan Rose is a powerful source of Vitamin C and A and there are lots of antioxidants included that help protect the skin against free radicals. P1150757.JPG

Nail Medic Nails and Cuticle Energizer – I was excited to receive this as recently i have been using a daily Keratin Treatment for my natural nails to help repair and restore my nails after a long time of constantly wearing acrylics. This is the sort of nail product that i need and am going to love to try out. I have never heard of Nails Medic before but this retails at £5.99 for 15ml. This is a nail oil that has a good blend of plant extracts and vitamins. It is the perfect formula for dry, brittle or split nails and cuticles. Apparently this gives you hydration and stronger nails. Looking forward to testing it out. P1150760.JPG


APICIA Cream Blush – Now i’m not too keen on cream blushes for some reason i just prefer powder, i feel that i can apply it more precisely than smearing a pigmented cream based product on my face. But it is a great product to include for people who do like this type of makeup item. This is a full size product (20ml) that retails for £22 by a brand i haven’t heard of before APICIA. I love that this is a product rich in organic bee pollen (which helps to nourish the skin.) It is quite a deep pink sort of colour and i can imagine would look pretty and flattering on all skin tones. I love the packaging it looks very luxurious.P1150763.JPG 

EVELYN IONA COSMETICS Green Tea Primer – This full size primer is a vegan paraben and cruelty free product that is 20ml. Again this is another brand discovery for me but the ingredients look pretty good. It contains Green tea extract and lots of other moisturising ingredients like avocado oil too. This primer apparently will protect and nourish your complexion, help your makeup to stay put for longer and reduce fine lines and large pores appearance. I do have a favourite primer at the moment but this one would be great to try out with an open mind! It costs £22 usually.P1150762.JPG

Overall, this months Glossybox was a big hit! Although there were a couple of products i probably wouldn’t try out i am so so thrilled at the high priced items included. It really is a lovely luxurious box that is perfect for the skin to start afresh at the beginning of the year. I loved the different range of items included, from nails to supplements, cream blushes and other skincare and makeup bits it was a perfect choice. Remember i love hearing from all of you so please leave a comment! 🙂 Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day and see you all next week!

P.s If you missed last week’s post and love subscription boxes please check it out so more people know about the incredible box. You can view the Moi-Meme box review here. It is my new subscription box that i have signed up to, to kick start 2018! Thank you very much XO



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