Embrace the dark mornings!

Morning Lovelies !

It’s been a good few weeks since i last did a well-being post due to the festive season with advent calendars and subscription boxes to review! I am so glad to be doing a well-being post again finally…i love doing these and it feels too long since i last did one! As we are in the winter season i wanted to set this year off with a post that will hopefully help everybody who reads this in some way or another. The ‘dreaded’ dark mornings! pexels-photo-209500

I thought this would be a good topic to cover as every single winter i hear quite a few people say about how hard it is to get up in the mornings now it has turned dark upon waking or how unmotivating it makes getting out of bed etc… I am pretty sure that loads of people have this same thought so it seems to me that now the mornings are darker, people are truly struggling to get out of bed. I can totally understand that not only is it harder because of the dark but who honestly wants to jump out of their cosy and warm bed into the cold (I know i prefer staying snuggled up for sure!) But even though the winter season brings dark and chilly mornings i really feel that with some good tips we might be able to embrace getting up in the dark this year until Spring is on it’s way. 

The last few years since really reading up on wellbeing and wellness and being really intrigued by anything good for your mind, body and soul i have started to really try and see the positive sides and benefits of as many situations as possible that life throws at me. And life throws at all of us the darker mornings in our winter morning routine getup. But i truly believe that we can embrace this natural seasonal change if we take the right steps that also encourage us to not think negatively about the situation. cold-snow-black-and-white-road.jpg

You and I can probably list quite a few reasons as to why it is harder to get out of bed in the morning when it is darker and chillier…but maybe it’s time for a small re-evaluation and start to focus on why getting up in the dark early in the morning is actually hugely beneficial for our mental and also physical wellbeing. The three points below are the main reasons why i think that it is a positive thing rather than a negative and a nuisance.

  • The cold – As winter has approached the cold mornings maybe one of the reasons that you struggle to get up in the morning…but cold weather is actually calming to us (even if it really doesn’t feel that way.) Our Parasympathetic nervous system gets going when we feel a cold breeze on our face first thing in the morning, this is calming because the Parasympathetic nervous system is our rest and digest mode…it isn’t our stressed out, fight or flight sympathetic system. So you could positively note to yourself that the cold air in the mornings is bringing inner peace to the beginning of the busy day ahead. pexels-photo-700535.jpeg
  • Being awake and up before the crack of dawn and the day’s first light – Dark mornings mean that if you are out of the house before it starts to become light you will see the beautiful view of the dawn breaking. This is again a positive way to embrace the dark mornings because you will be exposed to the maximum daylight of winter available. And light is the perfect ingredient to aid your Circadian rhythm. So overall you will get a better night’s sleep the earlier you see that morning light and your alertness and mood in the day will be boosted too. pexels-photo-259620.jpeg
  •  A precious moment of alone time – I am a girl who loves to find a section of my day to have a lovely quiet and peaceful time to myself. And what better time to do so in the early winter mornings. The chances are that most people will probably be too tempted by the comfort and warmth of their bed to get up which means there are a few precious peaceful moments of alone time before others start getting up. These few moments are a perfect time to feel gratitude or just to enjoy the stillness and peacefulness or to be alone in our own thoughts with the fresh day still ahead of us. I often notice that if i open the window up early in the morning during winter it is so quiet outside with no sound of movement or busyness. Such a tranquil time. pexels-photo-789303.jpeg

I hope some of my reasons as to why there is positive side during the dark winter mornings have helped you see this in a new way or at least understand that there is some good to it if we take a closer look. Lastly, i wanted to share with you a couple of steps that have helped me to embrace getting up when it’s dark outside as i fully understand the struggle of getting out of a comforting bed. 

  1. Set your alarm for the morning with a good 10 or even 15 minutes before you would usually. This will allow you to have your moments of quiet before your day fully starts…Try to enjoy the feeling of quiet as the darkness starts to fade to light.  Another helpful tip is if you put your alarm out of arm’s reach then your body will be forced to get out of bed as soon as it goes off to avoid any stay in bed temptation. 
  2.  Never hit the snooze button. As soon as your alarm goes off get up and get going. This will be alot easier as your day will begin with some more energy as you had no time to roll around and dose and feel sleepy. 
  3. When leaving your house really focus on the chilly air hitting your face. Remember the calming affect and benefits it can do to you and enjoy the early morning light creeping out knowing that it is all beneficial to your Circadian Rhythm. 

I really hope this post helps some of you out to embrace the last couple of months of dark mornings left before Spring arrives. I also hope that you find the tips help too because i am sharing what has helped me in the past and what i find best for my winter routine and what gets me up early. If you have any other ideas that you would like to share i would love to read them so feel free to write them below in the comments 🙂 Have a lovely rest of the day! 






6 thoughts on “Embrace the dark mornings!

  1. When I lived in England, I found the dark mornings and afternoons really difficult, however if I was at home all day it’d be really cosy. I had a kind of love-hate relationship with them!

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