Don’t punish yourself, instead nourish yourself. A kinder approach to your ‘new-year, new-you’ resolutions…

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This week my post is going to be about something i feel pretty strongly about. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on this in the hope that it may shine some new light to some of you. It’s the last week of January at the moment and that means if you set yourself some new years resolutions you are either feeling very proud of yourself for reaching a month of good progress or you maybe dissapointed with yourself because your struggling to fully commit to what you set yourself. If you are feeling either way at the moment i think you may benefit from this post. 

The start of the New year brought us a fresh beginning with new hope and a new opportunity for change in our lives. So most of us set at least one new year resolution to stick to throughout the year. I was very interested at the beginning of January in why we do this…what makes us really feel that this new year is a great time to put in practice a new change. So after abit of research i came across something that said something along the lines of this… Since ancient times we have always welcomed the new year with new rituals. It has been suggested that the ordered activities are a way of us countering the powerlessness that we may feel when we are faced again with another 12 months of the unknown. When we connect with our survival mode we like to make resolutions to take charge and keep ourselves ‘safe.’ I wanted to share my finding with you all as i thought it was a pretty interesting idea. I can totally see why we set new year resolutions especially more than ever today in our busy world…More of us are often trying to find ways to hold onto control in our lives especially through strict diets or eating patterns or extreme exercise routines. This all links in to what i wanted to talk about…Giving ourselves a kinder approach to our resolutions with nomore pressure and instead with compassion for our body and our mind. pexels-photo-207997.jpegIn January most of us set ourselves a resolution… These may of been anything from diets and exercise to quitting smoking to starting to save more money. Even if we end up not sticking to what we set ourselves it still gave us some feeling of power over the uncertainty of a new year at the beginning when we set out to do it. And although it is great to be looking at your life and seeing what you would like to change for yourself i think the new year is an important time to see it as a time to let go of what is no longer needed and to be open to nourishing yourself so your body and mind feels more rested, restored and replenished.

My Ideas For Nourishing Yourself Instead

I’m going to focus on diets as it’s a good example of a pressured way of living and one tat is talked about alot. Instead of calorie-counting and setting yourself strict eating regimes why not look at the new year abit differently. January offers the perfect opportunity to embrace a new way of eating that connects your body and soul and also honours the seasons. Embrace a way of eating and living that is free of the labels of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and what you can and can’t have. Instead focus on what is sustainable and rich in nourishment for our mind and body, what nourishes you instead of punishing yourself. We only have one body so it’s a good idea to really take care of it. I’m not saying that diets and calorie counting are awful. If you feel that is something you want to do then by all means follow your heart and do it, i’m just trying to encourage you to take a kinder approach to it and instead of feeling low and sad about things you can and can’t eat because you set the limits…looking at it from a new angle of nourishing may be just the thing to lift your spirits back up. 

For me January is the perfect time to flourish our spirit for the upcoming months ahead with nourishing and energizing goodness – not for payback for any festive indulgences. Wholesome and simple changes to our diets are a great way to nourish our health and our mental wellbeing without punishing ourselves with any strict guidelines. Below are a variety of simple ways that will help to heal and restore your body and soul if your interested in nourishing. 

  • Stew some seasonal fruit with spices and add to your grains in the morning for a nutritious and hearty breakfast. 
  • Nourish your body with soups and stews during the colder months. Boil a carcass of roast chicken with bay leaves, carrots, onions and other vegetables that you want to throw in and use in your soups and stews. 
  • Have a long warming soak in some Epsom bath salts, it will ease up any pains and aches your body may be feeling and help to restore it.
  • To aid your lymphatic flow of nutrients drink some warm filtered water with some warming spices and fresh ginger. 
  • Treat your body weekly to a body brush session before your showers or bath. A helpful tip is to; Use upward strokes until you get to the level of your heart and use downward strokes from your head to your heart. 
  • Get fresh air every morning before work and make sure each day you are walking in the light and resting in the night. 

I hope that this was helpful to some of you. Again i am not saying certain resolutions are bad or wrong i was just wanting to share my opinion on giving your body some simple nourishment instead of putting added pressure onto yourself in the fast paced world we live in. I would love to hear your opinions on what you think of this, or perhaps share your new year resolutions or what changes you have put in place in your life to give yourself a nourishing beginning to the year. pexels-photo-327136





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