Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Hello Lovelies!

A beauty product review for you this week. For the last couple of months i changed my setting spray as i have never been able to find one that really keeps my makeup looking fresh and keeps it lasting all day. I had heard good things about the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray so i thought i would purchase and give it a go! After trying this product out for a couple of months i think it has a worthy space on my blog to share with all of you.


I have always been a big lover of wearing makeup and have always been on the lookout for a setting spray that keeps it all in place. I have tried many setting sprays to lock in my makeup but none of them ever seemed to work and do what they claim to. If you are searching for a setting spray that stops your makeup from melting off your face and one that has incredible staying power, seriously look no further as i have found you just that. 

You can pick up this setting spray in a travel size (which i personally think is good for a trial) or a full size. The travel size retails at £10 for 30ml which was the one i brought to try out, it has made me know for sure that when i run out of the product i will be buying the full size. The full size retails at £24 for 118ml. I purchased the travel size bottle at the end of November, i wear makeup about 5 days a week and it is the middle of February now and i still have lots of product left, i’d say just under a half bottle! I think it’s because it works so well and all you need is a couple of sprays and your good to go. So buying the big size will most likely last the majority of the year if not the whole year. An investment worth making! 

What it claims to do – This setting spray claims to keep your makeup looking gorgeous for up to 16 hours. The All Nighter setting spray apparently stops your makeup from melting, settling into fine lines and fading. (All of that was what i was looking for in a setting spray.) It is also oil and paraben free for anyone interested. Urban Decay also have other setting sprays in their range so it’s worth reviewing them all and seeing what you feel you need the most from a setting spray. Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray is for controlling oil, keeping your skin look matte and deflecting surface shine, it contains high-tech ingredients that prevent makeup smudging, fading or sliding. Urban Decay Chill setting spray cools the surface of your makeup with a time-release technology, it keeps your makeup lasting for up to 12 hours without settling into fine lines or smudging. 

The Pros For Me 

Staying Power: This is the main pro for this setting spray…it has some serious staying power! I finish putting my makeup on by 7am (for work) and i have a sort of physical job where i can get abit hot and sweaty sometimes on my face…I come home 8/9 hours later and it still looks like i have recently applied my makeup. I have found that on a busy day this setting spray keeps my makeup looking fresh for around 12/13 hours. After that i start to notice slight fading but only around the top of my forehead and the bottom of my jawline, everything else is still in place. So only a small touch up would be needed. I know it says 16 hours but 12/13 hours looking fresh and nothing melting off is pretty good going on a busy day i’d say!

Texture: This spray is a weightless formula. I never feel like i have sprayed anything onto my face. My foundation throughout the whole day looks and feels smoother than without using the spray and i get hardly any makeup transfer anymore which is a huge pro…as noone wants to leave a big stain of makeup on somebody’s shirt after a hug! It feels like this spray has locked my foundation in so well that it won’t budge.  

Application: The sprayer is perfect. It dispenses an even application of product when sprayed. It’s like a microfine mist that sprays onto your face which is incredibly light you can barely feel it when it touches you. I’ve been used to setting sprays that makes my face feel sticky and tight so i was shocked at how different this application felt. But this application is by far the right way to feel if the results are this amazing from 2/3 sprays on my face. 

Who It’s For: I can see this setting spray being a positive for all skin types. I know setting sprays usually claim for all but this one i can tell is truely for all. It is free of oil and features a temperature control technology. This means that when sprayed onto the face it lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep everything you’ve applied in place. Like foundation, concealer, contour, eyeshadow and blush. Which means it magically works in all climates and weather conditions…hot, cold, humid and windy. This is how it creates smooth looking skin that has serious long lasting power whatever the weather. 

My Overall Opinion 

Overall, the reason i got this setting spray was so my makeup didn’t set into fine lines and it mainly kept my makeup in place lasting all day with no touch ups needed (if you spend an hour like me or more on your makeup each day…the last thing you want to do is take more time throughout the day touching up what you did before!) The result after my experience using this daily for a couple of months is that on my busy days it kept all my makeup looking brand new for 12/13 hours. And easily on my days that i wasn’t so busy it stayed for the claimed 16 hours! My skin is a combination skin type and it helped my makeup to last the day but i have also heard that oily and dry skin types have said the exact same thing too. I also noticed a huge difference to the look of my makeup, it didn’t look as cakey, it looked smoother, more pushed down and locked onto my skin and just overall more professional. My T-zone area of makeup (that is people’s most troublesome area of the face) stayed on as well as the rest of my face with no difference of fading there. It has helped my makeup to not settle into fine lines and i have finally stopped getting those annoying laughter line creases that i constantly used to be dabbing away during the day. It also sprays well and finely coats the whole face evenly and lightly without feeling sticky and tight like others i have been used to in the past. This one product has been a game changer to my makeup routine and i can’t ever see myself using something else because it does exactly what it says on the bottle. It has lived up to my expectations and exceeded them too and i definitely would recommend this to anyone who struggles with melting makeup and makeup settling into fine lines. I wouldn’t say it’s super pricey as you can always buy the travel size if that money is more in your budget, but i would class it as an affordable product because the amount you receive and how long it lasts with the results it gives is definitely worth the money. If you do try this out be assured that you won’t be finding yourself purchasing cheaper setting sprays that you have to buy regularly because it finishes quickly anymore…so it kind of works out at a similar price overall. 








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