Happy Saturday Lovelies 🙂

Hope you all have had a lovely week so far. I want to start of with a HUGE apology for not being able to upload my usual post last Sunday. For all of you who follow me on twitter you will know that my laptop broke, luckily i am having it fixed right now but in the meantime I’ve been able to borrow a laptop to write this Sunday’s blog post for you. Because i couldn’t upload a post last week i have decided to upload two this weekend for you all!!! One today and one tomorrow…so keep your eyes peeled! I also have a bit of an announcement…i gave my blog abit of love as it has been the valentines season and upgraded my WordPress package to give my blog it’s own domain name it is now officially !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This post as you can tell from the title is a review of February’s Glossybox. This was a special collectors edition with the theme ‘Galanteines’ (A Glossybox Valentines…very clever hehe) The items in the box were picked out as essentials for valentines day and here they are…


CIATE LONDON Gelology & Paint Pots – This is a mini size with 5ml of nail vanish which retails for £6. I received the colour Pepperminty. I do love Ciate nail polishes however, this is not the usual shade i would find myself gravitating towards. With that aside I love that Ciate nail vanish is animal cruelty free, PETA certified and vegan friendly too. It has a gel finish which helps to minimize chipping and provides up to 10 days of glossy shine. I would of preferred to receive a different colour as pastel green/mint isn’t my type of shade but who knows this may just grow on me. It’s sometimes good to change things up after all!P2240761.JPG

STEVE LAURANT Nude Pop Lip Tint – This lip tint is a gorgeous pink shade perfect for some valentines kissing. It is such a creamy formula which i love however when i applied it, it is so so sheer it isn’t really even noticeable and although felt creamy when swatched when I actually applied to my lips it was a huge disappointment and felt more drying. I sadly did not like this product, it just wasn’t for me. The full size however retails for £17 if you were interested in trying out for yourself.P2240764.JPGP2240765.JPG

STUDIO10 BEAUTY Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion – This mist claims to prime and refresh and hydrate facial skin. I love that it can also be used as a setting spray. We received a mini size of 20ml and this travel size retails for £14. The full size is £26. I have not yet tried this product before but i am excited to as i have never come across this brand before…hopefully it will work well. P2240762.JPG

ICONA MILANO Emotion Allowed Mascara – The name of this mascara is just perfect for a valentines themed box. It is also a full size product that retails for £15. I am abit picky when it comes to mascara’s as my all time favourite is by the brand TOO FACED and no other mascara has ever wowed me as much, so when i try a new mascara i am always comparing it. This mascara claims to have a creamy formula which allows you to build up extreme volume. I like that it is cruelty free and apparently it’s also smudge, water and humidity resistant. When i tried it out i found that it gave me no volume at all. The wand is a very slim one with not much flexibility which could explain why. I usually find the chunkier wands give the best volume for my eyelashes. It’s a nice mascara but only one for if your going for the total natural eyelash look. For £15 it did not impress me at all…you can get the same mascara results from a £3 one. It was abit of a let down for me.P2240763.JPG

SLEEK MAKEUP Divine Eyeshadow Palette – I was quite happy to receive this eyeshadow palette. It has shades that range from natural to dramatic and they have good pigmentation. I like that the top row is matte shades and the bottom is shimmery. There are plenty of colours in this palette (12 shades exactly), to create a range of different eye looks. I do like quite a few sleek products (mainly their gorgeous highlighters) so i am wanting to see if there eyeshadow palettes live up to the greatness of their highlighters! This palette retails for only £8.99 which is a bargain for 12 shades! P2240766.JPG

Overall, you can see it was a bit of a hit and miss box. I loved the eyeshadow palette but the rest was abit of a disappointment. I really didn’t like the mascara and the lip tint was abit of a disaster. I am usually very positive about the glossybox’s that i receive and usually love them so much…but being totally honest this was the worst one i have ever got. The box was in a cute valentines themed design so that was a lovely surprise but i think the items inside could of been much better in my total honest opinion. 




11 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – FEBRUARY 2018

  1. I wanted to get this months Glossybox and start my subscription but by the reviews i’ve seen, I think i may put it off for a few months. Thank you for showing what’s in it and being honest, loved this post!xx

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    1. Thank you for commenting and reading my post 🙂 I wanted to be honest of course and yes it wasn’t great, i have loved all the other glossybox’s so i don’t know what went on with this months! I think it’s a good idea to see what the next few months holds as you should be deffo clear if you want the boxes or not 🙂 XO

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  2. The Sleek eye shadow palette looks amazing! I’ve heard such good things about them. Too bad the palette was the only good thing the box – I had high hopes when I saw that lip tint. Enjoy your palette, regardless! 🙂

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