CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment Hit or Miss? Damaged or Weak nails you won’t regret reading this!

Over the last couple of months i have been testing out a product to strengthen my nail condition. I have always loved acrylic nails from the moment i knew about them and for about 6 years wore them every single week! I got a new job which had a policy for health reasons to not wear false nails…sadly, my nails i had to get rid of and only wear for special occasions. You can probably imagine after 6 years of constantly wearing acrylics my nails were not in the best condition. They weren’t terrible but they were splitting and slightly dry but mainly just overall super weak and very easy to break and bend. I wanted my natural nails to look good since i wasn’t allowed to wear false ones at work so i had a little look what was on the market for strengthening your nails. That’s when i stumbled upon CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore i go into more detail i just want to cut straight to the point and say that this product is a definite HIT! This is a nail oil that treats your nails with Jojaba Oil and also includes Keratin proteins. It claims to strengthen weakened, peeling or damaged nails while restoring the nails moisture. On the bottle this was exactly what i needed a product that would improve my nail condition. This product even claimed to improve nail condition in 1 week! I can honestly say the claims are all true. There is no false advertising about this product it is like magic in a bottle for nails. I was so thrilled that this nail oil contains Keratin as Keratin is an extremely tough protein that is found in our nails, skin and hair so i knew that giving my nails that extra boost of it would help. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil as well as Jojoba Oil which is what makes this product so moisturising.



I would love to of been able to show a before and after photo but at the time of taking my acrylics off it hadn’t even crossed my mind to take pictures of my nails because i really just wanted to hide them away and i hadn’t known that i would even find a product that could change my damaged nail condition. So that’s a shame that i can’t share show you any. However, from my honest experience this is an incredible product. You need to use on your nails two times a day for 4 weeks to really notice lots of difference. But straight away the oil moisturised my nails and i could see good improvement after the first few days of using twice daily. I am still using this product though 3 months later because my nails still need to be improved slightly just not as much as before. 

The smell of the product is actually very lovely. It’s not overpowering at all, i couldn’t really explain what it smells like but it smells so yummy i think (just don’t eat it haha.) It comes in a 15ml bottle although to test it out you could buy a mini version of this which contains 3.7ml. I brought the smaller bottle first to see if i would like it and it lasted about a month with daily use. It is such a good product that i brought the full size because i have seen great improvement but i would like to strengthen them more. Lots of different places sell this product but i have found it to be anywhere between £15 and £20. So not too expensive for a nail treatment that actually works wonderfully. 

The application is so easy you just coat some of the oil onto your nails and massage it into the whole of the nail, nail edge and cuticle area. It isn’t sticky but does take a couple of minutes for the nail to fully soak up the product. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is struggling with weak or damaged nails, anyone who wants a treatment for peeling, splitting, dry or even reducing white spots on their nails. I didn’t have any problems with this product and would definitely buy again and again when needed. There are also clinically proven results if your interested…These are listed below (They were copied from here.)


  • Week 1:
    • 80% said white spots were less noticeable
    • 80% felt condition of nails was noticeably improved
  • Week 4:
    • 73% decrease in splitting
    • 80% decrease in peeling


Overall, this is a true HIT product. It has restored my natural nails to a lovely condition again. Although this product doesn’t make your nails grow faster it does support them to grow in a healthy and strong condition. It has transformed my damaged natural nails after using for a couple of months now and i am for once happy with how my natural nails look. I love CND products for nails and this is just another one that i can add to my favourite nail products. 



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