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Time for my monthly Glossybox review…this month was all about marking the start of Spring. The card included in the box that tells you what is inside said, “We promise to shake up your beauty routine and give you a spring in your step! It’s time to refresh and revive…”


INSIDE THE BOX: 3 Skincare and 2 Beauty Products

Every box received a MUDMASKY Overnight Mask but the other products that i have received are a lucky dip from a selection of 9 products.  (Luckily i would of chosen all of the ones that i have received as my favourites!)


MUDMASKY Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask – I am thrilled that Glossybox have given us another product by the premium skincare brand MUDMASKY. I loved their facial mask that i have received from another box before. This is a sleep repair renewal nourishing mask that retails for £61 for 60ml. We got given a 20ml version of this which would make it £20. This mask seems very interesting…you leave it on overnight for at least 5 hours but a maximum of 10 and then you wash it off in the morning. It uses fresh, raw, all natural ingredients which all work together to hydrate, soothe and smooth your skin whilst you sleep. This product is cruelty free (which you will know is a big bonus for me), doesn’t contain any parabens and contains natural ingredients. I have not opened it just yet but it says that it is scented with natural rose water that has been imported from a small village in Persia. I love this idea as Rose water is well known for being calming. So a perfect addition for a restful nights sleep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD + Matte Veil – I have never heard of this brand before but am firstly loving the gorgeous packaging. This is a weightless and matte serum that will help to minimise the appearance of pores whilst creating a sheer complexion. It also has an anti-blemish formulation that reduces skins impurities and combats breakout. It is a full size product and retails for £35. I am excited to use this as i have never used a pore reducing serum before. You can apply this under makeup as a good base but you can also apply it over the top of makeup lightly to keep it matte and shine free. It will be very interesting to try out and see if it works!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

LUE By Jean Seo Erase – Oh Wow this product i was thrilled with!! I have never come across this brand before and am so so glad that Glossybox have introduced it to me. The packaging is simple but smart and i love that it is a clear bottle so you can see the product inside. I first have to mention that i love the ingredient list of this. Simple but effective…There is only 3 ingredients in this product; Organic Avena Sativa (Oat Flour), Organic Non-Fat Milk Powder and Magnesium Carbonate. I love this as it is so hard to find products that aren’t loaded with tons of unneeded ingredients. This product doesn’t give much away by it’s title but it is a cleanser, exfoliating and brightening powder. I think it may be quite messy to apply as you need to mix a tablespoon of Erase with half a teaspoon of water to form a paste and then apply to the face and let it dry for a minute. Then you massage it away…it says that paste should come off like eraser peels which will take blackheads out, reduce large pores and soften hyper-pigmentation. This is a full size product which is 56g and retails for £11. I really love this product so i really hope it works as it seems very interesting. P3171123.JPGOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Stick – OHMYGOODNESS! (Yes that does have to be in bold font.) I cannot believe Glossybox have included a Laura Geller product!! WHAT?! It was only two weeks ago that i was reviewing her highlighting trio palette…and one of the shades in that palette that i love i now have as an illuminating stick too! This illuminating stick is again full size and costs £19 usually for 4.95g. I received the shade Ballerina…which is a dusky rose gold shade. It is a truely gorgeous highlight that is durable and oil-free. It is lovely and shimmery and pigmentation is perfect. It is just what an illuminating stick should be….Now i have my fingers crossed for Laura Geller’s Illuminating stick in Gilded Honey in the future! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


ORYZA Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick – This last product is a beautiful lipstick from a brand i haven’t heard before…ORYZA BEAUTY. It is full size for 3.8g and retails for £15.95. The lipstick is from a range called The Velvet Ribbon (love the sound of that.) When i swatched it it glided on so smooth and stunning, it is the perfect warm nude shade which has a semi-matte and satin finish to it. I hope it isn’t drying on the lips as it’s the perfect shade for springtime! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP3171120.JPG

Overall, this Glossybox has been amazing…i think this one is my favourites i’ve ever received...I know i say that alot for my Glossybox’s when i’m thrilled with a box but i don’t think much more can top this! Such a variety of products and what’s amazing is that the whole box total came to a massive £100.95. That’s incredible seem as though i spent only £13.25 on the box. My favourite products have to be the wonderful Laura Geller Illuminating Stick…the interesting Erase Lue by Jean Seo and the MUDMASKY overnight mask. I can’t believe how perfect this box is and there is no product in here that i would change. Glossybox have exceeded my expectations for this month. As always i would love to know if any of my readers have received a March Glossybox and which products you received and what your thoughts on the box was 🙂 Xx



2 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX (UK REVIEW) – MARCH 2018

  1. There was so much excitement about that illuminating stick! I was happy with my box, but I didn’t get the Laura Geller stick, so I may have just gone out and bought one! I think the serum and the lipstick were my favourites. Thanks for sharing your box 🙂

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