Houseplants That Help Fight Toxins

Morning Lovelies 🙂

This week i have been doing abit of research and have been really interested in houseplants and their benefits that they can bring. Houseplants are totally on trend right now, they bring the outdoor calming atmosphere into your own home, not only that but they also have brilliant qualities that can freshen up the air around you. The great thing is that if you don’t have alot of space in your home that’s not a problem! Because the average UK home needs just 2 plants per room to enjoy significantly cleaner air…the benefits are noticeable with just 1 plant for 100 square feet. I found 6 plants that are brilliant at fighting toxins and wanted to share them with all you lovely readers! blur-cacti-cactuses-793012 (1).jpg

  1. Spathiphyllum – This plant i wanted to start off with as if you love flowers in your home you will love this one. This is known as the Peace Lily and is one of the few air purifiers that actually flower. It is an elegant plant which is a year-round bloomer. The benefits of having this plant is that it gets rid of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) benzene, this is a carcinogen that is found in furniture wax, paints and polishes. It also sucks up acetone which is emitted from certain cleaners, electronics and adhesives. 
  2. Calathea Mix – I would recommend this plant to anyone who is a beginner at growing plants and wants an easy to grow one. This is a tropical plant that is also known as the prayer plant or zebra plant. This plant is brilliant for removing toxins from the air that is caused by cleaning products and synthetic materials. They also have beautiful leaves that need showing off!
  3. Cacti – Alot of people love a cacti, whether it’s on their desk or in the kitchen at home this is quite a popular choice of plant. But even though it’s quite a popular choice i bet you didn’t know what amazing qualities it can have…They are great for eliminating bacteria, reducing radiation and even tackling pollution! They not only do all of this but they also absorb carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen. So if you put a cacti in your bedroom it is helpful for sleeping and supplementing oxygen. 
  4. Nephrolepis Exaltata – This plant is also known as the Boston Fern and is regarded as one of the most efficient air purifiers. It works especially well at removing formaldehyde which can be found in glues and furniture. For any history lovers out there it was also a plant that was first popularised during the Victorian Era. 
  5. Aloe Vera – You probably have already heard of this plant due to it’s uses in skincare products and it’s healing powers. But it does also rid the air of toxins too. It is another plant that is easy to grow.  It’s sun loving succulent helps to get rid of formaldehyde and benzene in the air which can be a by-product of chemical based cleaners and paints. Like i mentioned before it has healing qualities too and the gel inside an aloe vera plant can help to heal cuts and burns. Another plant with lots of uses and benefits. 
  6. Areca Palm – I left my favourite plant till last. This is a beautiful and graceful palm plant that loves direct and bright sunshine. It is often rated among the best houseplants for removing ALL indoor air toxins. It is also a perfect air humidifier for dry or air-conditioned spaces or offices. 

Just from this small list you can see plants do more than just bringing nature to our indoor spaces, sit and look pretty. They can be really beneficial for our health by purifying the air that we breathe and getting rid of the nasty toxins. I have only listed 6 that i came across that i liked the idea of the most when researching houseplants. If anyone knows of any other houseplants that get rid of toxins please comment them below to share! I hope you really enjoyed this post as i haven’t ever done a plant post before and really did love writing about this. blur-cacti-cactuses-793012 (1)



16 thoughts on “Houseplants That Help Fight Toxins

  1. Good to see people realising how important plants are to put oxygen and happiness in any home big or small. The easiest to grow is a spider plant – which has nothing at all to do with spiders! It is graceful, tolerant, green and beautiful ! Try it.🌿🌿🌿🌿

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    1. yeah it was new to me until recently when i heard alot about houseplants being on trend and then it got me wondering if they have real beneficial qualities other than just looking lovely! XO Thanks for your comment and for reading i’m so glad i could share their benefits with you!

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  2. Great article!

    I love plants which do incredible things apart from looking beautiful! Kind of like a lot of people, right? Not satisfied with just looking pretty?!

    A few years ago I read an article letting people know which plants are good to keep in the bedroom. That got my curiosity going! What was the big deal?

    Some plants emit oxygen at night and CO2 during the day, while with others its the reverse! Obviously, well it became obvious to me after I read the article, plants which emit oxygen at night are the best choices for the bedroom as they help us get a better night’s sleep!

    I thought it was an old wives tale from the Victorian era not to have plants in the bedroom as they emit ‘noxious fumes’ at night… though the choices they had available in potted plants were most likely the plants emitting CO2 at night! (Supposedly it was those fumes that were contributing to some people’s mental illnesses. Hmmm… seems farfetched, but I wonder if there isn’t an additional gas emitted in tiny quantities which some are extremely susceptible to? Then again, maybe not!)

    I don’t remember which magazine I had read the in, but it would be worth Googling the information!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following!

    Peace, Tamara

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    1. Wow thanks for all of that information i hadn’t heard of plants emitting ‘noxious fumes’ at night before. Definitely something to look into. Thank you for stopping by and reading and also sharing that with me. I’m glad you like plants also as i do really think they can be so beneficial to have around the house. Take care XO


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