Sacred Space Peace & Harmony Mist Review

Hello Lovelies!

Quick Note: I don’t usually do a blog post on Saturday’s but because i took a break last Easter weekend from uploading one it’s only fair to make it up to you all this weekend…with two blog posts. One today and one tomorrow. 

Today i wanted to share a product that i brought in March and am in love with. It’s different from my usual beauty or skincare products that i review as it is a mist for your home/living space…but it is too good of a product to not share and it ties in well with my wellbeing and lifestyle section on my blog so i hope you enjoy this little read!

Please be aware that essential oils do not suit everybody and if you have allergies, asthma or a similar condition then you may find essential oils with a strong scent may trigger your symptoms. Please be careful and stay safe when purchasing essential oils with this in mind.


FINDHORN FLOWER ESSENCES Sacred Space – Peace & Harmony Mist 

I have been making small changes this year to my lifestyle and how i live like, reducing my plastic use, drinking more herbal teas etc… and one of the changes i wanted to make in my life was to get rid of my chemical cleaning household sprays. Getting rid of these also meant getting rid of my room sprays and fabric mists. So i went on the hunt to find a better alternative for home mists and that’s when i stumbled upon this wonderful product. This mist is by the brand Findhorn Flower Essences, i have never heard of this brand before and am so glad to of discovered them as they have some great products on offer. The spray mist products that they have on offer are made in Scotland, UK and are made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and pure essential oils. All of their spray mists on offer target different things for example; Love & Wisdom, Peace & Harmony and Ground & Nurture.

I chose the Peace & Harmony one (as you can tell from the picture above) because i was looking for a peaceful and relaxing balanced atmosphere in my home. The bottle retails for £17.50 for 100ml. So a decent price for what you get i think. I got this on offer though and it was £15 at the time of purchase. The packaging is beautiful and is too good to be put away in a cupboard so is being displayed on one of my side tables in my living room which makes it even easier to just pick up and spritz. It is in a glass bottle which makes it nice and sturdy and always feels cooling to touch. The colour is a gorgeous matte deep blue (which reminds me of the peaceful ocean) and has such a pretty design on the front.

Of course though the most important part of this mist and the reason why i love this so much is the ingredients…There are just 3 simple ingredients in this spray which are; Water (Aqua), Rose Oil (Rose Damascene) and Frankincense (Bosswellia Carterii). They couldn’t of picked any other better essential oil combination to create that Peace & harmony aura. The fragrance smells so divine and smells like such a relaxing spa scent when sprayed. The spray pump also evenly distributes the mist into the atmosphere. 


Some people can be abit sceptical when it comes to aura mists which is fine as it’s preference and what you truely think but honestly for me when i spray this in my home i can notice a difference…the atmosphere feels light and airy and i really do notice the relaxing and calming aura it leaves in my home. It claims to help purify and clear your physical space to create a more positive and also more relaxing atmosphere. The fragrance and therapeutic properties this spray gives would make me 100% agree with this claim. I like to spray mine in the corners of my home when I’ve spring cleaned and in specific areas most days which i feel need abit of a peaceful cleanse and also before a meditation session to clear all the bad energies in the atmosphere. This spray is also perfect for getting rid of negative energies that are emitted from computers so is a perfect mist for any busy office workspace too. 

I hope that you found this post an interesting read. Maybe you’ve never heard of essential oil home mists before and may want to try it out now or maybe you have heard of them but weren’t too sure if they worked. I would highly recommend the Findhorn Flower Essences brand as their different range of Sacred Space mists will suit the need that you are looking for yourself. I think this product is well worth the money and is not only perfect for this April time to clear our house of negative energy during our ‘Spring Cleaning’ but also perfect all year long to keep your house the place that you go to for comfort, pure relaxation and overall stress free. In my honest opinion it is a brilliant product to own in the busy lives we lead now and really gives you the sense of feeling fully relaxed and at peace once you step into your home. I find i can really get rid of and leave behind the busyness of the day and just feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace. I would be so interested in hearing if any of you have sprays or mists like this for your homespace or just your thoughts on this 🙂 



14 thoughts on “Sacred Space Peace & Harmony Mist Review

  1. This sounds right up my street. Im the same as you, looking for ways to reduce my impact on the environment. Small changes all add up dont they. I love room sprays, I will have to have a look at this brand, thanks for sharing x

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    1. Brilliant 🙂 They totally do! And people say i won’t do my bit because i’m only one person…but if everybody thought like that noone would be helping. Your very welcome 🙂 Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful Sunday XO

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  2. This is good info! I’m a sucker for certain colours and designs and any packaging that’s repurposed and/or not plastic (aren’t we all these days?) and dammit that’s well before I know what the product is! I love these in the stores but then never purchase because of many mundane and probably relatable reasons, but I think I will check this one out. The mists being packaged in glass, especially a dark hue, has me feeling confident in this company’s respect for EO usage/knowledge as well as the consumers..I could be wrong and it was just a marketing thing but hey, it’s a win!. Thank you for this post luv! 🙂

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